<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday asserted that India as a nation votes for peace and does not appreciate the idea of war as warfare bring economic misery.Speaking at the ‘Strengthening India’s Defence Capabilities’ event in Mumbai, Parrikar said that India does not believe in ruling other nations and that whatever steps it takes is to guard its dignity and people.”India wants peace, India never likes war. The War brings lot of economic misery and lot of difficulties. Still nations fight war for dignity, for self defence and therefore possibility of war has to be always taken in to the consideration,” said Parrikar.”This country has never ruled any other country whether it is Bangladesh independence 1971 war or ages old story of Ram and Ravana war. This country has not liked to rule on someone else’s land. Such is the greatness of this country,” he added. Elucidating India’s perspective in terms of war Parrikar emphasised and said New Delhi’s inclination towards peace and dislike for war should not be equated with weakness. And that the nation needs to think in terms of strength to avoid war.”This government is making all endeavours to strengthen the nation to a level where no one takes it lightly. Terrorism is one issue which I consider as proxy war, carried out by non state actors almost like a covert operation. And therefore we should strengthen ourselves to a level that no one dares to challenge us for conventional and non conventional war,” he said.”PM Modi tried his best to give opportunity to the neighbour to have good relations and develop together. However, our “hand of friendship” was probably construed as weakness by a few and they needed to be told very firmly. What we did on September on 29 was telling our adversaries very firmly that India will not tolerate this,” he added.Further speaking on the preparedness of cyber war Parrikar said that nation is looking at the different aspects of it. “Preparing for it (Cyber war), can’t tell the level of preparedness; It’s important and we’re looking into it,” he said.

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India votes for peace, war brings economic misery: Manohar Parrikar