<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Being an Indian teen is certainly not without its share of tantrums and overbearing relatives. Whether it is uncles, aunties or even our parents, we’ve all had to sit through these moments. So, who is the new boy/girl now?Just because some family member gives you a creepy glance and wiggles their eyebrows, it doesn’t mean you’re going to spill all your inner gossip to them. On the other hand, it is quite flattering that they think you’re attractive enough to have a new love interest every month.Do you remember me, beta? I held you in my arms when you were so small.No, random aunty at the raksha bandhan celebration, I actually do not remember you. And having four more aunties stare me down with fake smiles while trying to remember you actually doesn’t make this any more comfortable.But you know Ramesh uncle’s son goes to Berkeley/IIT/Harvard?Thank you, random chacha. Now, I can get some more disappointing nods from my father and raised eyebrows from my mother. “Did you hear that? He goes to Berkeley. Tell her how many hours he studied everyday?” Why does every Indian kid have to have that one relative who goes to some kind of Ivy League? You have no idea how much your cousins have cursed you.Beta take some more mithaai. Are you dieting? You have become so thin!Actually, nani/dadi/chaachi I’ve put on like four kilos so if you don’t mind, I’ll be avoiding that. Why do Indian relatives think that the only way to show true hospitality is to fill someone up till they can’t even breathe anymore? Do they know how many calories one dhokla has?I am just your maid here. This is a guest house for you, no?Said every mother ever. And this just doesn’t make sense at all, because you actually did offer to help her, to which she said no. And now, she’s complaining about how nobody helps her and she’s just a maid. Also, just because you come back late or sleep in, how does that have any correlation to a guest house?Did you accept me on Facebook? Maine abhi “whats up” bhi banaaya hai.The worst part is when your family members add you on Facebook and you need to go through the pain of accepting them and then blocking them, and then trying to explain why you mysteriously ‘deleted Facebook’. It gets even worse when they try to be ‘cool’ and make Instagram/Snapchat accounts.There is a hole in your pantsIt is an impossible thing to even attempt meeting your family in ripped jeans. Like, one person will call you out for the holes and then some other aunty will say “Arre yeh toh aaj kal ka fashion hai” and then they’ll all laugh as if they’ve never seen anything funnier.‘Beta ye message kaise delete karu?’ Or ‘open kaise karu?A grandparent buying an iphone is all fun and games until you have to do every single thing. From deleting messages to reading messages to downloading apps for them, it’s a tough journey. The only plus point is when you get those cute messages that you know they typed (e.g. “love you my kuttu from nani).Stupid idiot/naalayak/bloody foolThese are every father’s favourite words to their son, and every mother’s favourite words to their daughter, son, daughter’s boyfriend, house servants and most of her children’s friends. If aimed towards children, in good cases this comes with a slap and in the bad cases maybe a chappal or belan.Beta, you can marry anyone you want, except for *insert three castes, four different areas and 12 different physical characteristics*This is every girl’s life story. The worst part is you’re not even sure if they’re being serious about this. The best part is, that they don’t even choose your clothes, no way they are going to choose your husband.


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