Indian actor Irrfan Khan has refused a part in a Steven Spielberg film because he didn’t find “enough meat to explore” himself as an actor.

Irrfan Khan/ ReutersIrrfan Khan/ Reuters

Irrfan Khan/ Reuters

“I felt the character did not have enough meat to explore myself as an actor. Hence, I said no… Else who wouldn’t want to work with Steven Spielberg?” Irrfan said in a statement.

The “Slumdog Millionaire” and “Life of Pi” actor was offered to work in a Spielberg film, which also had Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson in it.

Times Of India reports that Irrfan Khan is not short on offers from Hollywood, despite turning down the Spielberg offer.

Sharing that it is more than a dilemma for him to choose or deny films, Irrfan said: “I am at a stage in my career where I am trying my best to surprise my audience with every role and give them some. I am hoping the future holds something so path-breaking and so empowering for me as an artiste that no will not be an option.”

Irrfan’s small but shining Hollywood filmography includes films like The Namesake and Jurassic World. The 49-year-old actor will be next seen with Tom Hanks in Inferno, says PTI.

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Irrfan Khan turns down role in Steven Spielberg film