It is becoming increasingly hard to take Hema Malini seriously as a politician.

While her Lok Sabha constituency Mathura remained on the edge following the death of 24 people in clashes with encroachers, Hema Malini was in Mumbai’s Madh Island, tweeting pictures of her shooting for a film and hoping for its early release.

In a series of images which were uploaded on Twitter, Hema Malini, dressed in a maroon sari, could not stop gushing about how easy it has become to reach “Madh Island from mainland Mumbai by motorised boats.” “Hoping for an early release of this film,” she captioned one of the photos, without revealing the name of the film.

However, minutes after TV channels picked on Hema Malini’s misplaced sense of priority, the actor deleted the tweets and out of the blue, began tweeting about the Mathura clashes and how she was ‘so so upset’. The fact that the Madh Island tweets wer deleted was reported by ANI.

She later exclusively spoke to CNN-News 18, where she criticised the Samajwadi Party-led government in UP. “This illegal encroachment was happening for a long time but SP government did not do anything”, the MP lashed out. I did not realise that this will turn out to be such a serious matter,” said Hema Malini.

Twitter has obtained Hema’s deleted tweets from earlier on Friday.

We are as curious as Twitterati on how Malini managed to be at Mathura and Madh Island at the same time?

Speaking in defence of the actor, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra asked the media not to divert from the issue. Addressing the media on Friday, Patra said, “Im sure Hema Malini ji will go to Mathura, she has expressed her grief over what has happened. Let’s not divert from the issue.”

Meanwhile in Mathura, 24 people, including two police officers were killed and over 40 people were injured in clashes during a drive to evict illegal occupants of a land in Mathura district. Over 374 people have been arrested in connection to the clashes, reported CNN-News18.

The group pelted stones and opened fire at the police officers. In retaliation, the police had to fire after using batons and tear gas at them. Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police admitted to CNN-News18 that they did not have an assessment that the protestors would fire at them.

The clashes broke out when police were trying to evict illegal occupants of a land in Jawahar Bagh by activists, believed to be of Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi, on the directions of the Allahabad High Court.

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Mathura burns, but BJP MP Hema Malini can’t stop gushing about her new film on Twitter