<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A joint police team of Neb Sarai and Malviya Nagar stations busted a make-shift casino in the posh Sainik Farms locality on Sunday and arrested 36 people.The casino at farmhouse J-255 was operating hardly 2km from the Neb Sarai police station, right under the cops’ noses. “Cash chips worth Rs13,645,000, 23 bottles of liquor, 250 packets of playing cards and 11 luxury cars were seized from the spot,” said DCP (South) Ishwar Singh. Two separate cases under the Delhi Gambling Act and the Delhi Excise Act were registered in this regard.Harender Kaushik and Kunal Chandra, owners of the farmhouse, have gone absconding. They had rented the property to Ravindra Tokas, who has been arrested. The Delhi Police have requested the court to seal the farmhouse.A Goa casino lookalike, J-255 sported gambling tables surrounding a swanky bar. Further in, a room to the right had a well displayed TCS John Huxley casino table. The room on the other end had another table to cater to more people.Sources said it was no less than a movie scene. Women served alcohol and businessmen smoked while cash tokens worth lakhs exchanged hands. From food to high-end liquor to luxury cars to, of course, money, everything was available. Businessmen had to bring in cash tokens worth at least Rs five lakh to gain entry.Sources further said the regular attendees were a close-knit group. Entry was allowed on invitation only, spread through the word of mouth. Social networking or putting any information regarding the casino on WhatsApp was strictly forbidden.


Casino busted in Sainik Farms, 36 held