<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Living on the periphery of the high rise buildings in Dwarka, a group of close to 300 families still rely on the nearby forest to address nature’s call.The families, mostly ragpickers and daily scavengers, have been living in Nasirpur village along the periphery for more than 15 years now. Although, these people have now found some hope in the form of an activist group, on World Toilet Day.Call it lack of resources or education, the residents have continued to suffer due to the absence of a proper toilet facility in the area.”Imagine the kind of condition we live in. There is no supply of water, leave alone a hygienic way to relieve oneself. Our houses are less than 200 meters away from forest area, where we are forced to relieve ourselves,” said Shashtri, 35.Neglect from government authorities and senior leaders, has also added to the woes of the residents.”We’ve been living here for the past 15 years, have been actively participating in elections. The politicians also never forget to visit our area during the elections, however, they never hear our pleas after the elections,” said Manoj Kumar, the area community leader.Apart from drunkards, the area is often infested with animals, whereby making the area dangerous for small children.”We have little girls in the family, and they are always accompanied by someone whenever they go out to relieve themselves. The nights are the scariest part, even the women of the family are scared to go out after dark,” said Geeta,However, a citizen activist group, along with the members of Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) on Saturday, launched a campaign called #where2pee on the World Toilet Day, whereby giving these people a respectable way to lead their life.”For over 150 families who live in the area, there is not a single toilet. Women, children, men, elderly and disabled, all of them have to go out in the open and defecate. However, we have now approached the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board to help us,” said Indu Prakash Singh, Leader – Urban Knowledge Activist HubAccording to DUSIB officials, while the process to construct and establish a toilet will soon be initiated, the department has now sought no-objection-certificate (NOC) from land owing agencies.”Being a slum area, we can’t directly construct a toilet with the permission of the land owing agency, which in this case is the DDA and the Gram Sabha. Although, we have written to the agencies asking them to grant us permission. Once the permission is acquired, the area will be laid with a proper sewer and water system to ensure hygienic toilet facilities for the area people,” said AK Gupta, a member of the DUSIB

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On World Toilet Day, 200 families hope to get their respect back