To ease property transactions and reduce land-related frauds, the state government is working on a system wherein individual properties in urban areas like flats and shops will be mapped out in these records and provided with a property card of their own.Unlike the previous system, the proposed system — which is being worked upon by the department of land records — will map sub-divisions on every individual plot and the transactions on them.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>While ensuring that property transactions are easier, this will be part of a larger land records reform project to help transition from the current system wherein only a presumptive title of land is provided to one where ownership is concrete and guaranteed.”Once this system comes into place, every (structure like a) flat, shop will be seen as a separate entity… this means every flat, shop and office will have a property card of its own,” said a senior official from the settlement commissionerate and department of land records.”This sub-division down to the last property will ensure accountability,” the official said, adding that having individual property cards would ensure that encumbrances on each property and transactions conducted on them are easily mapped out and tracked. This will reduce instances of land-related frauds like one property being mortgaged out to multiple banks or financial institutions. Maharashtra has around 55.58 property cards.”At present, the property cards maps out a piece of land. It does not have minute details of the vertical structures on it,” explained another official, adding that the changes being worked on would cover this “virtual space.” It would also reduce litigation.”We are working on the concept,” the official said, adding that reconciliation and integration of the city survey data with other registrars like local municipal bodies and their property tax records was also necessary. “Legal amendments will have to be undertaken before this project is rolled out,” he said.”The ownership of land needs to be pinned down to the earth,” the official noted, stating that they were also planning to undertake geo-mapping and geo-referencing of urban properties to show the geographical co-ordinates and latitude and longitude of each property on these property cards. “Now, the ownership is virtual (notional), it cannot be pinned down to the earth,” he explained.

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Government mulls over issuing property cards to owners