After reaching late over an hour to protest outside Haji Ali dargah on Thursday, Trupti Desai, could not get down outside the Dargah Road which leads to the shrine. While the police managed to stop the crowd around her car, Desai had to flee the spot and wait for the police to make arrangements for her visit.Alleging that there were people with her outside the car, due to which she had to go ahead. “The police is making arrangements for my visit ahead. I will not be going without visiting the dargah. If people will co-operate with me, issues will resolve easily. The women with me in the car saw lathis and weapons. Fearing people may get violent, I will go in once the cops have done proper arrangements. Any harm to my supporters and I will be the responsibility to the government and police. Though we have not got proper support by police,” Desai said. While Desai said that she will not be entering the mazhar (tomb of the saint) and would abide by the laws today, she said that she will continue to fight for the approval of women to enter there. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Along with her supporters, she did some sloganeering a few metres from the dargah entrance where those opposing her stood guard. “We will fight for this and nobody can stop me from entering the dargah. I am going as a normal citizen,” Desai said.Desai alleged that the protesters were carrying weapons and tried to attack her with knives but she escaped in her car. She added while the police was cooperating right now, they had not been doing so earlier. Desai was still at the dargah in the evening and said she would not leave till she is allowed to enter. While clerics say the entrance of women is banned for security reasons, Desai opined that it was the duty of the dargah management to take action and see that necessary security arrangements were made.The Haji Ali Sab ke Liye Forum ended their protest after waiting for Desai over an hour. “The time for protest is getting over. We are ending our peaceful protest today, but we will have similar demonstrations again,” said Feroze Mithiborewala of the forum. He also said that Desai not arriving on time for the protest was not a setback as she was not the sole face of the protest.On the other hand, AIMIM, Shiv Sena and other local parties were adamant about not letting Desai enter the mazhar at Haji Ali. “We shall not let her enter the dargah. We will be physical if this happens,” an AIMIM member threatened.

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Haji Ali row: Trupti Desai calls off protest for today, says will continue fight for entry