<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Ever since the Hamilton cast “lectured” Vice President-elect Mike Pence at a show over the weekend, the Broadway musical has become the centre of attention in Trump discourse. And while it was so far restricted to Pence and President-elect Trump’s opinions, protesters are now getting in on the action.When the Hamilton cast addressed Pence after the Friday show where the audience booed him, they asked him to work for the people and respect the diverse makeup of the American people, instead of discriminating and vilifying some as Trump’s campaign has done so far. Of course, Donald Trump took issue with this gentle suggestion, calling it “rude”, and “harassment”. As such, some of the President-elect’s more vociferous (and less discerning) voters are making a stand.As such, at a Chicago performance of the show on Saturday night, a drunken Trump supporter began yelling at the cast mid-performance, hurling abuses at those around him. It began when the characters Alexander Hamilton and the Marquis de Lafayette rapped the line, “Immigrants, we get the job done,” during a song. The line received its usual round of cheers, being one of the more overt political statements in the show, especially with reference to Trump’s campaign rhetoric this past year. Soon after, an inebriated member of the audience in the balcony began yelling, “We won! You lost! Get over it! F*#k you!”To the cast’s credit, none of them missed a beat, and continued the show flawlessly to give their audience another magical performance. However, a reporter from the Chicago Tribune was present for the show, and reported that the cast took a “somber” bow during the curtain call. The Chicago Sun-Times reported the heckler, later identified as 56-year-old John Palmer, was arrested and charged with one misdemeanor of criminal trespass, when he refused to leave the theater before he was forcibly escorted out.The next day, cast member Karen Olivo tweeted saying, “This is why we train…so when the obstacles come we conquer them with skill and precision.” “We’ll tell the story of tonight. No matter what they tell us,” chimed in cast member Joseph Morales. Another cast member, Justice Deion said on Twitter, “This insanity is to the point where I am scared for my life while doing the show. Leaning on God. Leaning on my cast. We’ll stand strong.”

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Drunk heckler arrested as ‘Hamilton’-Trump debacle continues