Four days after miraculously surviving an avalanche at the Siachen glacier, Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad died at an army hospital in Delhi.

Earlier, medical reports had said that he had slipped into deeper coma, and that he was was suffering multiple organ dysfunction. According to a report in Hindustan Times, when Koppad was rescued, he was conscious, but was drowsy and disoriented.

After Koppad’s death, television visuals showed grieving relatives mourning his death.

Doctors on Thursday said that condition of Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad, the Siachen braveheart who defied death for six days buried under snow, has deteriorated further and has slipped into deeper coma.

The Army Research and Referral Hospital said that the condition has become worse than earlier, even as a team of experts from AIIMS joined the military doctors in their bid to save the soldier’s life.

Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad. Sameer Yasir/firstpostLance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad. Sameer Yasir/firstpost

Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad. Sameer Yasir/firstpost

Hanamanthappa was being treated by a team of intensivists, neurologist, nephrologist, endocrinologist and surgeons. He was also administered fluids and drugs to bring up his blood pressure, besides antibiotics.

He continued to remain extremely critical with evidence of oxygen deprivation to the brain on CT scan, a medical bulletin issued at 4 pm Wednesday evening said. There was evidence of pneumonia in both lungs. “His multi-organ dysfunction state continues unabated. His condition has deteriorated despite aggressive therapy and supportive care,” it added. Koppad was examined by a team of Army Hospital doctors comprising critical care specialists, HoD Dept of Medicine, senior nephrologist, senior neurologist and a panel of experts from AIIMS, New Delhi.

“The entire team was in agreement with the management (of medical problems) that the patient had undergone till now, and concurred with the future plan of management for him,” the Bulletin said. Hanamanthappa was evacuated by a helicopter earlier this week from the site of the avalanche that hit his post on Siachen Glacier before being shifted to Delhi in an IAF aircraft accompanied by a critical care specialist of the force and a medical specialist from the base camp.

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After 4-day battle for survival, Siachen miracle soldier Lance Naik Koppad passes away