On Wednesday evening, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the sixth Indian Prime Minister to address the US Congress.At the US Congress, Modi didn’t just get a warm welcome, in fact, he was cheered with nine standing ovations and 33 applauses. This is on par with the reception that former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh got in his 2005 address to the US Congress. According to his media advisor, Sanjay Baru, Singh was also applauded 33 times for his address. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Modi, in the course of his 45-minute speech, talks about the major aspects of the growing relationship between India and the US, particularly the strategic ties and civil nuclear cooperation, and emphasised that the two countries should leave “constraints of the past” behind as the “foundations of the future are firmly in place.”
ALSO READ Modi speech in US Congress: PM talks terrorism and yoga, cracks up audience with a bipartisanship jokeHere are some quotes from PM Modi’s speech that successfully sold his idea of India to the US Congress.1. Today, across the streets and institutions, in its villages and cities, anchored in equal respect for all faiths; and in the melody of hundreds of its languages and dialects. India lives as one; India grows as one; India celebrates as one.
ALSO READ US Congress cheers Narendra Modi with 9 standing ovations, 33 applauses; lap up his idea of India2. There were many who doubted India when, as a newly independent nation, we reposed our faith in democracy. Indeed, wagers were made on our failure. But, the people of India did not waver.3. 800 million of my countrymen may exercise the freedom of franchise once every five years. But, all the 1.25 billion of our citizens have freedom from fear, a freedom they exercise every moment of their lives.
ALSO READ Constitution is govt’s holy book, freedom of speech and religion enshrined in it: Narendra Modi in US Congress 4. Today, a mere distance of three miles separates the Martin Luther King memorial at Tidal Basin from the statue of Gandhi at Massachusetts Avenue. This proximity of their memorials in Washington mirrors the closeness of ideals and values they believed in.5. We thank you for being there when the partnership needed you the most. You have also stood by us in times of sorrow. India will never forget the solidarity shown by the US Congress when terrorists from across our border attacked Mumbai in November of 2008. 6. I am also told that you are well-known for your bipartisanship. Well, you are not alone. Time and again, I have also witnessed a similar spirit in the Indian Parliament, especially in our Upper House.7. The genius of Norman Borlaug brought the Green Revolution and food security to India. The excellence of the American Universities nurtured Institutes of Technology and Management in India.8. Siri tells us that India’s ancient heritage of Yoga has over 30 million practitioners in the US. It is estimated that more Americans bend for yoga than to throw a curve ball. And, no Mr. Speaker, we have not yet claimed intellectual property right on Yoga.9. The fight against terrorism has to be fought at many levels. And, the traditional tools of military, intelligence or diplomacy alone would not be able to win this fight.10. My to-do list is long and ambitious. But you will understand. It includes a vibrant rural economy with robust farm sector, a roof over each head and electricity to all households, to skill millions of our youth, build 100 smart cities, have a broad band for a billion, and connect our villages to the digital world, and create a twenty-first century rail, road and port infrastructure.11. Often, India and the US have combined their strengths in science, technology and innovation to help fight hunger, poverty, diseases and illiteracy in different parts of the world.

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From curbing terrorism to yoga: Here are top 11 quotes from Modi’s address to US Congress