While the effects of demonetisation on urban India are immediately apparent to those with access to mainstream English media, its impact on rural lives is as yet unclear. We’ll attempt to understand why during the second leg of our trip into the country’s villages. This time we travel north with Bindisha Sarang to Gujarat’s Himmatnagar.

She has an iPhone, a couple of mics, a GoPro and no institutional monetary support — she has borrowed money from friends and withdrawn all the cash permitted under prevalent restrictions.

She will go live on Facebook when she is able to locate a reliable cell phone signal, and send in text updates on WhatsApp. Sarang has a very loose editorial guideline with which to work — she will hitch rides when necessary, interview as many people as are willing to talk, alter her route as circumstances dictate, and file updates when she deems it necessary.

Firstpost will broadcast her road trip on our Facebook page, and, after she returns, in the form of a series of documentary shorts.

Day 1, 9.00 am: Sarang talks to train commuters, some of them from Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, about the impact of demonetisation on their lives.

Day 1, 6.00 am: We start from Mumbai Central. Join us on this journey.

First Published On : Nov 22, 2016 09:39 IST

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Demonetisation: Firstpost goes on the road in Gujarat to assess impact of currency ban