I think Ravindra Jadeja should be put through a psychological assessment. What on earth was he thinking when he decided to pose in front of pride of Gir forest lions?

This in the week where there were two shark attacks, an alligator killed a child in Disneyland and just a few weeks back a gorilla had to be shot dead because a two-year-old fell into the enclosure. The boy was two years old, he fell into the enclosure through the railings. To the best of my knowledge Jadeja is older than two and he did not fall into the space between him and the lions.

He elected to walk there and the ignorance of the laws is not a sufficient defence. What about plain common sense? Did he not read the story of the young man who was reportedly mentally unstable who walked into the tiger’s den so to speak at the Delhi zoo?

He was not normal.

Ravinder Jadeja at the Gir National Park. Image courtesy: Instagram

Ravinder Jadeja at the Gir National Park. Image courtesy: Instagram

So, why is it okay to think that Jadeja did the smart thing and should not be assessed. Imagine if something had happened to him. The rangers would have been arrested, the Forest officers suspended and a whole frenzied media would have gone berserk. Indians would have howled in protest against the inept officials while ignoring this man’s utter stupidity.

I think it is absolutely spot on that the authorities are making an official report of this incident and once they do the man should be taken to task because he could have ruined their lives and careers with his indulgence.

When celebrities, especially sports personalities, send out the wrong message to their fans and the public at large they are twice as culpable. There was nothing heroic about this. Look at the photos. He turns his back on the lions and makes funny faces. It was so foolish.

Did he think they were tied up? Did he think they would ask for his autograph because these lions in the wild get a cricket feed? Maybe Ravindra Jadeja thought his fans would see him as a heck of a guy, gutsy and ready to risk his life.

Now if he was doing that saving somebody from a burning building one could understand it. But to try and fraternise with wild lions on their turf borders on madness. It is said he loves animals. Then he should have known better than to leap out of a jeep and put himself at risk.

You think those lions were sort of saying, cool it, dude, it’s a cricketer, let him be. He is just lucky they were fed and full and not inclined to be curious. Otherwise Mr Jadeja would not have made it back to his jeep.

I know a friend who lost his brother from an elephant who plucked him out of his jeep on the road and slammed the life out of him. You want to be a tough guy, go play your game and stop sending out wrong messages to impressionable youngsters.

Taking selfies with lions, man, you need to see a shrink.

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Selfie with a pride of Gir lions? Ravindra Jadeja needs to see a shrink