Shyamvar Rai, who recently turned approver by a special CBI court, has claimed that Indrani Mukerjea, the main accused in the Sheena Bora murder case, had strangled her daughter inside a car on 24 April, 2012, reported Times Now.

In his 12-page statement to the magistrate, Rai gave details of events leading up to Sheena’s murder. “Indrani asked me to stop the car. Khanna got into the backseat. I was asked to cover Sheena’s mouth, while Indrani strangulated her.”

Indrani Mukherjee and Sheena Bora. AgenciesIndrani Mukherjee and Sheena Bora. Agencies

Indrani Mukherjee and Sheena Bora. Agencies

Indrani’s assistant had asked Rai to take three months severance pay, an amount paid to an employee on the early termination of a contract, and leave, claimed the 12-page statement, as reported by Times Of India.

According to India Today, Rai had also revealed that Indrani planned the murder well in advance and visited the location of the murder, a day before. On the day of disposing Sheena’s body, Indrani and Khanna strategically made Indrani’s murder look like suicide by immolation.

On reaching the spot of murder, Indrani, Khanna and Rai brought Sheena’s body out of the car and Indrani threw gloves and a saree on her daughter’s body, the India Today report added. Rai then said that Khanna sprinkled petrol over Sheena’s body and Indrani set the body on fire.

Nowhere in his testimony has Rai made any allegations against Peter Mukerjea, confirmed a lawyer, reported The Times Of India.

A special CBI court on 20 June had made Indrani Mukerjea’s former driver Shyamvar Rai, an approver in the Sheena Bora murder case along with granting him a pardon.

Earlier, on 11 May, Rai had sought to turn approver, saying he wanted to “disclose all truths” as he had taken part in Sheena’s killing by strangulation and was present at the time of the murder in 2012.

Recording his statement before a special CBI court then, Rai had said he was under “no pressure, threat or coercion” to reveal the facts in the case and was “repentant” about his act.

Rai was the first accused to be arrested in the Sheena Bora murder case in August 2015.

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Sheena Bora murder case: Driver Shyamvar Rai says Indrani Mukerjea strangled daughter