After David Headley’s deposition on Thursday, Tahawwur Rana is back in the news.

On Thursday, Headley revealed more details about the 26 November attacks in a deposition giving the names of the people involved in the attacks and the extent of their involvement. One of the names revealed in the deposition was Tahawwur Hussain Rana — a Pakistani-Canadian member of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

Tawahhar Rana. IbnliveTawahhar Rana. Ibnlive

Tahawwur Rana. Ibnlive

In 2011, Rana was convicted by a United States jury and sentenced to 14 years in prison by US District Judge Harry Leinenweber for aiding the group that carried out the 26/11 terror attack.

Who is Rana?
Rana, born on 12 January, 1961 is a Chicago-based businessman born in Pakistan. He met Headley when they went to military school together in the Punjab province. A doctor who immigrated to the US from Canada, Rana set up several businesses — one of which was an immigration consultancy service that helped terrorists enter the US and Canada.

In 2011, he was convicted for aiding and abetting a plot to kill and behead Danish newspaper staffers for the cartoons they published of Prophet Mohammed.

Allegations by David Headley
In his deposition on Thursday, Headley said that Rana visited Mumbai before the 26/11 attacks and that Headley advised him to return to the US. He claims to have received Rs 17,636 on 30 November, 2006 and $1,000 on 4 December, 2006 from Rana. On 11 October, 2006, while Headley was in Mumbai, he allegedly also received Rs 66,605 from Rana

The monetary support Headley received helped him open his office in Mumbai’s Tardeo AC market.

Rana’s activities  before the attack
Headley is alleged to have stayed in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai between 28 and 30 March, 2007. He returned on 2 May that year and stayed till 7 May. Rana stayed in a South Mumbai guest house the next year and flew out of the city on 21 November, 2008 — just five days before 26/11. This increased the possibility of his role in guiding the LeT squad that hit the city.


Headley deposes on associate’s role in 26/11: All you need to know about Tahawwur Rana