In a shocking mistake made by Delhi University, Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh has been labelled as a ‘terrorist’. The mistake was found in the book titled India’s Struggle for Freedom. According to Times Now, a Delhi University textbook refers to him, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Surya Sena and others as ‘revolutionary terrorists’. The book calls the Chittagong movement a ‘terrorist act’, while Sanders killing has been called an ‘act of terrorism’. Apparently, several authors and historians urged the authorities to remove the reference from the textbook. The book has been in circulation for two and a half decades.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Smriti Irani, Union HRD Minister also called in to suggest that no amount of intellectual cover could be used to demean those who have lost their lives. She also likened it to ‘academic murder’. She told Times Now: “If I am to be called intolerant to ensure that Bhagat Singh is not called a terrorist, then that is the tag I will proudly wear.” She also assured correction in the chapter and said that the angst would be expressed to the university. Why I am an atheist by Bhagat Singh It is a matter of debate whether my lack of belief in the existence of an Omnipresent, Omniscient God is due to my arrogant pride and vanity. It never occurred to me that sometime in the future I would be involved in polemics of this kind. As a result of some discussions with my friends, (if my claim to friendship is not uncalled for) I have realised that after having known me for a little time only, some of them have reached a kind of hasty conclusion about me that my atheism is my foolishness and that it is the outcome of my vanity.Even then it is a serious problem. I do not boast of being above these human follies. I am, after all, a human being and nothing more. And no one can claim to be more than that. I have a weakness in my personality, for pride is one of the human traits that I do possess. I am known as a dictator among my friends. Sometimes I am called a boaster. Some have always been complaining that I am bossy and I force others to accept my opinion. Yes, it is true to some extent. I do not deny this charge. We can use the word ‘vainglory’ for it. As far as the contemptible, obsolete, rotten values of our society are concerned, I am an extreme sceptic. (Read his full essay)

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DU textbook refers to Shaheed Bhagat Singh as a ‘terrorist’, Smriti Irani calls it ‘academic murder’