Just as you can count on Narendra Modi to grab a child’s ears in front of a camera, you can count on SP leader Azam Khan to say the most preposterous things feasible. The man who is best known for using the state machinery to search for his missing buffaloes was recently quoted saying by India Today that Dawood Ibrahim was present when PM Modi met Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif in Lahore on Christmas day last year. Saying that he had proof of Dawood’s presence at the meeting: “I will give proof, let PM Modi deny.”<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>While Modi had surprised many with his impromptu visit to Pakistan, this is by the far the most startling accusation made about the man who promised to bring back Dawood pre-elections.Paris attacks, a reaction to killing of innocents in Arab countries But this isn’t the first time Azam Khan has made such preposterous claims. He had earlier said that the Paris terror attack was a ‘reaction to the killing of innocents in Arab countries by superpowers’. Even Francois Richier, French Ambassador expressed his sadness at the comments. Reacting to the incident Shahnawaz Hussain, said: “The language used by leaders like Azam Khan is not acceptable. It is unfortunate. IS has become the enemy of Islam. Acts of IS have shamed the Muslims world over. Time has come for the people to eliminate IS and its philosophy. “Kargil was won by Muslim soldier He had also raked up a controversy when he said in a rally in Ghaziabad that Kashmir was won by Muslim soldiers and not Hindu soldiers. He had said: “isliye mohabbat karo ki Kargil ki pahadiyo ko fateh karne wala koi Hindu nahi tha, balki Kargil ki pahadiyo ko nara-e-takbeer Allah-Hu-Akbar kehkar fathe karnewale Musalman fauji the… (love us because peaks of Kargil were not conquered by Hindus, but by Muslim soldiers raising the battlecry of God is the Greatest).”Taliban paid for Mulayam’s buggyIn 2014, during Mulayam Singh Yadav’s 75th birthday celebration, ‘Netaji’ was seen riding a Victorian buggy. When asked about the buggy’s price Mulayam had sarcastically replied: ““Why does it matter where the money for celebrations is coming from? Some have come from Taliban, some from Abu Salem, some from Dawood(Ibrahim), some from terrorists…”

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Dawood was present when Modi met Sharif: Azam Khan