Weeks after RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani ushered in a new office culture in the company by stepping out of his corner room in Reliance Corporate Park (RCP) in Navi Mumbai to a simple open office, Nita Ambani, director on RIL board and chairperson of Reliance Foundation, brought the new ‘no walls, no barricades’ culture right into RIL headquarters at Maker IV in Nariman Point.

Mumbai Mirror reports that the new workspace will house the teams that power Mumbai Indians, Indian Super League and the fashion and entertainment segments. “Mrs Ambani says the idea was to bring about a synergy and increase creativity,” says the Mirror.

Nita Ambani at the new open officeNita Ambani at the new open office

Nita Ambani at the new open office.

“>The Times of India reports this morning that the top team of the Mumbai Indians (Reliance’s IPL franchise) has moved into this new open office in the sixth floor of Maker IV “from where ideas on various sporting properties are being discussed upon”.

This work-space transformation began last November when India’s largest start-up, Reliance Jio, headlined a remarkable change on the 7th floor of “TC22” building at RCP. The Jio open office, conceptualised and delivered in six months by the Ambani scions, Akash and Isha (directors on the Jio board), has come in for high praise.

MidDay quotes Prabir Sen, a Vancouver based data scientist as saying that the Ambanis’ open office blitz is unique even when seen from a western lens.

“Tycoons dismantling barriers is unique. The west has not done it; it is a new trend, and different from CEOs sharing meals (with staff) in the same cafeteria,” says Sen in MidDay.

Reliance open office is a trail blazer in Indian corporate culture, say media reportsReliance open office is a trail blazer in Indian corporate culture, say media reports

Reliance open office is a trail blazer in Indian corporate culture, say MidDay reports.

For the owners of one of India’s most powerful companies to say “I am one of you” is a trail blazer in the country’s human resource industry, reports MidDay.

Reliance Industries has done a nation-wide employee launch of the 4-G digital ecosystem under the “Jio” and “LYF” brands. With the open offices in RCP and now Maker IV, it has also brought quiet, but telling transformation in the refining-to-retail group’s corporate culture.

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Nita Ambani brings #OpenOffice right into Reliance HQ at Nariman Point