<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>There can be no escape from the incessant brag of a 90’s kid, trying in every way possible, to assert how and why their ‘growing up’ was way more colourful than that of teens/ pre-teens today. Honestly, you really cannot defy their stance either, especially when they draw reference to the kind of shows they grew up watching. After all, the kind of media content we consume, does have a direct impact in shaping our perspective.So, let’s have a look at some such shows which still hold a very special place in those old school hearts.RugratsIf you have grown up among a bunch of pesky siblings, this show would be a strong recommendation. Aired over a span of 13 years, this Nickelodeon show offers an insight into the mind of every troublemaker ever. A definite laugh riot, Rugrats won many accolades for the brilliant voice-overs and impeccable animation.The X-FilesPossibly the first exposure of every 90s’ kid to sci-fi flicks and horror narratives, X-Files knew how to run a chill down our bones. Also, no denying the diddly-eyed charm of FBI special agent, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), who was almost every girl’s secret inspiration, and every boy’s first crush. Two special FBI agents trying to unearth marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena, this was one show everyone watched with baited breath, back in the days.Lizzie McGuireThough not quite a 90s’ phenomenon, yet something almost every 90s’ someone grew up watching. This show shot to fame because of how relatable the lives of the characters were. While in most shows the protagonist would essentially live a life far from reality, Lizzie was just your average awkward teen, struggling to sail through her school days. Another beautiful narrative about familial ties and friendship, Lizzie McGuire was quite a fashion inspiration too!He-Man and the Masters of the UniverseBefore Justice League or X-Men stole the show, we had He-Man — a young lad with herculean strength, trying to save the world from evil, along with his girlfriend Trilla, of course. This show ruled the heart of every 90s’ kid for the longest time. Guess what? You could find He-Man figurines in select stores too.Johnny BravoThe quintessential bad boy of the days — he was just the kind your mother would ask you to stay away from. The muscular casanova, perpetually had his head in the air, and despite making a fool of himself every single time, he stayed just as dauntless. So, in case you are looking for some inspiration to kick start your day, may be catch an episode or two.Malcom in the middleFrankie Muniz’s elfin charm aside, this sitcom revolved around a rather bizarre family. Malcom, played by the charming Frankie, is a very gifted geek, who feels like he is perpetually stuck with the wrong bunch of people. Not exactly what you would call a laugh riot, but relatable, and funny, definitely.Beverly Hills, 90210Fancy peeking into the school lives of rich spoiled brats? Here’s your chance. With an enviable glamour quotient and a crazy good looking gang of kids, this show is recommended if you are keen to learn about the lives of some young adults, whose realities were a little different from yours.Small WonderWell, if you haven’t seen Small Wonder, you were totally living under a rock. The pretty little robot who became an American sweetheart in no time, became a household name the world over too. Throughout the series, the father (creator) of V.I.C.I (the robot), struggles to hide her identity and passes her off as his own. Though this series was later adapted in a Hindi soap opera, Karishma ka Karishma, it failed to live up to the popularity of the original series.

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Eight television shows that every 90s’ kid will always love