In order to help Bombay Blood group patients, a rare blood group, Mumbai-based NGO has asked National Blood Transfusion Council (NBTC) to create a registry of blood donors with this rare blood type. The NGO said that this will help them gather data under one roof and become easy to provide blood to the needy patients.In the last 13 years, Think Foundation had played a major role in co-ordination between the Bombay Blood group donors and recipients from various parts of the country. The NGO had even sent the blood to patients abroad. This NGO also maintain a registry of the rarest blood group donor, provide blood it to the patients and organises blood donation camp across the state.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Every month, the NGO gets 5-6 requests from different parts of the state for this blood type. They have also sent the blood to Bangladesh on couple of occasions. This is an extremely rare ABO group and it gets its name from the fact that it was first discovered amongst residents of Bombay (Mumbai).The blood group is also found among East Indians, Caucasians, Japanese. In Mumbai, 200 people with this blood group have registered as donors with the foundation. Out of the list only 50-60 people are active blood donors while the rest of them have their own reasons for not donating the blood.”This indeed is a serious issue. On the state level, we are also planning to create a registry of Bombay Blood group people. Sometime we start searching for people when we get a request. Thus, it’s better to have a registry. We have taken this subject on the board,” said Dr Girish Chowdhary, assistant director, State Blood Transfusion Council.Recently, the NGO got a request from Dhaka, where a 25-year-old man met with a road accident. For his life-saving surgery doctors four units of Bombay blood group, which was provided by the NGO.”I have given the proposal to the NBTC which stated that to create one dedicated registry for the Bombay Blood group, data will be gathered under the one roof. The NBTC can ask the blood bank donor’s name to create a data for this registry which definitely will help to provide the blood to the needy people,” said Vinay Shetty of Think Foundation.A senior pathologist of BMC-run medical college said: “There is a need for such registry. Every month we get 2-3 requests and its get difficult to find such a rare group of donors.”


Mumbai: NBTC asked to create registry for Bombay blood group donors