<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Opposition charges that demonetization has caused substantial public inconvenience and not delivered on the economic front as argued by the government. How to do you see the charge?See the amount of corruption which existed in the country. See the position we were ranked. Everything was being affected by the parallel economy which was running, which included getting into educational institutions. The taxation circle was small and a large number of people weren’t paying taxes. The question is whether we want short term effort, which already existed. This measure is for a larger majority and that’s why it’s getting the support from people.When do you expect the public inconvenience to end? Because the economic measure has acquired a political life.Prime Minister has sought 50 days. Things are easing down. ATM machines have been tweaked. Liquidity has increased. I understand that there is anxiety in the people but a strong decision has been taken. The issue is that people are also hoarding currency but I’m sure that this anxiety will and should ease, and there is no restriction in spending in cash. Off course, we are supporting transactions online but cash use is not prohibited. Those who cannot handle mobile phones, people can spend cash. Worldwide there is a balance between cash and digital transactions. We were spending 80% in cash in India and we would like to change it.A lot of tweaking has taken place. Is it because the government wasn’t prepared or new issues and realities came in and the Centre had to respond to it?The preparation was done but it has been a mix of both. Be it business or military, you prepare but sometimes you need to change things. I admit that it was a mix of both. You need to be flexible. Eventually, you have to see how the situation is so that people aren’t burdened and if you find that people are trying to cut corners, then system has to respond to it. The objective isn’t politics but strength to the country.Demonetisation as an economic exercise has acquired political repercussion. Do you expect it to impact forthcoming assembly elections?My constituency is Jaipur Rural. I meet people every day and I’m telling you that people are very happy. Look at the results which came from Chandigarh. Out of overall 26 seats, we won more than 20. Look at the results. We have done well. Such decisions aren’t done for political goals. A decision like this impacts the country in many ways and is meant for changing the direction of the country so that things change. Like the Prime Minister said the other day, a time should come when it shouldn’t take more than 6 minutes for people to take loans from the bank. Once things are accounted, then what is the worry of accounting for things? He has already said that there will be no witch hunt and people can adopt new methods. It will ensure that benefits pass down to the last man standing, like provident fund.Opposition says that methods have become very intrusive, like now Rs 5,000 and above can only be deposited once without scrutiny?A very small fraction is trying to subvert the mechanism whereas the larger majority isn’t doing so. The only thing which is being done is that people are being asked to deposit cash in one go and not in batches and it has to be communicated to people fairly.Are you saying that the step will help eventually, like in lessening the queue?The point is that it is being done, that we have an India which is digital and accounted for.


Chandigarh poll results show people are in favour of demonetization: Rajyavardhan Rathore