Jaipur: In a scene straight out of a Bollywood tear-jerker, an army man, who was presumed to have died in an accident nearly seven years ago, returned home to the astonishment of his family in Alwar’s Behror town in Rajasthan.

Dharmveer Yadav, who was an Indian army soldier, had gone missing following a car accident in Dehradun on 27 November 2009 and even his family pension was started in 2012 after the force presumed him dead.

Representational image. PTI

Representational image. PTI

It was a road accident that had separated Yadav from his family and it was a similar mishap which brought them together.

Five or six days back, a motorcycle hit Dharmveer when he was wandering on the streets of Haridwar. He received a mild injury to the head which brought his memory back.

After regaining his memory, he reached Behror in a bus from Delhi on Monday night using the Rs 500 the motorcyclist had given him after the accident.

His father Kailash Yadav initially did not answer his call to open the door thinking he was either dreaming or there was some drunken man at the door.

“After second or third knock, I realised that I was not dreaming and rushed to the door. I went numb after seeing my son who for us was dead. I could not even utter a word. My elder son and his wife also came and brought Dharmveer and me into the room. No one could believe that he had returned,” Kailash, also an ex-serviceman, told PTI.

Alwar district Soldier Welfare Officer RP Yadav said he has informed Dharmveer’s unit about his return.

“I have communicated to the CO of his unit, who advised to get his medical check up done. Dharmveer will be handed over to his unit,” the officer said.

Dharmveer’s wife and two daughters were very happy to see him back.

His father said Dharmveer told them after the first accident, he was rescued by locals. Beyond that, he remembers nothing.

“It is a filmy story which I and my family have lived,” the elated father said.

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A ‘filmi’ re-union: Army man presumed dead in 2009 accident returns home