<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>12-year-old Sujal Gadapkar has paid a big price for being a part of a six-tier human pyramid near his home in Ulhasnagar. The minor who is still recovering from his head injuries he got over a month ago after he fell from the pyramid is now being helped by Hirali Foundation, a local NGO which has stepped forward to help the family raise funds to pay for his medical expenses.Being a minor, Sujal was never supposed to be a part of a human pyramid, let alone of one which was almost 30-feet high, in direct violation of the Supreme Court’s order on heights of human pyramids. The Court had ruled that no human pyramid would be higher than 20-feet and no minor would be allowed to participate as one of the ‘Govindas’.After spending over 20 days in the ICU at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan, he is now recovering slowly. While the initial hospital bills were being taken care of by the local Shiv Sena members, the family was still struggling to afford the postoperative care. Making matters worse, Sujal’s father lost his job as a welder since he was irregular at work. The Ulhasnagar based foundation has come to family’s rescue.The founder, Sarita Khanchandani says that instead of giving the family cash they want to give them items that they would need.Speaking about the family’s condition, Khanchandani said, “Due to low income and keeping in mind the tests the child still needs to undergo we are helping his family by supplying basic food stocks and medicines. We will also support his education.”Since Sujal is yet to recover completely, he has not been attending school. The NGO is looking for sponsors willing to help the family as well.”My team and I will be visiting their house every two days to fill up the food materials which they require,” added Khanchandani.Speaking about the family’s financial condition, Umesh Gadapkar, Sujal’s father, said, “Over Rs 5 lakh was paid by a political party as our hospital bills. Since I was in the hospital for more than 20 days along with my son, I lost my job. I am the only earning member of my family. My son is recovering and his treatment is still on.””He has some trouble with walking which will get better with time. There is no long term damage to him. He is fine,” said Dr Dr Ashok Borisa, laparoscopic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan who treated Sujal.The two mandals – Radhesham Nagar Govinda and Shiv Tej Mandal have been booked for culpable homicide as they violated the Supreme Court order that restricted participation of minors in making the human pyramid during Dahi Handi.”Case is on and the investigations are being carried out,” said Sunil Bhardwaj, deputy commissioner, Zone IV, Thane police.

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Mumbai: NGO steps forward to help young Govinda’s family afford medical treatment