Award winning journalist and co-author of the book The Siege: The Attack Adrian Levy believes that David Headley was misleading the court when he claimed that Ishrat Jahan was a Lashkar-e-Taiba militant. Speaking to a leading English daily, he said that Headley’s claims that Jahan was an LeT operative is a ‘complete red hearing’. “This is classic Headley, taking real events – and laminating with an intoxicating story,” he said.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>He said that Headley was a ‘conniving, convincing sociopath who trades in half-truths’. He added that as a young man, Headley used to traffic heroin and would always betray people who were close to him, be it childhood friends, business partners, girlfriends and wives. ‘There isn’t a single relationship he entered that he has not compromised to better his situation,” he said. Levy cautioned saying that Headley was ‘a compulsive liar – who cannot be trusted’. He also said that Headley is psychopathic and ‘ thrives in an interrogation room, bonding with even skilled questioners’. Levy added that by looking at the videos of FBI questioning Headley it becomes clear and the 26/11 co-conspirator is pushing the interrogators and not the other way around.
ALSO READ #dnaEdit Why David Headley’s deposition should be taken with more than the proverbial pinch of saltLevy also said that Headley’s testimony to the Mumbai court is of little use and does not differ much from what he said to the NIA and the FBI.He said that the information provided by Headley were not first hand information and are not valuable. Levy also said that the LeT and ISI had long suspected Headley to be a double agent for the United States intelligence and gradually distanced themselves to cover-up their footsteps in the 26/11 Mumbai attack.

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26/11 Mumbai attack: David Headley is a compulsive liar, making Ishrat Jahan-LeT claim to mislead, says journalist Adrian Levy