<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Invoking the Gods for well being and peace of humanity, Shri Laxmandasji Mauni Maharaj has started the ‘Janakalyan Mahayagya’ also dubbed the ‘Laxmi Narayan Mahayag’, in Kankavali in Sindhudurg. A disciple of Shri Mahant Garibdasji Maharaj, Mauni Maharaj, as he is called, belongs to the Mahatyagi sampraday of the Digambar Akhada and hails from the ashram in Kawdas near Patansavangi village in Savner tehsil of Nagpur district. He does his tapascharya in the Himalayas. He is estimated to be around 45-50 years of age currently, and has been on a vow of silence, or the maun vrat, for the past 21 years.Having met Mauni Maharaj and experienced the huge gathering of spirituality at the Ujjain Kumbh, members of some spiritual groups in Sindhudurg were impressed and invited Mauni Maharaj to the Konkan. When he came to Sindhudurg, he went to Kankavali and began to meditate in a spot known for penance undertaken at the spot by Bhalchandra Maharaj, a spiritual guru from the region. It was then decided that the Mahayag for the sake of humanity be done here.“We felt that convergence of all sants, mahants from the country and yag, pooja and katha will bless the people of this region. With this aim about 15 organisations came together and we registered the Janakalyan Mahayag Samiti with the charity commissioner. The preparations and invitations to all the sant mahants started from August 2016. We feel fortunate that many of them have blessed us with their presence and that people from all corners have come here”, stated Satish Garip, President of the Samiti.The Mahayag began on December 19, 2016 with a huge procession — Kalash Yatra — wherein 3,000 women carried the Kalash with water on their heads. The procession with about 10-15,000 participants was accompanied by traditional drums, music, and the chanting of Ramnam. The procession saw camels, horses and tableaus depicting scenes from the epics.The procession culminated at Murdeshwar maidan at the foot hills of the Murdeshwar (Shiva) temple where elaborate arrangements have been made for yagna, pooja, and archana.Through all seven days of the Mahayag, Rammohandasji Ramani Maharaj from Himachal Pradesh will deliver the Ramkatha discourse. Programmes of Bhakti sangeet with Bhajans have also been planned every evening.“The tapascharya by the Mahatmas is beyond our understanding. They rest themselves in meditation and par the worldly worries or anxieties. Even if common people like us take to spirituality we think of worldly rewards.The Jankalyan Mahayag intends to bring out the essence of worship and prayers, the deeper meaning of mediation and benefit the humanity”, Garip states.The Mahayag will end with the purnahuti on December 25, 2016. The state administration has also pitched in to make safety and crowd control arrangements.

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