<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Dubbing as “irresponsible statements” the charges levelled by sacked Tamil Nadu chief secretary P Rama Mohana Rao over the Income Tax raids against him, Union minister M Venkaiah Naidu said on Tuesday there was no political interference and the law will take its own course in the matter. “I do not want to react to irresponsible statements (made by Rao). He is known to me as well. I advise him not to make any unnecessary political statements and further complicate the issue,” he said.Naidu was responding to queries from reporters on the sidelines of the platinum jubilee celebrations of diversified business conglomerate KCP Ltd here. “If there is nothing found in his (Rao) house, law is there. He can take recourse to it. The Government of India has not removed him. I read in newspapers that somebody (Girija Vaidyanathan) has been appointed in his place. “Our interest is to see that the system functions. It is functioning. And if there is any problem, the chief minister will talk to the Centre,” said the Union Urban Development Minister.When asked about Rao’s remark that IT raids at his home and secretariat office were a Constitutional assault on the top office, Naidu shot back saying, “That does not require any response (from me) at all. Law will take its own course. The government has no role in this. There is no political interference.”
ALSO READ Removed after IT raids, Rama Mohana Rao says, I am Chief Secy of Tamil NaduAddressing a press conference here earlier in the day, Rao described the IT raids as a “Constitutional assault” on the top office and claimed that he was kept under “house arrest” by the CRPF during the raids last week. On demonetization and the problems being faced by the people due to the shortage of cash, Naidu said, “When there is a transformation in the system, there will be temporary pain. But, it will be a long-term gain. “When you are ill for a long time, you need to take a bitter pill. That is what is happening. Things will improve. After 50 days, they will start improving slowly,” he added.The pain of the honest would be “reduced” and that of those who have violated the law “will increase”, Naidu said in an indication of more steps against black money.

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No political interference in Rama Mohana Rao’s matter, law to take its course: Venkaiah Naidu