Bengaluru: Authorities on Thursday arrested Karnataka state police association leader V. Shashidhar for planning to spearhead a strike on 4 June, protesting exploitation, low pay and poor working conditions.

Representational Image. ReutersRepresentational Image. Reuters

Representational Image. Reuters

“A case has been registered at Yelahanka New Town police station and Karnataka police association president Shahidhar has been arrested and presented before local court which remanded him to judicial custody till 16 June,” said Bengaluru Police Commissioner N.S. Megharikh.

Earlier on Tuesday, Karnataka government stringently warned against the planned agitation and invoked the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) for maintaining public order and safety across the state.

Despite the warning, the Karnataka state police association which includes a 60,000 constabulary force has decided to push forward with their en masse leave on Saturday.

Shashisdhar alleged that constables are being forced to work for irregular and long hours, without proper leave mechanism and harassment by senior officers.

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Karnataka: Police association leader arrested for planning protests