<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The disturbing video that went viral all across Chennai, in which some people were seen drinking blood dripping from a monitor lizard’s slit throat, helped the Forest Department nab the two accused on Thursday, who were selling the meat and blood.According to the Forest Department, Chennai, they were on the lookout for the accused since Monday when the video started circulating, and began visiting several such settlements belonging to Narikuravas— a nomadic tribal community known for hunting wildlife.“We got a tip-off about a settlement that looked similar in the video located at Mappedu. We reached the location and arrested the two accused who were identified from the video,” said Range Forest Officer (RFO) T Murugesan.
ALSO READ Chennai: Monitor lizards tortured to death for their bloodKnowing how close knit the community is, the Forest Department went with a 15 member staff. “The members started protesting and getting aggressive, but we managed to detain the two accused Vijay Kumar and Manickam who were involved in cutting the throat of the Monitor lizard and selling it,” said Murugesan, adding that they also recovered a live monitor lizard.During interrogation, they confessed that they were selling one kg of meat for Rs 5,000 and one glass of raw blood was being served on the spot for Rs 1,000. The accused have been booked under various sections of Wildlife Protection Act.Wildlife conservationist Shravan Krishnan from Chennai appreciated the work of Forest staff and said, “Had there been no video this issue would have never come to the notice of the people. The inhuman footage where one could see both the accused involved had flared up emotions of animal lovers and there was a lot of pressure on the forest department to nab them and we are glad that they cracked the case.”The monitor lizard is protected under Schedule II of the wildlife Protection Act, however, it is regularly killed for its meat, blood and oil as it is said to contain aphrodisiac properties as well as cure to several ailments, which has been rubbished by medical professionals. “The practice is extremely cruel as the neck of a live monitor lizard is first slit and the blood is gradually collected as its also believed that drinking fresh blood has even more effects,” said the activist who volunteers with the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau to crack wildlife crimes.In fact, according to wildlife experts in several parts of the country, there is a myth that consuming the cooked meat of the monitor lizard or drinking blood helps cure arthritis, muscular pains and is even considered an aphrodisiac.


Chennai forest dept nabs culprits who slit monitor lizard’s throat