Bhopal: A tigress was found dead on Saturday at Hinauta range of Madhya Pradesh’s Panna Tiger Reserve (PTR) in Panna district.

“We got to know that a tigress around 11-year-old christened as T-5 has been found dead on Saturda in the core area of the reserve,” PTR field director Vivek Jain told PTI.

“I don’t have much details of it as I am in Delhi right now. But I have been informed that initial findings
suggest that the striped animal died in a territorial fight with another big cat,” he said.

We are going to conduct the postmortem of the tigress according to the guidelines of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), he added.

PTR made headlines in early 2009 when it became devoid of the striped animal following poaching and other reasons.

After that a tiger reintroduction and revival programme was launched there following which the big cat
population has reached over 25 now.


11-year-old tigress found dead in Panna Reserve