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WB terror suspect raised ISIS flags in Kashmir, says NIA

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Monday revealed that suspected Islamic State operative Mohammad Masiuddin also known as Musa, who was earlier this month interrogated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for his alleged terror activities, had waved flags of the terror outfit during his stay in Kashmir earlier this year.The revelation came after filing charge sheet against Masiuddin stating that the 27-year-old was planning terror attacks in India after being directed to do so by his Syria-based handler.Masiuddin was arrested in July this year following which it was revealed that he had been directed to target foreign tourists instead of Indian locals by his handlers.”Investigation has established that on the instructions of his handler, Abu Suleiman, Musa went to Srinagar in May, 2016, to carry out a Lone Wolf attack on foreign tourists. He also participated in a Friday congregation at the Jama Masjid and waved the ISIS flag. He even planned to kill foreigners near the Mother Teresa House at the Ripon Street in Kolkata,” the NIA said on Monday.A senior J&K police official told DNA that local investigators did not find possible links between Kashmiri youth and the terror outfit. The NIA revelation might however prompt local authorities to dig out travel details of Masiuddin who hails from Labhpur in Birbhum district of WB.According to official sources in the NIA, the accused had visited two locations, one in Srinagar and other in Kolkata, and selected them as venues where he was supposed to carry out an attack using the 13 inch knife that was allegedly recovered from him following his arrest in July.This was after Masiuddin had allegedly gotten in touch with ISIS handler Shafi Armar, who is wanted by Indian agencies for activities during his time with Indian Mujahideen. The NIA also revealed that Musa met Abu Suleiman during his visit to India twice in March, 2015 and May, 2016. Suleiman encouraged him to use secured encrypted chat applications. The probe agency said Forensic Analysis of the electronic gadgets seized from the accused contained pdf files like How to survive in the West- Mujahideen, The Mujahideen Explosives Handbook by Abdel-Aziz.

ISIS suspect Musa planned to attack Mother House in Kolkata to target US nationals: NIA chargesheet

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>ISIS suspect Mohammad Masiuddin alias Musa had planned to attack Mother House in Kolkata to target US nationals according to the chargesheet filed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on Friday at NIA special court. The chargesheet filed by NIA mentions that ISIS suspect had planned to attack Mother House as a lot of US nationals would frequent this place to pay homage to Sister Teresa of Calcutta. A month ago, a seven-member team of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) interrogated Musa in Kolkata.
ALSO READ FBI warns of possible Islamic State-inspired attacks in USThe 25-year-old Musa was arrested from the Burdwan railway station by CID on July 4 on charges of radicalising youths to join ISIS.Later, the probe was taken over by National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the agency is currently probing his links to Jamaat-Ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) and also the Dhaka attacks.
ALSO READ ISIS offers $1 million for murder of Kurdish woman who fought themSources in the NIA reveal, Musa had agreed to take on the assignment from a JMB leader Abu Suleiman to target foreigners and US nationals in India and behead them.In March 2015, Musa had met Abu Suleiman in India’s eastern state of West Bengal during his sister’s wedding.
ALSO READ Bengaluru man with alleged ISIS links held in KulluMusa had been in touch with Suleiman over Facebook, but Suleiman had expressed his wish to meet Musa in person. Later, Musa invited him to attend his sister’s wedding, held in Bengal.Meanwhile, Suleiman is on the run and both – Indian and Bangladeshi governments are looking for him.Musa came under the scanner of CID and NIA after his e-mails and calls were traced to Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Syria. Officials in the investigating agency highlight that he had been touch with several ISIS operatives in Syria through the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Initial investigation revealed that he had also been in touch with several JMB operatives in Bangladesh.

Hyderabad: Eight persons named by NIA in charge sheet for attempting to carry out terror strike

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Eight persons were named by NIA on Thursday in a charge sheet for allegedly attempting to carry out a terror strike by using explosive devices similar to those used by ISIS cadres during last year’s Paris attacks. The charge sheet was filed before a special NIA court at Hyderabad under various sections of IPC, Explosive Substances Act, Arms Act and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.They have been charged with entering into a criminal conspiracy to wage war against the country by collecting weapons and explosive materials to target public places including religious sites and sensitive government buildings in various parts of the country. Those named in the charge sheet are Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al Amoodi alias Fahad, Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani alias Abu Abdurrahman, Habeeb Mohammed alias Abu Shaibah, Mohammed Ilyas Yazdani alias Abu Mansoor, Muzaffar Hussain Rizwan alias Abulhasan, Yasir Naimathullah alias Naimath Ullah Hussaini, Mohd Ataullah Rahman alias Ghouse and Abdul Raoof alias Mohammed Almashrifi.The NIA said that during raids at various premises on June 29, several electronic gadgets, mobile phones, hard discs, semi-automatic pistols, air rifle, pellets, target boards, explosive precursor chemicals were recovered. These can be used for preparation of triacetone triperoxide (TATP), an explosive material used in the Paris attacks.As many as 129 people were killed on November 13, 2015 when ISIS cadres used TATP substances while carrying out terror strikes at three places in Paris. TATP is easy to make, easy to set off, and susceptible to accidental detonations. The NIA also found urea, nitrate explosive and equipment for manufacturing like pet jars with liquids, capacitor, gas stove with cylinder, weighing balance, nails, knives, quartz alarm time pieces, bundle of wire.Forensic analysis of electronic gadgets seized from the accused showed online radicalisation of the accused by watching videos of ISIS, discourses and lectures of radical Islamic preachers, such as Anwar Awlaki, Abdu Sami Qasmi, Meraj Rabbani, Tausif ur Rehman, Jerjees Ansari and Zakir Naik, the agency said. Investigation has established that the members downloaded and followed ISIS propaganda videos, ISIS magazine “Dabiq”, which convinced them that ISIS was fighting for the rights of the Sunni Muslims, it said.The group associated with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (the ISIS) and pledged their allegiance through the Bay’ah to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed Caliph of the Islamic State and formed a group called Jhund ul Khilafa Fi Bilad Al Hind (Army of the Caliph from the South India), it further said. Investigation has established the group used different methods of communication to connect within themselves and with overseas ISIS handlers, it said. This included the use of the dark net through Tor browser, use of encryption applications such as Orbot, Amn al Mujahid, an encryption program by Al-Fajr Media Centre which is an exclusive distributor of Al Qaeda’s Propaganda, Chatsecure, Telegram, and encrypted email systems, it added.They deliberately used secure communication and encryption to evade detection by law enforcement agencies. Investigation conducted so far has successfully established all the accused are members of a terrorist gang, the agency said. Each member played his role in the conspiracy. There were several meetings conducted by the members over the period where many decisions were taken on the course of action to be taken in furtherance of the conspiracy, it said.The group made efforts to go and join the ISIS ranks, took instructions from the handler, formed a terrorist group, pledged Bay’ah to the ISIS, recruited others, contributed money, utilized the funds so collected to procure raw materials, mobile phones, SIM cards, firearms, ammunition, explosive precursors, in pursuance of the terror conspiracy.All the accused conspired with a common intent to commit terrorist acts and threaten safety, security and integrity of the nation, the NIA said.

Pakistan will splinter into 10 pieces if it doesn’t stop conspiring against India: Rajnath Singh

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday accused Pakistan of “conspiring” to divide India along religious lines and warned the neighbouring country that it would be “splintered” into 10 nations if it failed to quell terrorism.”Pakistan is conspiring to divide India on religious lines but it will not succeed. We were divided in 1947 on religious basis. We have not been able to forget that… All Indians are brothers, whether they are born from the womb of a Hindu mother or a Muslim mother,” he said addressing a Martyrs’ Day function in Kathua district.”We want to live in peace with Pakistan but it has indulged in sponsoring a proxy war against India. Every Prime Minister of India wanted to mend relations with Pakistan but it did not understand the language of peace and attacked India four times. But our brave soldiers gave them a befitting reply.”The Home Minister said Pakistan was waging the proxy war through terrorism, which is a weapon of the weak.”Terrorism is the weapon of the weak and not the brave,” he said.”Pakistan came into existence after India got divided on religious lines but it could not keep itself united. In 1971, it got split into two and, if it does not mend its ways, it will get splintered into 10 pieces and India will have no role in it,” he said.Singh said terror groups ISIS had the whole world worried because of its activities but failed to spread its roots in India because of the Muslims.”When the entire world is worried about ISIS, I can say it as the Home Minister of the country, as I know the reality that ISIS has not been able to spread its roots in India and the credit for this goes to the Muslims of the country, the followers of Islam,” he said.He said people might not know but when a member of somebody’s family got radicalised, others came to him to seek his help to save the child from the clutches of the ISIS.He also offered India’s cooperation to Pakistan to help eradicate the menace of terrorism from its soil.”If Pakistan is serious about eradicating terrorism but is incapable of doing that and wants cooperation, we are ready to help it eradicate terrorism from there,” the Minister said.Singh said India always wanted to have friendly relations with all its neighbours but Pakistan betrayed India and returned peace initiatives with terrorist attacks. “Narendra Modi, before the formation of his government, had held a party meeting and we decided if we want to make India a powerful country we need cooperation of all the neighbouring countries. So we decided to invite all the neighbouring heads of state/government and we invited Nawaz Sharif also, and he had come,” Singh said.”Sharif was invited not just to shake hands but let the hearts of the two countries to meet,” he said, adding Pakistan should understand “our intentions but it has failed to do so”.He also said Modi, “breaking all protocol”, went to attend a function in Sharif’s family while returning from Afghanistan.”We try our best that our neighbours live in peace with us. We want development of India as well as that of Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. All should progress. We want this. But what has Pakistan given us in return for our large-heartedness?”We got Gurdaspur, Pathankot and Uri where terrorists entered and launched cowardly attacks on our soldiers,” Singh said. “But we also showed them what we are capable of,” he added.”I thank our soldiers who succeeded in giving the message we cannot only hit them here but if need arises we can hit them anywhere,” Singh said, referring to the surgical strikes carried by the army inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.He said after Gurdaspur and Pathankot terror attacks, Pakistan had stated it wanted to cooperate and sent a team to India. “But after the team’s return to Pakistan, they refused to allow Indian SIT to visit Pakistan,” he said.

Like Pakistan, PM Modi trying to divide India along ‘religious lines’: Rahul Gandhi

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took a jibe at Rajnath Singh, saying that while he agrees that Pakistan is trying to divide India along religious lines, the Home Minister and his “boss” Prime Minister Narendra Modi have also been doing the same. Responding to the remarks of Singh that Pakistan has been “conspiring” to divide India on religious lines, Rahul tweeted: “Yes Rajnath Singhji Pakistan is trying to divide India along religious lines; has it struck you that you & your boss have been doing the same’”Addressing a Martyrs’ Day function in Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir, the Home Minister said, “Pakistan is conspiring to divide India on religious lines but it will not succeed. We were divided in 1947 on religious basis. We have not been able to forget that… All Indians are brothers, whether they are born from the womb of a Hindu mother or a Muslim mother.”Singh said nowhere in the world other than India 72 sects of Islam live together peacefully. He said that as the Home Minister of the country, he wanted to make it clear that India is committed to taking along everybody and moving ahead on the path of development. He also offered India’s cooperation to Pakistan to eradicate the menace of terrorism from its soil.”If Pakistan is serious about eradicating terrorism but is incapable of doing that and wants cooperation, we are ready to help it eradicate terrorism from there,” the minister said.He said, “We want to live in peace with Pakistan but it has indulged in sponsoring a proxy war against India.”Every Prime Minister of India wanted to mend relations with Pakistan but it did not understand the language of peace and attacked India four times. But our brave soldiers gave them a befitting reply.”After repeated defeats, Pakistan has understood that it cannot defeat India in wars so it has resorted to sponsoring proxy war, he said, adding that “terrorism is the weapon of weak and not the brave”.Singh said that while the entire world was concerned about the spread of ISIS, the terrorist organisation has failed to spread its roots in India.

Rajnath Singh accuses Pakistan of dividing India on religious lines

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Home Minister Rajnath Singh accused Pakistan on Saturday of “conspiring” to divide India on religious lines but said it will not succeed. “Pakistan is conspiring to divide India on religious lines but it will not succeed. We were divided in 1947 on religious basis. We have not been able to forget that… All Indians are brothers, whether they are born from the womb of a Hindu mother or a Muslim mother,” he said addressing a Martyrs’ Day function in Kathua district.Singh said nowhere in the world other than India 72 sects of Islam live together peacefully. He said that as the Home Minister of the country, he wanted to make it clear that India is committed to taking along everybody and moving ahead on the path of development. He also offered India’s cooperation to Pakistan to eradicate the menace of terrorism from its soil. “If Pakistan is serious about eradicating terrorism but is incapable of doing that and wants cooperation, we are ready to help it eradicate terrorism from there,” the minister said.He said, “We want to live in peace with Pakistan but it has indulged in sponsoring a proxy war against India. “Every Prime Minister of India wanted to mend relations with Pakistan but it did not understand the language of peace and attacked India four times. But our brave soldiers gave them a befitting reply.”After repeated defeats, Pakistan has understood that it cannot defeat India in wars so it has resorted to sponsoring proxy war, he said, adding that “terrorism is the weapon of weak and not the brave”. Singh said that while the entire world was concerned about the spread of ISIS, the terrorist organisation has failed to spread its roots in India.

Thane youth who joined ISIS found life with terrorist organisation ‘cushy’

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 28-year-old Thane youth, who has allegedly joined ISIS along with his friend, had told his family members to join him, saying life with the terrorist organisation was ‘cushy’, a senior ATS official said on Friday.Tabrez Mohammad Tambe, a resident of Mumbra, had asked his family members to ‘settle’ in the country from where he is operating now, the official said. “Sensing that he was in the wrong place, his (Tabrez’s) brother asked him to return to India but he rejected the plea and said you (family members) come here as life is cushy,” the official said.Tabrez was in contact with his wife, brother and mother via cell phones, social media and other modes of communications and told the family about his activities for the Islamic State. ATS feels Tabrez, who completed his post graduation in cargo management and transportation and got married three years ago, has actively participated in ISIS operations.He visited some countries in the last five years for jobs, the official said. In January, he left India, and said he has got a job in Egypt. “From Egypt, he went to Libya to join ISIS with his friend Ali,” the official said, adding it was Ali who prompted Tabrez to join ISIS. Both knew each other as they worked together at Riyadh in Saudi Arabia a year ago, he said.”We are collecting information about Ali. We are not sure whether Ali is Indian or not. As per our information, he has visited India before,” ATS chief Atulchandra Kulkarni said.

Kolkata: FBI team arrives to interrogate Islamic State operative Musa

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A seven-member team of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, have arrived in West Bengal to interrogate ISIS operative Musa. The team arrived at the National Investigation Agency (NIA) office in Kolkata on Thursday afternoon. 25-year-old Mohammad Masiuddin alias Musa was arrested from Burdwan railway station by the CID on July 4 on charges of radicalising youths to join ISIS. Later, the probe was taken over by the NIA and the agency is currently probing his links to Jamaat-Ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) and also the Dhaka attacks. While the Superintendent of Police of the zonal unit of NIA in Kolkata, Soumitra Dhar refused to divulge the reason of interrogation, sources in the NIA reveal that Musa had agreed to take on an assignment from a JMB leader Abu Suleiman to target foreigners and US nationals in India and behead them.In March 2015, Musa had met Abu Suleiman in West Bengal during his sister’s wedding. Musa had been in touch with Suleiman over Facebook, but Suleiman had expressed his wish to meet Musa in person. Later, Musa invited him to attend his sister’s wedding, held in Bengal. Suleiman is now on the run and both – the Indian and Bangladeshi governments are looking for him.Musa came under the scanner of CID and NIA after his e-mails and calls were traced to Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Syria. Officials in the investigating agency highlight that he had been touch with several ISIS operatives in Syria through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Initial investigations revealed that he had also been in touch with several JMB operatives in Bangladesh.Earlier, in the month of August, a three-member-team of Bangladesh’s security intelligence department had also come to Kolkata to interrogate Musa.

NIA plea to conduct lie-detector test on IRF member rejected

Tue, 6 Dec 2016-11:50pm , Mumbai , PTI
<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> A special court on Tuesday rejected the National Investigation Agency’s application seeking a lie- detector test on the guest relationship manager of Zakir Naik- led Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) who was arrested for allegedly indoctrinating youths into joining ISIS.The NIA, which had taken Arshi Qureshi into custody on November 30 along with two others, moved the court yesterday seeking its permission. However, Qureshi did not give his consent to the procedure. “The court has rejected the NIA application’s after Qureshi did not consent to it and as per the Supreme Court guidelines, no tests can be conducted without the permission of the accused,” said his lawyer Ishrat Khan.Qureshi was sent to NIA’s custody last week till December 7. He along with Rizwan Khan and Mohammed Haneef were booked based on a complaint made by Abdul Majid Abdul Kader – the father of Ashfaq, one of the 22 youths who had allegedly joined ISIS. Mumbai-based IRF was banned by Union government last month for a period of five years under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act.

Atrocious to imply youth have joined ISIS with my influence, I condemn all acts of terrorism: Zakir Naik

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Asserting that he has always condemned terrorism or killing of any innocent human, controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik on Monday said it is atrocious even to imply that some youth, who have joined the ISIS, are influenced by him.”I am followed by more than 100 million people from across the world through television, Facebook and YouTube. Alhumdulillah, tens of thousands of people have come closer to Islam after listening to my talks and videos on topics that have ranged from misconceptions about Islam, Qur’an, Modern Science, education, women’s rights in Islam, family issues, Islamic view on terrorism and Jihad and many others,” Naik told ANI.Asserting that he inspires many to come closer to Islam, Naik said his every follower may not do everything he says.”Once a person comes closer to Islam, there are possibilities that he is exposed to other speakers as well, some of whom misguide them in the name of Islam. They encourage them to kill innocent people, which is totally against the Qur’an. If you listen to my talks, you will not find a single video where I have condoned terrorism or killing any innocent human beings,” he added.Naik also asserted that he has been giving lectures for more than 20 years, adding there is not a single event where he has ever encouraged anyone to kill any other innocent human being.”In the media and elsewhere, I am being misquoted through half sentences and out of context clips, which try to give an impression that I promote terrorism. I am totally against terrorism. I condemn all acts of terrorism, including killing of innocent human beings, which is considered as the second major sin in Islam. Islam and Qur’an are totally against all acts of terrorism, including killing of innocent human beings and that is what I’ve always preached,” he said.”I am sure you agree that I have good oratory skills. So if I was really spreading terror, wouldn’t I have made a few lakh terrorists by now? Not just a handful? The fact is that I have always preached peace and harmony and how to become good human beings by following Qur’anic tenets,” he added.While asserting that in a fan following of millions there may be a handful of anti-social elements who will go astray and take up violence, Naik said they are surely not following what he has told them, adding the moment they pick up senseless violence they cease to be Islamic and they surely lose his support.Refuting links of the ISIS to IRF, Naik dubbed it as ‘pure fabrication’.He further alleged that there is a concerted effort by the government and its agencies to create an air of negativity around him and label him as a hatemonger.”Till date, they have not provided a single proof to substantiate their claims. That’s because none exist and all that agencies are claiming are chatter and nothing else. What I am doing now is the same work I have been doing for 25 years. Do you really think my so-called ‘terrorist activities’ would have been hidden from multiple intelligence agencies for so long,” he said.Naik also said he is in no position to confirm or refute reports regarding IRF funding Anas, a youth from Rajasthan who apparently has joined the ISIS.”I can tell you that it is highly improper and childish to allege that IRF’s scholarship money was used to ‘fund terror’. That’s not possible because the scholarship amount goes straight to the institution and not to the student. Once the student submits the fee structure of his institution, a cheque is made out in the name of the institution and sent directly to the institution,” he said.”In some cases, the student may have paid the fees by taking loans or organising money from someone if the last date will be due. In such a case, IRF pays to the student’s account directly. Can anyone digest the claim that IRF funds terror and out of Rs 64 crores received in past 25 years, used only Rs. 80,000 for funding terror,” he added.The controversial Islamic preacher further said the IRF funds education of underprivileged children across the country, adding the NGO has been doing the same for several years now.”It gives scholarships of more than Rs. one crore every year. Scholarships are given in the field of medicine, engineering, management studies accountancy, etc. Thousands of needy students have benefitted from it over the years,” he added.Asserting that IRF carries out several social programmes in education and health by donating money to several other NGOs, hospitals and educational institutions, Naik said it is done by granting scholarships to needy students and donating money to hospitals for treatment of the poor.”The IRF also runs its own free medical clinic in Mumbra, Mumbai that gives free treatment to more than 5,000 patients a month. Under a similar programme, IRF donated Rs. 50 lakh to Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust (RGCT) few years ago, which the Trust later returned in July 2016 for reasons better known to them,” he added.On allegations of money laundering by IRF in the funds received from abroad, Naik alleged that there is a concerted witch hunting going on with an objective of implicating him by hook or by crook.”The 47 crore in question came from my personal account in Dubai to my personal account in Mumbai in the last six plus years. It was duly declared by me in the returns and used for lawful activities including giving gifts and loans to my family members. I don’t know where is the problem in that? The media has claimed that the government authorities disclosed that Dr Zakir Naik’s family members have received money from Middle Eastern countries,”he said.”I challenge the authorities to prove that any of my immediate family members have received even a small fraction of the 47 crores from Middle Eastern countries they are claiming,” he added.

Rajnath Singh asks police to ensure no innocent is harassed in the name of radicalisation

Hyderabad: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday told top police officers of the country not to arrest or harass anyone on basis of allegation of radicalisation unless solid proof is available.

Singh also said that genuine NGOs are free to carry out development works but warned that those organisations which allegedly indulge in anti-national activities will not be spared.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. PTIUnion Home Minister Rajnath Singh. PTI

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. PTI

This was conveyed by Singh at the concluding day of the three-day conference of DGPs and IGPs in Hyderabad. The Home Minister told the top police brass categorically that no innocent should be arrested or harassed merely on the allegation of radicalisation and one should be nabbed only after getting adequate proof against the accused, official sources said.

Home Minister, however, directed the DGPs and IGPs to remain alert against attempt to radicalise youths through online and strengthen cyber security apparatus of states. On Friday, Singh had said that due to close coordination between state and Central forces, Indian youths, who were influenced by the dreaded terror group ISIS through online radicalisation, have not been able to successful to carry out any terror attack in the country yet.

“So far, 67 youths, who were influenced by the ISIS, were arrested while planning to carry out terror attack,” he had said.

In Sunday’s meeting, the Home Minister also raised the issue of crack down on NGOs saying that no bonafide NGO doing public service will have to face any kind of government scrutiny. But those NGOs which are allegedly trying to hamper development works or indugle in anti-national activities would not be spared.

Government recently had banned an NGO run by controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik for alleged terror acts. Besides, FCRA registration of around 20,000 NGOs were also cancelled in last two years for various alleged irregularities.

First Published On : Nov 27, 2016 21:59 IST

Rajnath Singh warns of violence during Assembly polls, urges police to stay vigilant

Hyderabad: Ahead of Assembly polls in five states, Home Minister Rajnath Singh asked security forces to guard against attempts to disturb peace through “vicious” political campaign or by external extremist forces during the election process.

Inaugurating the three-day annual DGPs/IGPs conference here, Singh said elections will be held in some states soon and it is the responsibility of police chiefs to ensure peaceful completion of the poll process.

Rajnath Singh. Reuters file imageRajnath Singh. Reuters file image

Rajnath Singh. Reuters file image

“We have to keep strict vigil against external extremist elements who may try to create disturbance in Punjab. There have been increased activities by Sikh terrorists in recent months. Similarly, in Manipur, we have to ensure peace keeping in mind the ethnic divide. In Uttar Pradesh too, there may be attempts to disturb law and order through vicious political campaigning. We have to keep strict vigil and take proper steps to ensure peace during elections,” he said.

Assembly elections are due in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa early next year.

Around 100 directors generals of police and inspectors generals of police from several states and Union Territories and heads of central police organisations are attending the conference, taking place at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy here.

Maintaining that threats of self-radicalisation and lone wolf attacks have been increasing, the home minister said there was no let up in Pakistan’s support to terror and anti-India activities.

“We all know that a neighbouring country has been trying to instigate people in northern parts of the country to indulge in anti-India activities, providing training to terrorists and sending them to India to carry out in terror attacks. Despite all these efforts, the credit for maintaining peace in the country goes to security and intelligence agencies,” he said.

Referring to the threat of ISIS, Singh said due to close coordination between state and central forces, the youths, who were influenced by the terror group, have not been able to successfully carry out any strike in the country yet. “So far, 67 youths, who were influenced by the ISIS, have been arrested while planning to carry out terror attack. We have to be fully alert against any such design. The whole world is worried about the terror activities of the ISIS. This is a big challenge for our country. I am confident that in the we will be able to face the challenge posed by the ISIS together,” he said.

First Published On : Nov 25, 2016 22:54 IST

India sees first fall since 2010, death toll due to terrorism in 2015 at 29,376

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Nearly half of all terror attacks in 2015 occurred in four countries, including India and Pakistan, according to an annual terrorism index which also said India last year had the highest number of attacks since 2000. The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2016 published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) found that 29,376 people died from terrorism in 2015, down 3,389 on the previous year and the first fall since 2010.India was named among the four countries where nearly half of all terrorist attacks occurred in 2015, besides Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. “Improvements continued to be recorded in India, which historically has had high levels of terrorist activity. In 2015 India had the highest number of attacks since 2000, whilst paradoxically it had the second lowest number of deaths for a single year since 2000,” the report says. “75% of attacks in India had no fatalities, compared to 44% globally…The country had 797 attacks that resulted in 289 deaths, compared to 764 attacks with 418 deaths the previous year,” the report said.Pakistan was also named among the five countries with the highest impact from terrorism, besides Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Syria. These five countries accounted for 72% of all deaths from terrorism in 2015. “Pakistan continued to see declines in its levels of terrorism due to infighting within the largest active group, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, as well as to the operations of the Pakistan Army in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas,” the report said.The index also shows that the ISIS is now officially the deadliest terrorist group in the world, overtaking Boko Haram, after claiming responsibility for 6,141 deaths through attacks in more than 250 different cities in 2015. And the number of countries in which ISIS has carried out attacks more than doubled, from 13 in 2014 to 28 in 2015.Steve Killelea, executive chairman of IEP, said: “This year’s GTI report highlights the most complex set of dynamics in global terrorism in the last 16 years. While on the one hand the reduction in deaths is positive, the continued intensification of terrorism in some countries and its spread to new ones is a cause for serious concern and underscores the fluid nature of modern terrorist activity. “The attacks in the heartland of Western democracies underscore the need for fast paced and tailored responses to the evolution of these organisations.”Though the index identifies 274 distinct terrorist groups around the world, between them ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda and the Taliban were responsible for 75% of all terror-related deaths, the report said. The index suggested there were lessons to be learned, such as the fact that only 0.5% of terrorist attacks occurred in countries which have no involvement in foreign conflicts and low levels of ‘state-sponsored terror’ – extra- judicial deaths, torture and imprisonment without trial. It said terrorism cost an estimated US $89.6 billion in 2015, down 15% on the previous year.

Islamic State losing ground but still a threat: analysts

Paris: The Islamic State group has been eroded by international efforts to crush the jihadist group but its ability to mount devastating attacks on the West remains very real, defence and security experts say.

As France prepares to mark the first anniversary of the Paris attacks by the group on 13 November, analysts say military defeats in its strongholds in Iraq and Syria will almost certainly not make its Western targets any safer.

“Depriving ISIS of control over population centres and sanctuary to raise funds and train fighters, and breaking it up as key organisation, matters,” said Anthony Cordesman of the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), using another name for the group.

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters drive vehicles at the front line during a battle with Islamic State militants. ReutersKurdish Peshmerga fighters drive vehicles at the front line during a battle with Islamic State militants. Reuters

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters drive vehicles at the front line during a battle with Islamic State militants. Reuters

“Defeating it in any practical sense, however, will not begin to deal with the lasting threat,” he added.

It was in June 2014 that IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghadi proclaimed the creation of a caliphate in land the group had seized in Iraq and Syria and urged Muslims who shared the group’s vision to join them.

Thousands of foreigners answered his call, among them several French and Belgian men who would go on to slaughter 130 people in a Paris concert hall and at bars and restaurants.

The bloodshed in Paris contributed to strengthening the resolve of the West to fight IS.

A year on, Iraqi forces backed by the air power of the United States and countries including France are locked in fierce fighting to re-take Iraq’s second city of Mosul from the jihadist group.

On Sunday, a US-backed Kurdish and Arab force said it had begun an assault on the city of Raqqa, IS’s stronghold in Syria.

Recruits drying up

These military efforts have led to a sharp reduction in the number of foreigners making the trek to join IS forces in Iraq and Syria. The Pentagon says from 2,000 a month in early 2015, the figure is now just 200.

Tighter controls on the Turkish border — the main gateway to Syria — and improved surveillance by European intelligence have also helped stem the flow of foreign recruits.

The military onslaught on IS has also slowed the production of the slick, blood-drenched propaganda which has played a prominent role in attracting recruits.

The number of articles or videos posted online by the jihadists’ official media outlets dropped by 70 percent, from 700 items in August 2015 to 200 a year later, according to a report by the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) at the elite US West Point military academy.

The author of the report, Daniel Milton, said while IS’s main selling point was the creation of its self-proclaimed caliphate, it was now “struggling to maintain the appearance of a functioning state”.

Most experts agree, however, that crushing IS’s hopes of establishing the caliphate will not diminish its ability to launch attacks against the West.

‘Powerful magnet’

“In the minds of supporters in the US, EU, North Africa, and elsewhere, the appeal of the Islamic State has not dissipated with its territorial losses. For some, the group remains a powerful magnet that attracts violence and a sense of belonging,” the US-based Soufan security analysis group said recently.

It is possible that the group’s losses in Mosul and elsewhere “could lead to an increase in external support, and a corresponding increase in the threat of terrorism around the world,” it added.

While IS may now find it harder to launch complex operations such as the Paris attacks, Western governments fear an increase in attacks by individuals who are merely inspired by the group.

“We are probably in a phase with fewer spectacular operations but more individual acts, with inspiration coming through from the Internet,” said Didier Le Bret, who was France’s national intelligence coordinator until September this year.

French authorities, for example, suspect a French-born IS propagandist, Rachid Kassim, guided an attack in July in which an elderly priest was murdered. Kassim, who is thought to be based in Syria, used the encrypted message system Telegram.

Another growing threat is the return of foreign fighters to their countries of origin as IS’s territory shrinks.

Joby Warrick, the American journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize this year for his book Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS, believes 40,000 foreigners have gone to Iraq and Syria to fight.

He told AFP some will come home and try to resume normal lives. “Others will be, perhaps, these Trojan horse-type figures, ones that will be interested in carrying out terrorist attacks,” he said.

The challenge for law enforcement and for intelligence agencies would be “to separate those that have terrorist ambitions from the ones who just want to get on with regular lives, and perhaps be helpful, in the sense that they can counter the ISIS message,” Warrick said.

Le Bret meanwhile said regardless of its military defeats “IS retains its main strength — weakening our society from the inside”.

The group has proven adept at exploiting social divisions in France, where both the Paris attacks and the assault on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in January 2015 hardened attitudes in some quarters towards the Muslim community.

And the jihadists have also sought to destabilise North African countries such as Tunisia, believing that weakening their economies is the best way to create new supporters.

DNA Morning Must Reads: Army destroys 4 Pak posts; Swedish national recruiting for ISIS in India; and more

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>1. 4 Pakistan posts destroyed in firing across LoC in Keran sector, heavy casualties inflicted: ArmyThe firing assault comes in retaliation to ceasefire violations by Pakistani troops. Read more.2. Links to Pak espionage racket may muddle UP politicsSaleem was specially picked up by the SP, on Azam Khan’s insistence, to fight against BJP stalwart Sushma Swaraj from Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. Read more.3. Swedish national recruiting for ISIS in IndiaIntelligence officials say Swedish national Abu-Hafz-Al-Swedi recruited arrested ISIS terrorist Subahani Haja Moideen, and may be recruiting others in India. Read more.4. Narsingh Yadav: Staying in the fightEven as he serves four-year ban for doping, wrestler Narsingh Yadav pins his hopes on CBI enquiry and keeps his training going with the dream of stepping on to the mat for India again. Read more.5. Stars and their Diwali plansFrom playing cards to gorging on sweets, this is how B-Town is celebrating the festival of lights. Read more.

The ISIS mirage

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In the muggy summer of April 2015, almost a year after self-anointed Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi urged Muslims to immigrate to the land of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Tamil Nadu-native Subahani Haja Moideen sold his land and boarded a flight from Chennai to Turkey to perform hijrah—a Muslim’s duty as a faithful. According to investigating officers, the 30-year-old class XII graduate was not particularly religiously inclined; he was married and a low-skilled worker, sometimes in a store, sometimes in garment factories. Like millions of other Indians, he had access to the Internet. That is where he found religion, in the slick, sophisticated propaganda that ISIS is known for putting out in the hopes of adding recruits to its cause of expanding the so-called Caliphate. In what is now widely recognised as an ISIS tactic, Moideen also met a woman online—she claimed to be Swedish—while searching for guidance on hijrah. Moideen was a ready convert to the cause. Like thousands of others, he had spent time consuming the group’s propaganda and videos. In 2015, he made contact with ISIS supporters via the instant messaging app Telegram. Chats with accounts in the name of Abu Naisha al Maghrabi and Abu al-Swedi assured Moideen that if he travelled to Turkey, they would arrange his journey inside IS territory in Syria.It was just the push Moideen needed. He sold ancestral property for Rs 1.8 lakh, paid off debts, and flew to Istanbul, Turkey. His family thought he was going for umrah—the pilgrimage to Islam’s holiest site, Mecca. In the chosen land In Turkey, Moideen contacted handlers who took him to a safe house in Istanbul where foreign fighters from Morocco, the UK, Russia and Pakistan were awaiting their journey to the Caliphate.Two days later, when they reached the town of Tell Abyad on Turkey-Syria border in Raqqa, Moideen was enrolled in a training camp for a 21-day basic course providing military, political and Sharia insights. In a second, 15-day round of training for physical combat, Moideen injured his knee and was unable to complete the course. “His training commander told him from the start, his performance as a fighter was poor,’’ said an investigating officer. Not accustomed to the gruelling physical endurance required, Moideen couldn’t keep up. “After taking a gun in his hand, his heroism faded away. His commanders made him guard tents in the camp,” an investigating officer said. He spent the next few days doing chores, with a monthly salary of $100.In June, as Kurdish forces advanced into ISIS territory and seized the town of Tell Abyad, Moideen saw for the first time the horrors of battle in real-time as opposed to social media videos that portrayed ISIS as ‘baqiya wa tatamaddad’ (‘remaining and expanding’). While the Kurds were on ground, the US coalition forces were providing assistance from the skies. In one such attack, a drone-fired bomb hit a building where Moideen hid with other recruits. Two of his training comrades were charred to death. “This made him question his choice,” the officer said. This is reportedly when Moideen asked for his passport to leave Syria. Upon arrival into ISIS territory, foreign fighters are required to hand their passports to leaders. Since the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria, an estimated 40,000 foreign fighters from over 100 countries have joined ISIS, al Qaeda and other jihadi groups in the region. The large chunk of mercenary fighters are the life blood of the group, deployed on frontlines and in suicide attacks.The souring Filled with the religiousness of jihad and lured by foreign fighters, it was only a matter of time before Moideen realised there was nothing Islamic about the state formed in the name of Islam, say investigators.Illustration: Gajanan NirphaleIn September 2015, Moideen became the second Indian ISIS recruit to return back home, dejected and disillusioned, a mere five months later. Investigating officials who interrogated Moideen say his is a classic case of social media indoctrination. “It did not take him much time to realise there is a difference between the way ISIS portrays itself in its videos and how it operates on ground. He made attempts to flee from the very first month,’’ said a senior officer. Police officers from Tamil Nadu said Moideen did not take part in any armed conflict either in Mosul or Raqqa, because he was physically inept and also because he questioned IS strategies.“From what he saw on the ground, ISIS maintained some form of Islamic law on its territory, but it was also killing civilians. There was no clarity on who the enemy is—the Assad government and Syrian military forces, other rebel groups or fellow Muslims,” an officer said. As a result, recruits like Moideen who came looking for a jihadist utopia to live an Islamic life have been shattered by the reality on ground. Killings of fellow Muslims, Shias, Sunnis as spies, capturing Yazidi women as sex slaves, atrocities against civilians for crimes such as smoking cigarettes, not performing prayers, corruption, and religious differences has led to many foreign fighters deserting ISIS. Those caught trying to escape have been jailed.The flight Following Tell Abyad’s seizure, ISIS fighters, including Moideen’s group, fled to Mosul. He continued with security duties while pleading to be let go. Instead, he was jailed for up to 40 days, first in Raqqa and then in Mosul (Iraq). Moideen told interrogators that ISIS commanders suspected him to be a spy. For days, he was questioned about his motives. After confirming his innocence, senior ISIS leaders took Moideen along with other prisoners to an undisclosed location.With other fighters in this group, Moideen realised he was not alone in wanting to return home. They had heard stories of other deserters. Moideen found allies in fighters from UK, Morocco, Tajikistan and Russia. A Russian fighter—likely a spy sent before Russia officially intervened militarily in Syria in the same month—had a GPS and knew the route from another fighter who had safely made it to Turkey a few days prior. They pooled in savings and used $600 as a bribe to a truck driver to another town. After walking for over 8 km, they reached Gaziantep, a Turkish border city. Once inside Turkey, the members went their own ways. With no other options, Moideen made his way to the Indian consulate in Istanbul. He did not disclose what he did since his arrival in Turkey five months prior. ISIS advises recruits travelling to Syria via Turkey to have a return ticket and if caught by security forces, to pretend to be just another tourist vacationing in resort towns.At the Indian embassy, Moideen, too, pretended to be an Indian tourist who had lost his passport and luggage. The Indian embassy, after checking his background, issued him an Emergency Certificate that allowed him to travel back. He returned on September 22 to Mumbai and headed to his village in Kadayanallur in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli district. Although the Intelligence Bureau has issued a circular that states should be notified about any EC issued to any of their residents, senior officials from Tamil Nadu police said they were in the dark about Moideen’s journey to Syria and his return. Home, sweet home?Once back, Moideen claimed his time with the ISIS frightened him. Fearing that security forces would catch up with his past sooner or later, he confided in his family and assured them he would start afresh. After settling back into a routine life, Moideen revived his encrypted Telegram account. The NIA alleges that Moideen was “planning to collect explosives and chemicals from Sivakasi at their (ISIS’) instance” and was conspiring on a terrorist attack. Tamil Nadu police officers who also interrogated Moideen say his testimony only reveals a motivation to make some money. “He was in extreme financial distress and thought he could get some money from the Islamic `brothers’ as help. He belongs to a poor family and had already sold his land,” a police officer said. ISIS social media supporters consider themselves a part of the baqiya (enduring) family. Researcher Amarnath Amarsingham, who co-directs a project on studying Western foreign fighters joining the conflict in Syria and Iraq at the University of Waterloo in Canada, finds them “a deeply connected group of youth who find a sense of community online”. Mushtaq Komari, another ISIS fighter from India on the app, offered aid. Coordinating with a contact in Chennai, Komari told Moideen to collect Rs 20,000. Moideen made the trips, but was not able to find the middleman. This was because the entire encrypted communication was done without making phone calls. On the third attempt, Moideen picked up Rs 20,000 cash kept under a statue in City Park, Chennai. On October 6, he was picked up by the NIA, becoming only the second known Indian to have returned home.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Bahrain trip, to discuss Pak-sponsored cross border terrorism

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Home Minister Rajnath Singh will raise the issue of Pakistan’s continuous support to cross border terrorism with the top leadership of Bahrain and seek their cooperation in tackling international terrorism during his three-day visit to the Gulf country beginning Sunday.Singh, who left for Manama on Sunday, will meet Bahrain King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa and Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa and will discuss with them various bilateral issues. Pakistan’s continuous support to cross border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is expected to be raised by the Home Minister in his meetings with the top leadership of Bahrain.Singh is also likely to tell them that India cannot take at face any of the assurances that Pakistan provides in regard to stopping terrorism. In a statement before his departure, Singh said India and Bahrain are working together to further strengthen security and counter terrorism cooperation between the two countries. The Home Minister said India and Bahrain enjoy excellent bilateral relations characterised by broad-based political, economic and cultural contacts.There will be extensive discussions on how to enhance bilateral cooperation with regard to tackling international terrorism, organised crime and each other’s fugitives at the meeting between Singh and his Bahrain counterpart Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, sources said. Bahrain is a key member of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in which Pakistan is also a member. Singh will also address the Indian community in Bahrain during his trip. On Friday, President of National Security Agency of Bahrain, Sheikh Talal bin Mohammed bin Khalifa Al-Khalifa, had called on the Home Minister here. Singh then told him that his three-day visit to Bahrain will enhance bilateral ties with the Gulf nation and it grows from strength to strength.The Home Minister had hoped for an expeditious and successful negotiation of the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Defence Cooperation which is under active consideration of the Bahraini side. Referrring to the buildup of ISIS in the West Asia-Gulf region and the rise of religious extremism, the Home Minister said its negative impact on the Muslim population around the world is of serious concern for India too. On relations with Pakistan, Singh had said since there was no change in Pakistan’s approach of sponsoring terrorism, “we cannot take at face any of the assurances that Pakistan provides in regard to stopping terrorism”.

Dhaka cafe attack mastermind dead, says Bangaldesh police

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The chief of a radical Islamist group accused of carrying out Bangladesh’s deadliest terror attack on a popular cafe in Dhaka in July died during a police raid, the country’s elite security force announced on Friday, in a major blow to the ISIS-linked outfit.Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) confirmed the identity of dead militant Abdur Rahman as the chief of Neo-JMB, a new faction of banned militant outfit Jama atul Mujahideen Bangladesh. “Our investigations confirmed that (slain) is the chief of Neo-JMB,” RAB’s director general Benazir Ahmed told a media briefing.Rahman died on October 8 after falling from a five storey building in Ashulia on the outskirts of the capital while attempting to evade arrest during a police raid, BD News reported. Rahman’s identity was confirmed by his family who were shown pictures of his body, the statement added. Rahman had used the alias Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif while forming Neo-JMB.RAB officials said Rahman took over as the Neo-JMB s ‘ameer’ in July last year. They said the Neo-JMB has been reduced to just 21 operatives after security forces launched a massive crackdown against the group after the July attack.New JMB is said to be ideologically linked to the ISIS which had claimed responsibility of the attack on Dhaka’s Holey Artisan restaurant on July 1 in which nine Italians, seven Japanese, an American, an Indian and five Bangladeshis, including two police officers, were killed.

ISIS links: NIA court extends remand of seven accused till Nov 2

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The National Investigation Agency (NIA) court on Friday extended the remand of seven accused arrested from Kerala and Tamil Nadu over suspected ISIS links till November 2. Subahani Haaj Moideen, the 11th accused in this case, will be in the NIA custody from October 17 to October 22. The bail application moved by two of the accused namely Ramshad and Jasim will be considered on October 24. The NIA also sought the permission from the court to make the SIMs used by the 11th and third accused online to examine the conversations made by them using ‘telegraph application’. On October 3, the NIA arrested six persons over suspected links with the ISIS. They were later sent to police custody till October 14. According to an NIA release, the accused were inspired by the ISIS and were collecting explosives and other offensive material for targeting important persons and places in various parts of south India. Acting on a tip-off, the NIA along with Kerala Police, Delhi Police and Telangana Police launched surveillance on the movements of the accused involved in the conspiracy. During searches in Kozikhode and Kannur, the NIA arrested five people while they were conducting a meeting at Kanakamala hilltop, whereas the sixth person was detained from Kuttiyadi in Kozhikode district and arrested later on. Incriminating materials, including electronic devices, were seized from their possession. The investigative agency had registered the case under Sections 120B, 121, 121A and 122 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Sections 18, 18B, 20, 38 and 39 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act against the accused, who have been identified as Manseed, Abu Basheer, Swalih Mohammed, Safwan P, Jasim NK, Ramshad and Nageelan Kandiyil. While the 11th accused Subahani was arrested the next day from Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

Coimbatore: NIA questions three youths suspected with links to ISIS

Wed, 12 Oct 2016-08:55pm , Coimbatore , PTI
<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Three youths with suspected links with Islamic State (IS) were picked up by NIA on Wednesday and are being questioned to probe their alleged association with another suspect arrested from Kannur in Kerala. The NIA had already questioned 13 youths, residing in and around GM Nagar in South Ukkadam in the city during the last 10 days on their reported links with Abu Basheer, one of the six arrested from Kannur earlier this month for being part of an ISIS inspired module who allegedly conspired to carry out terrorist acts.They were in the Facebook and telephone contact list of Basheer. Laptops, mobile phones and some electronic gadgets were also and seized from them.

Keep the lone wolves lone

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Fearing that jailed terror suspects may spread jihadi ideology among other prisoners, the Delhi Police want them to be housed in isolation. The Delhi police’s anti-terror unit has already isolated three accused – Sajid Abassi, Shakir Ansari, and Sameer Ahmad – suspected to be sympathisers of the banned Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) in the High Security Ward (HSW) of the Tihar jail.HSW residents are separated from other inmates and confined to their cells the whole day. They are let out for an hour everyday and allowed to walk in the corridors of their wards.The idea of isolation first came from BJP leader Amit Shah when he was Gujarat’s home minister. Last year, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh put it into practice when he sent an advisory to all states to set up separate cells for suspected terrorists.The families of the accused had moved the Delhi court in July this year complaining of isolation. The superintendent of Tihar jail Amit Kumar submitted that the three were shifted on the request of the Delhi joint commissioner (central cell 1) V Ranganathan. The three were arrested on May 4 this year in an operation that lasted 13 hours and involving 60 policemen from the Delhi special cell after raids on 13 locations in Delhi and UP. The police have charged them under Sections 18, 18B and 20 of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.“The three have to be kept under strict watch so that they do not mingle with other inmates,” Kumar stated in a written reply. “Also, it has to be ensured that they do not get access to cellphones or other communication devices,” he said. Other inmates confined to the HSW include those suspected to be members of ISIS by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).According to the jail manual, prisoners accused and convicted of terror activities are lodged in the HSW, which are under the constant supervision of the prison staff and paramilitary forces.Other criminals in the HSW include Rajan Sadashiv Nikhaljhe, better known as Chhota Rajan, and Mohammed Arif, who was convicted in 2000 after a terror shoot-out at Red Fort.

Intelligence agencies warn of ISIS threat to Kerala HC judges, politicians

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Intelligence agencies in Kerala have alerted the state government about threat from ISIS-linked module to two high court judges and some politicians, close on the heels of NIA arresting six persons of the terror module from the state.A report in this regard has been submitted by ADGP Intelligence to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who also holds the Home portfolio, police sources said.The sources, however, declined to divulge further details.The National Investigating Agency on Sunday arrested six persons from Kerala for allegedly plotting terror attacks in the country during the agency’s ongoing investigation into the disappearance of 21 people from the state who are believed to have joined the Islamic State.NIA teams along with Kerala Police, Delhi police and Telangana police had launched surveillance on the movements of the accused involved in the conspiracy and during searches, the six were arrested from Kozhikode and Kannur districts.Five of them were arrested while they were conducting a meeting at Kanakamala hilltop in Kannur and another person was arrested from Kuttiyadi in Kozhikode, a NIA release had stated.The NIA has already registered a case in connection with the 21 missing youths from Kerala who are believed to have joined ISIS terror group in Afghanistan and later moved to Syria and some other countries.Meanwhile, DGP Loknath Behara said state police has strengthened its vigil in the backdrop of the arrests of six persons by NIA from the state.The state police will be monitoring the situation in cooperation with Central agencies, he told reporters here.

Accountant, designer, engineering aspirant among youth arrested for ISIS links

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>An engineering aspirant, an accountant, a designer with a daily newspaper and a hospitality personnel are among those arrested on terror charges from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Preliminary probe of the six youth arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on charges of plotting terror attacks have led the probe agency to some new aspects of the modus operandi followed by individuals aspiring to be a part of the dreaded Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) outfit.According to officials, the youth, who come from a financially secured and educated background, were allegedly part of a fresh “ISIS inspired” module. These newly recruited people were motivated to be part of the terror outfit without guidance from a handler or mentor as was seen the case in over 40 youth, that have been arrested by the NIA this year.The revelation about the fresh ISIS inspired module further removes initial speculations that the latest batch of arrested youth might be connected to the missing residents of Kerala believed to be in Afghanistan.According to senior officials of the NIA, preliminary examination and surveillance of the arrested youth did not suggest any connection between them and the missing 21 residents of Kerala. Official sources on Monday gave dna a brief profile of the accused men. The accused have been identified as Manseed (30), Abu Basheer (29), Swalih Mohamad (26), Safwan (30), Jasim (25) and Ramshad Nageelan Kandiyil (24). Sources said that among the arrested youth, 25-year-old Jasim was pursuing a course in Associate Member of Institution of Engineers. Swalih Mohamad, who has been given the alias of Abu Hasna, worked in Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd and Safwan works as a designer in a Kerala based newspaper.Officials added that while Manseed alias Omar al Hindi worked in Qatar, Abu Basheer alias Rasheed was a mechanic in Coimbatore. Agencies believe that Rashed might have been chosen as the Ameer or leader of the module. Ramshad, the youngest in the group, was working as an accountant in a shop and helped out with the accounts of a local mosque, dna has learnt. Jasim and Ramshad, according to a senior NIA official, are cousins as well. “Credible information was received that some youth from Kerala and Tamil Nadu along with their accomplices have entered into a criminal conspiracy to commit terrorist acts by collecting explosives and other offensive material for targeting important persons and places of public importance in various parts of south lndia,” NIA spokesperson Alok Mittal had said on Sunday adding that the information was passed on to the Central government which directed the agency to investigate the case.“Acting on the information, the NIA teams along with Kerala Police, Delhi Police and Telangana Police, launched surveillance on the movements of the accused involved in the conspiracy. During searches conducted on Sunday in the districts of Kozikhode and Kannur in Kerala, six persons, have been arrested for their involvement in the conspiracy. Five of them were arrested while they were conducting a meeting at Kanakamala hilltop, Kannur district, Kerala. During subsequent searches, another person was detained from Kuttiyadi in Kozhikode district and arrested later on,” said NIA officials.While Abu Basheer hails from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, the rest of the youth belong to Kozhikode, Kannur, Mallapuram and Thrissur in Kerala. According to the NIA the accused were allegedly collecting explosives to target important persons and places of public importance.No connection with 21 missing residentsAccording to senior officials of the NIA, preliminary examination and surveillance of the arrested youth did not suggest any connection between them and the missing 21 residents of Kerala. Official sources on Monday gave dna a brief profile of the accused men. The accused have been identified as Manseed (30), Abu Basheer (29), Swalih Mohamad (26), Safwan (30), Jasim(25) and Ramshad Nageelan Kandiyil (24). Sources said that among the arrested youth, 25-year-old Jasim was pursuing a course in Associate Member of Institution of Engineers. Swalih Mohamad, who has been given the alias of Abu Hasna, worked in Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd and Safwan works as a designer in a Kerala based newspaper.

Hamid Karzai takes on Pak, says terrorists cannot be divided into categories

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Coming down heavily on Pakistan for supporting ISIS, former Afghan president Hamid Karzai on Sunday said the terrorists cannot be divided into categories of acceptable or not-acceptable as they are all bad.”When they cause harm to people, to citizens, to society, they are bad and this is how you should treat them”, he told ANI in an exclusive conversation. Karzai, who was the president of Afghanistan from 2001-2014, also agreed with the fact that Pakistan was supporting the ISIS. “We have no doubt about that. We have evidence, information coming to us from our population that deals the case,” he said.When asked whether the Indian military has any role in Afghanistan, he said, “I see a great role for India in Afghanistan. India has already been at the forefront of Afghanistan and to Afghanistan people in infrastructure, education, development, building of institutions of democracy and all of that.”

Arrested persons were being guided by ISIS to carry out terrorist activities in India: NIA

The NIA on Thursday claimed that the five persons arrested in Hyderabad on Wednesday were getting instructions from the Middle East-based terrorist organisation ISIS for planning and carrying out terrorist activities in India.NIA produced the accused Mohammed Ibrahim Yazdani alias Ibbu, Habeeb Mohammed alias Sir, Mohammed Ilyas Yazdani, Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al Amoodi and Muzaffar Hussain Rizwan before the third Metropolitian Sessions Judge court in Hyderabad which sent them to 14-day judicial custody. NIA’s application for their custody for interrogation is likely to come up for hearing on Friday.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The remand report submitted to the court said the accused had also acquired weapons and explosive materials to carry out violent terrorist attacks and were in touch with the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (ISIS). They were getting directions for planning and execution of terrorist activities in India from ISIS, the report added.Following its prior investigation, on June 22 NIA had lodged an FIR for “criminal conspiracy to wage war against the Government of India” by collecting weapons and explosive materials by targeting public places, religious sites and sensitive government buildings in various parts of India.According to the Central agency, the gang was preparing improvised explosive devices for carrying out blasts, and was being guided by an online handler, suspected to be based in Iraq/Syria.Along with explosive materials, the agency recovered two semi-automatic pistols with ammunition, an air gun with telescopic sight and shooting practice target boards, a large number of digital gadgets including six laptops, about 40 mobile phones, 32 SIM cards, and a large number of hard disks, memory cards, pen drives and tabs during its searches.

NIA recovers weapons, explosives, chemicals during raids of terror modules with alleged ISIS links

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) detained 11 people in Hyderabad and claimed to have busted a terror module with alleged connections to the dreaded Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Wednesday morning. Official sources told dna that the agency had recovered weapons and chemicals used to produce two improvised explosive devices from during raids conducted by the agency at 10 locations in Hyderabad. Agency officials also told dna that Rs 15 lakh were recovered by investigators from the residence of one of the detained individuals. All the detained individuals are in their late twenties and early thirties. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>According to agency officials, an FIR was registered against five of the detained individuals on June 22 after evidence against them emerged during the course of an ongoing investigation of suspected ISIS sympathisers in India. The five detained individuals were identified as Mohamad Ilyas Yazdani (24), Ibrahim Yazdani (30), Habib Mohamad (32), Mohamad Irfan (27) and Abdullah Bin Ahmed (31). The detained men are from Amaan Nagar, Chatta Bazaar and Charminar localities of Hyderabad. A senior NIA official said that the detained individuals were in the process of evolving into a larger group with an intent to perpetrate anti-national activities and violence using improvised explosive device. NIA further said that the detained individuals were in touch with a handler based out of areas controlled by ISIS in the Middle East but added that it was yet to be ascertained that the main contact person of the sleeper cell was Shafi Armar who is believed to be in touch with the ISIS module that was busted earlier this year.According to agency officials, raids were conducted following a tip off about the suspicious activities of the ‘terror module’. “NIA with the help of local Police has conducted searches at 10 locations in Hyderabad city today morning. The searches are still going on,” said SK Singh, IG, NIA. He added “Weapons, explosives material, cash have been recovered so far along with several electronic devices that include laptops, SIM cards, tablets and pen drives. The recovered material will be sent for examination.” The official, while speaking on the nature of weapons and explosives material allegedly recovered from the detained individuals, said that the suspects had acquired chemicals used to create explosive devices. The agency claimed to have recovered two 9mm pistols, air guns, targets used for shooting practice and nails used for the purpose of making IED. According to agency officials, the detained are currently being questioned and further action will be taken accordingly. The agency said initially it had received information on five individuals thus the FIR was registered against them.If investigators are convinced that the other six detained on Wednesday morning also are part of the ISIS module, they will be placed under arrested along with those names in FIR.

Hyderabad: Suspected ISIS module busted during NIA raids; 11 people detained

The National Investigation Agency(NIA) has reportedly busted an ISIS module in Hyderabad and detained at least 11 people.Reports said that searches are still going on and explosive material and cash have been recovered.”NIA has detained 11 people for suspected terror links and have recovered explosive material and huge cash,” reported ANI.Prohibitory orders are in place in the entire area.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Earlier this year, in a major anti-terror swoop across the country ahead of Republic Day, the NIA had taken into custody 14 people suspected to be ISIS sympathisers for plotting attacks in different parts of the country.(Developing story)

India unimpressed as US senate refuses to see her as strategic partner

A week after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s eloquent address to the US parliamentarians in Washington, the Senate (Upper House) rejected a law that was aimed to recognise India as a “global strategic and defence partner”. The law was supposed to modify United States’ export control regulations, to make state-of-art technologies available to India. The amended bill has also disappointed Afghans, who had helped American forces back in the war-torn country as interpreters and informers.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>However the Indian camp is not too disappointed since the amendment to the law had just a symbolic value, diplomats now say. “The joint statement between the two countries has already recognised India as a Major Defence Partner,” they point out.”The United States will continue to work toward facilitating technology sharing with India to a level commensurate with that of its closest allies and partners,” it said. Pointing out that the United States has already given India a license-free access to a wide range of dual-use technologies, officials said the US Senate rejection of amendments to a Bill would hardly have any affect.The Republican senator John McCain had moved an amendment to the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA-17) would have recognised India as a global strategic and defence partner. While the Act was passed with an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 85-13, some of the key amendments including the SA 4618, relating to India could not be passed by the Senate. “I regret that the Senate was unable to debate and vote on several matters critical to our national security, many of which enjoyed broad bipartisan support,” McCain said in a statement.The McCain amendment had said that the relationship between the United States and India have developed over the past two decades to become a multifaceted, global strategic and defence partnership rooted in shared democratic values and the promotion of mutual prosperity, greater economic cooperation, regional peace, security, and stability. Therefore, it had asked the president to such actions as may be necessary “to recognise the status of India as a global strategic and defence partner” of the US through appropriate modifications to defence export control regulations.The amendment had asked the President to work toward actions and joint efforts such as significant contributions to ongoing global conflicts, that would allow the US to treat India the same as its closest partners and allies with respect to American laws and regulations. On an ongoing basis the President was supposed to carry out an assessment of the extent to which India possesses capabilities to execute military operations of mutual interest between the US and India.Officials here said, all the issues raised by McCain have already figured in the joint statements issued after bilateral meetings over past few years. In the latest document, US had also committed to expand the co-production and co-development of technologies under the Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI). The leaders also established new DTTI working groups to include agreed items covering Naval Systems, Air Systems, and other Weapons Systems.The amended bill has disappointed Afghans more , who had helped American forces back in the war-torn country as interpreters and informers. The Senate refused to extend the programme to provide Special Immigrant Visas for them. Back home they are targets for the Taliban and the ISIS for helping American forces. Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, called its omission “unconscionable.” In a statement, she said, “For many of them, this could be a death sentence.”(ends)

Dad’s testimony may land ISIS sympathiser in jail

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) filed its first charge sheet against an accused involved with the banned terrorist organisation Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 23-year-old Mohammed Naser, a resident of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu has been charged with waging war against the country, and other relevant sections under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention), Act (UAPA).Naser, who was deported from Sudan while he was on his way to Libya to join the ISIS in December last year, was turned in by his own father Mohammed Pakeer. The father’s testimony – an important evidence, recorded under section 164 of the Cr PC will show how he failed to dissuade his son from going to the IS.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In its charge sheet, the NIA stated that since 2008, accused Naser was initially inclined towards an organisation named Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamat (TNTJ) – a Tamil Nadu based Islamic organisation. It was alleged that Naser regularly attended meetings organised by TNTJ that would actively propagate hate against Israel, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and others.In 2014, Naser migrated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) to work with a global IT firm as a graphic designer and web developer. There, Naser was heavily influenced by the teachings of Anjem Chaudhary and Abu Barra, Islamic Scholars based in United Kingdom. It was stated that Naser even tried to influence a native of his village in Tamil Nadu with YouTube videos and other propaganda material adhering to the ideology of the ISIS. Naser eventually confided in his friend, his desire to join the Islamic state.Investigation by the NIA revealed that Naser got in touch with a person with the username and ID Dawlah on Twitter, who then advised him to join a WhatsApp group Islam Q&A that was administered by Karen Hamidan. Once in, ON Hamidan’s instructions, Naser even began to design logos and pictures on ISIS that was shared by the members of the group.Hamidan eventually added Naser to groups on other applications like Telegram that proved to be a safer means for communication.It was in August 2015 that Naser came across Mad_Mullah on Twitter and expressed his desire to join ISIS. The Mad_Mullah eventually responded to Naser’s persistent attempts and advised him to reach Syria through Sudan and Libya where the security checks were less stringent on the Syrian border. In September 2015, Naser finally decided to leave his Dubai job and leave for Syria once the Mad_Mullah offered to take care of all expenses.Naser stole his passport from his employer and eventually left for Sudan on September 21, 2015. On reaching Khartoum, Naser received a message “have a great stay in Sudan,” on his mobile number 97155551****. From Khartoum, Naser sent his father a long message, the gist of which says, “I have reached to the Islamic State (sic). I know it might sound crazy for you but your son really had to take this bold step to get out of the corrupt system which has democracy first on its list. There is no come back my father. Don’t go to police as they will torture you and they cannot find me.”Yusha Kashmiri, a Dubai-based Kashmiri who is ailing from kidney cancer – last stage, is also an important witness. Naser’s acquaintance in Dubai, Yusha confirmed that Naser was radicalised and intended to join the ISIS. Yusha has also recorded his statement – rather his dying declaration, with the NIA to that effect.These testimonies along with an extensive digital trail left behind by Naser have helped NIA prove its case to the special NIA court at Patiala House on Friday. Naser’s Twitter ID’s, his emails, WhatsApp and Telegram conversation among others have been submitted in court.District Judge Amarnath has fixed June 9 for the scrutiny of the charge sheet.

At least 500 Indians attracted to Islamic State ideology, says report

According to a latest estimate by government and intelligence agencies, nearly 400 to 500 Indians are reportedly attracted towards the ideology of the Islamic State (IS) caliphate and were being tracked.This group includes youngsters who reportedly make regular efforts online to get in touch with someone from the IS, reported The Times of India. The report also says that apart from discussing the achievements of the Islamic State, they also seek information on how to travel to Irag and Syria. Many seemed to be shifting loyalties to the Islamic State after earlier being attracted to Jaish-e-Mohammad, Indian Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen. Some of the youth have also been counselled and let off as no serious charges were found against them.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The men attracted to IS are spread across states like Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Delhi, the report said quoting sources. Also, apart from Facebook and Twitter, they were said to be using web-based calling, messaging and chat apps like Trillion, Live, Tango, KIK, Nimbuzz, Voxer, Talkray, GroupMe, Viber, Hike, KaKao Talk, IM+ to interact.Meanwhile, Islamic State (ISIS) has recently made a new threat to send its fighters from Pakistan and Bangladesh to carry out ‘guerrilla attacks’ in India.In a recent interview carried by Dabiq magazine, the ‘amir’ of ISIS fighters in Bangladesh, Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif has vowed to wipe out Hindus and implement ‘sharia’ law in India and Bangladesh. al-Hanif also revealed the terror group is currently training fighters in Bangladesh and Pakistan to launch attacks on India and is seeking the help of the local mujahideen in the country.

11 suspected ISIS operatives move HC for bail

Eleven suspected ISIS operatives, arrested from across the country for allegedly financing and recruiting people to join the terror group, on Monday moved the Delhi High Court seeking bail on the ground that the trial court while dismissing their bail plea had not extended their remand.In their bail application, which is likely to come up for hearing before the court this week, they have alleged that the trial court had on May 23 dismissed their bail pleas despite the fact that neither a charge sheet was filed against them nor the period of their detention was extended. “The appellants became entitled to be released on statutory bail under section 167(2) CrPC and they availed of the remedy by moving application on May 23 which was dismissed by the trial court…,” the bail plea, filed through advocate M S Khan, said.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The petition has been filed by arrested accused Abu Anas, Mohammed Afzal, Mohammad Obaidulla Khan, Najmul Huda, Suhail Ahmed, Mohammed Aleem, Asif Ali, Muhammad Abdul Ahad, Mudabbir Mushtaq Shaikh, Imran and Syed Mujahid. They all were arrested by NIA in January 2016. Section 167(2) CrPC provides for the magistrate before whom the accused are produced, whether or not he has the jurisdiction to try the case, to extend their detention for a term not exceeding 15 days.Earlier, National Investigation Agency (NIA) had claimed before the trial court that the accused were involved in a larger conspiracy of ISIS, in India and abroad, including recruitment of resident and non-resident Indians. NIA had alleged that the accused, during interrogation, had admitted to “their involvement in the case regarding recruiting and financing persons willing to join the Caliphate of ISIS at Syria”.They were arrested for the alleged offences under several sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and IPC. A case was registered by NIA against unknown and unidentified persons involved in the activities of Islamic State (IS) in India and Asian countries in peace with India.

Batla house: BJP stages protest, accuses Congress of propagating false sentiments

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday staged a protest in front of the Delhi Congress office in the national capital, against the grand old party’s statement over the Batla House encounter case.The BJP leaders denounced the Congress raising flags and placards and accused them of propagating false facts in connection with the Batla House case.”The Congress and specially Sonia Gandhi have always been double faced. When the Batla Encounter took place the Congress leader said that the encounter which took place was fake,” BJP leader Satish Upadhyay told ANI.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”Today the main accused of the Batla house encounter is being seen featuring in an ISIS video, where he says that he has come from Batla house and will destroy India. So this demonstration is against those who have brewed and nurtured terrorism in the nation,” he added.Another BJP leader said that the Congress, by dubbing the encounter as fake, not only projected the facts wrongly but also insulted martyrs like Mohan Chand Sharma.
ALSO READ Former UPA Home Minister Shivraj Patil rejects Congress Digvijay’s ‘fake Batla House encounter’ claims”What ever happened during the Batla house encounter was projected wrongly. The Congress Party should feel ashamed for propagating such false sentiments. The Congress insulted our martyr and hailed the terrorist by saying that the encounter was fake,” said a BJP worker.Last week, Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh stoked a controversy after he dubbed the 2008 Batla House encounter as ‘fake’ and asked the government in Centre to order a judicial probe into the 2008 encounter in which two suspected terrorists and a police officer were killed.
ALSO READ Shivraj Patil rejects Digvijaya Singh’s claim, says Batla House encounter was ‘genuine'”Batla House encounter was fake. I dare the BJP to go for a judicial probe. I still stand by my remarks on the encounter. I don’t know who is Bada Sajid or Chhota Sajid,” Singh had said.The encounter, which had taken place during the UPA tenure, recently came into light amid a claim by an alleged ISIS operative that he had fled Batla House right before the police raided it.

Documents against Dawood given to Pakistan; he will be nabbed soon, says Rajnath Singh

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that India’s most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim will be nabbed soon and brought to India.The Union Minister, however, has not mentioned any specific time duration for this.”Dawood will be nabbed soon. He will be brought back to India at any situation. He is an International terrorist. However, there is need to take the help of international agencies to nab him,” said Singh in an exclusive interview to ETV News head Jagdeesh Chandra.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”All the relevant documents against Dawood have been given to Pakistan,” he added.The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had earlier reiterated that it will continue to pursue Pakistan to handover Dawood after a television channel claimed that it has tracked his location.Days after the latest ISIS video showed Indian Jihadis in its ranks warning to avenge purported atrocities on Muslims in India, the Union Minister also assured that there is no threat to India from the terror outfit.”There is no threat from ISIS. Along with the alertness of the security, the Muslims of the country are also against the ISIS. In India, the Muslim community won’t allow them to do so.In a latest video released by the ISIS, Indian Jihadis, including Thane engineering student Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, has issued a warning and vowed to avenge the demolition of the Babri Mosque and the purported killing of Muslims across the country.Four youth from Mumbai’s Kalyan – Aarif Majid, Fahad Tanvir Sheikh, Amaan Tandel and Saheem Tanki – had fled to Iraq in May 2014 to join ISIS. Out of these, Aarif Majid is in the NIA custody as he returned from Syria. Shahim Tanki is supposed to have been killed in a bomb attack in Raqqa last year, as claimed by Sheikh in the video.

Killers should stop showing concern for Indian Muslims: AIUDF’s Badruddin Ajmal responds to ISIS video

A recent video released by ISIS which targeted India attacked mainstream Muslim politicians for ‘compromising with a tyrannical system responsible for massacring Muslims’. Images of AIMIM leader Assaduddin Owaisi and AIUDF politician Badruddin Ajmal were shown with dead bodies, while in another picture Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar was shown embracing a Hindu priest and a Muslim cleric.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The video also attacked Muslim clerics for supporting infidels against ISIS. According to Indian Express, one jihadist said in the video: “Do not listen to those who tell you that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam was never a religion of peace for even one day. Islam is a religion of war. The Prophet commanded us to remain at war until the day the rule of Allah is established.”Responding to the video, AIUDF politician Badruddin Ajmal wrote on Twitter: “An unislamic organization like ISIS shouldn’t lecture us on our role as leader of the community. It’s better you bunch of killers stop showing concern about Indian Muslims, they don’t need it. Indian Muslims never supported terrorism in the past, and never will in the future.” Rajnath Singh’s reaction to the videoWith the Islamic State releasing a video saying ‘we will return to avenge the Babri Masjid, and the killings of Muslims in Kashmir, Gujarat, and Muzaffarnagar’, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday said the government is taking all necessary steps for the security of the country. ‘We are taking effective steps to for the security of the country and I understand that there is a sense of confidence among the people of India. We will fight terrorist,’ he said.Talking to reporters, Singh said the people of all religions and castes will fight the terror forces with all their might. Earlier, during his speech at an event, Singh said conflicts among persons, within societies and religions are on the rise these days and the solution of these problems can be found in Buddha’s message.He said no religion contradicts another, but they complement each other. Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju, who also attended the function, said such type of propaganda videos by terror outfits will not be able to influence the people of the country. He said the people have decided that they will not allow these kinds of activities to take root in India.

ISIS Indian recruit says they were asked to infiltrate Kanhaiya stir, burn vehicles: Report

After the arrest of JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar in February this year, the Islamic State reportedly wanted to take the advantage of the situation and had asked its recruits to infiltrate the stir by burning vehicles.According to a Times of India report, when Kanhaiya was arrested on sedition charges, ISIS’ Ahmad Ali had reportedly asked 19-year-old Ashiq Ahmad alias Raja of Hooghly, to infiltrate the student movement and burn vehicles and oil tankers using petrol.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The report cited the information to statements made under Section 164 of CrPC by recruits of India’s ISIS wing recruit — Junud al Khalifa-e-Hind (JKH). The NIA has reportedly recorded the statements of three recruits – Ashiq Ahmad alias Raja, Mohammad Abdul Ahad and Mohammad Afzal. They said they were asked to agitate the students further and create disorder in the country.
ALSO READ Delhi HC stays JNU action against Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid and Anirban BhattacharyaIn a statement, one of the recruits, Ashiq said that Ahmed Ali, who claimed to head the Ansar-ut Tawhid fi Bilad al-Hind (AuT), contacted him on February 19 through his ID on the Trillion app. Some 14 members of the IS had been caught by the NIA by this time. The report quotes Ashiq as saying, “He told me that agencies are keeping a tab on us. He told me that a student movement is happening in the country and that we should enter and put vehicles, oil tankers on fire.”It is suspected that Ali is none other than Shafi Armar, the head of ISIS in India who is learnt to have died in a recent US drone attack, the report added.
ALSO READ How can a mother punish children based on doctored videos: Kanhaiya’s Mother’s Day jibe at Smriti IraniAshiq was caught by the NIA on February 22. AuT is connected to ISIS and the outfit opened JKH in India and planned to have a unit in every state, as claimed by another recruit Ahad.

There have been some activities of ISIS in India but it is not ‘alarming’: Govt

There have been “some cases” of ISIS activities in India but the country does not face any alarming situation as the Muslims here are committed to the values of life and won’t allow it to spread its tentacles here, the government told the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.Home Minister Rajnath Singh expressed confidence that there will be no increase in the dreaded terror outfit’s activities in India in future too.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Replying to questions on spread of ISIS activities in India and whether any Muslim organisation was involved, he said the Muslim community is well entrenched in the Indian traditions and cultures.”There is no alarming situation in our country relating to ISIS activites as of now. I am fully confident that ISIS activities are not going to increase in India. I know the Indian muslim community very well and all countrymen know that it is fully entrenched with Indian traditions and cultures and is committed to life values of the nation. They will not allow ISIS activities to spread in this country,” he said.Earlier, Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju said there have been some activities in India perpetrated by ISIS but the situation is “not very alarming as some may try to project” as the Indian security and intelligence agencies and are alert both at the Centre and state level.”There are some cases which have been registered and number of arrests have also been made. These are all under investigation. There is nothing much to worry. Our country is able to contain the threat from ISIL,” he said.Asked how many cases have been registered and arrested, Rijiju said, “As of now, six cases have been registered. In six cases, many people have been arrested. Investigation is going on and it is not possible to provide all details. We cannot fix the time limit of completing investigations.” He said it is a dynamic situation and the government is seriously pursuing it.The National Investigative Agency (NIA), which registered these cases, is working very professionally and no innocent should be troubled. Rijiju said the NIA is working to reach to the right prople who have committed the wrong.To a question on whether any Muslim leader or organisation is involved, he said, “No organisation is involved. Muslims leaders and organisations have openly opposed ISIS in this country.”

‘kill them wherever they are’: ISIS hackers publish ‘hitlist’ of 70 US military personnel

Islamic State (ISIS) hackers have published a “hitlist” of over 70 US military personnel who have been involved in drone strikes against terror targets in Syria and asked their followers to ‘kill them wherever they are’.According to ‘The Sunday Times’, the hackers have links with Britain and call themselves ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’ and circulated online the names, home addresses and photographs of more than 70 US staff, including women and urged supporters: “Kill them wherever they are, knock on their doors and behead them, stab them, shoot them in the face or bomb them.”<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The group also claimed that it might have a mole in the UK’s Ministry of Defence and threatened to publish “secret intelligence” in the future that could identify Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) drone operators.
ALSO READ ISIS developing Google-style driverless cars for attacks: ReportThe new hitlist features the ISIS flag above the heading: ‘Target? United States Military’ and the document, circulated via Twitter and posted on the JustPaste website, states: “You crusaders that can only attack the soldiers of the Islamic State with joysticks and consoles, die in your rage!”Your military has no courage, neither has your president as he still refuses to send troops. So instead you press buttons thousands of miles away in your feeble attempt to fight us.
ALSO READ Syria: Islamic State gains ground in Deir al-Zor “A nation of cowards that holds no bravery as you resort to sending your remote-controlled unmanned Reaper and Predator drones to attack us from the skies. So this is for you, America.”These 75 crusaders are posted as targets for our brothers and sisters in America and worldwide to hunt down and kill.”
ALSO READ Islamic State’s income drops 30% on lower oil, tax revenue: IHSThe group also warned: “In our next leak we may even disclose secret intelligence the Islamic State has just received from a source the brothers in the UK have spent some time acquiring from the Ministry of Defence in London as we slowly and secretly infiltrate England and the USA online and off.”At the bottom of the ISIS document is an image of the Statue of Liberty with its head cut off.The ISIS hacking division was previously led by Junaid Hussain, a former British Muslim computer hacker from Birmingham who was killed in a US drone strike in Syria last August.His wife, Sally Jones, a Muslim convert from Kent in the UK, is still believed to be involved in the organisation, which in the past has urged “lone wolf” attacks against RAF bases in the UK.Inquiries made by ‘The Sunday Times’ found that the names on the American hitlist are genuine.However, the information published by Isis does not appear to be the result of a leak or genuine hack.Instead, the group seems to have pains-takingly gleaned the names of Reaper and Predator drone operators from news articles and military newsletters, before matching them to addresses, photos and other personal details from publicly available sources on the internet.Some of the information appears to have been taken from social media sites, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

Teenagers who bombed gurudwara in Germany are ISIS sympathisers: Report

Two secondary school students accused of carrying out a bomb attack on a gurudwara in the German city of Essen recently are radical Islamists and sympathisers of the Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaeda, authorities said.The two allegedly detonated a fire extinguisher filled with explosives at the entrance of the Nanaksar Satsang Sabha Gurudwara on the evening of April 16. Before setting off the explosion, the two 16-year-old secondary school students unsuccessfully tried to break into the gurudwara through the entrance door, North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) Interior Minister Ralf Jaeger said on Thursday in a report presented to the home affairs committee of the state parliament in Duesseldorf.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>They have admitted carrying out the attack, but denied that it was a religious motivated operation, the report said. They told investigators that they did it “just for the kick of building fireworks”. The two from Essen and the neighbouring town of Gelsenkirchen are known to police as members of the radical Salafist sect of Islam, the report said. One of them was interrogated by police in connection with his involvement in cases of causing grievous bodily harm and attempted burglary. He had also expressed his sympathy for ISIS and Al Qaeda, the report said.His accomplice has been participating in a special programme of the interior ministry for Salafists who have a tendency to get involved in violence and are in danger of being drawn to IS and other terror organisations. He came under police radar attention after threatening a Jewish fellow-student and attempting to obtain firearms, the report said.They were arrested four days after an explosion ripped through the entrance hall of the gurudwara, which hosted a wedding ceremony. Most of the wedding guests had left the Sikh temple to a nearby hall for a reception when the bomb was detonated.A priest of the gurudwara was seriously injured in the blast and had to be admitted to a hospital while two others were treated for minor injuries by emergency medical teams at the scene of the blast. The explosion caused severe damage to the gurudwara building.The two men were tracked down by police after CCTV camera footage showed one of them carried a backpack with the logo “Russel Athletic”. Investigators found the remains of a similar backpack in the debris of the blast.The report said that video footage of a CCTV camera placed on a nearby building and at a metro station played a crucial role in apprehending the two men. They are currently in preventive custody.

India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim suffering from gangrene, might lose legs: Report

It appears that Dawood Ibrahim is suffering from an advanced stage of gangrene and is unlikely to be cured fully, reports News 18. Docs treating the underworld don believe that the reason behind gangrene is caused due to the loss of effective local blood supply due to high blood pressure and blood sugar. The report goes on to claim that his condition is life-threatening, and some of his body tissues in the legs are already dead. Sources added that he was under protection from Pakistan’s ISIS and he won’t be moved out of the city of Karachi.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The report added that Army doctors will help out with his treatment. If Dawood’s condition worsens, and he dies in Pakistan, it will be a big loss for those waiting for him to be tried for the crimes he has committed including the 1993 blasts in Mumbai.The 66-year-old is wanted in connection with the 1993 serial blasts which led to 257 deaths and 717 injuries. While one of his associates, Yakub Memon was hanged in July 2015, his brother Tiger is still at loose.

ISIS may be linked to Gurudwara attack in Germany: Report

The dreaded Islamic State terror group may be linked to the explosion at a gurudwara in Germany’s western city of Essen, a media report said on Thursday as police arrested two teenagers in connection with the “terrorist act”.Suspicions of an ISIS involvement in the Saturday blast at the Nanaksar Satsang Sabha Gurudwara, which occurred at the end of a marriage ceremony, have hardened following the arrest of two 16-year-olds in the nearby town of Gelsenkirchen last night.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The two teenagers with known links to regional Islamists have been arrested over the attack which left three persons, including a priest, injured, said city police chief Frank Richter. “We have to presume it was a terrorist act — religiously motivated terror by the Islamist scene,” Richter said.”We will continue to do everything possible to ensure the protection of the Sikh community in Essen,” Richter said. “Our work does not end with the arrest of the two suspects. There are numerous leads that need to be evaluated.” The strength of the Sikh community members in Germany is estimated around 15,000.Earlier, one of the two men identified by police as Yusuf T, an ISIS sympathiser, is now treated by investigators as the main suspect in the attack, ARD TV network reported. He is known to the authorities as an activist in the Islamist scene in the Ruhr region of North Rhine Westphalia and has been actively involved in a campaign to distribute free copies of the Quran in the German-speaking region organised by a radical Salafist sect of Islam.Yusuf also has links to “Lohberger-Brigade”, an alliance of radical Islamists in the town of Dinslaken, the report said. Most of German Islamists who have travelled to Syria to join ISIS militants had close links to LIES, the organisation behind the Quran distribution campaign, according to the report.Yusuf had used his Facebook profile to carry out propaganda for the ISIS, it said. Media reports said earlier that his mask thrown into a bush was recovered by police and it was being subjected to DNA analysis.Police yesterday released photos and CCTV footage of two men suspected of planting a backpack containing a bomb in the entrance hall of the gurudwara.One of them carried a backpack with the logo “Russel Athletic”. Investigators found the remains of a similar back pack in the debris of the explosion, according to police. India had expressed “distress” at what has been deemed as a deliberate act from the beginning. Top Indian officials have already taken it up at the highest level as Essen authorities assured India that all steps will be taken to ensure security for all minorities including the Sikhs.

Muslim Rashtriya Manch to appeal youth not to fall for ISIS

The three-day national convention of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) in Nagpur is expected to appeal to the Muslim youth not to join ISIS, and launch a special cell to monitor those who could fall prey to the terror group’s propaganda, senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar said.Issues such as waving of Pakistani flag and hailing that country, who should be the community’s icons, how to discourage the practise of talaq, root causes of communal riots and promotion of education among Muslims would also be discussed by over 150 Muslims leaders, scholars and religious heads from across the country, Kumar said last evening.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The convention started on Saturday. On the opposition by some Muslim clerics to the chanting of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ slogan, Kumar said, “It is all matter of semantics. Saying Madar-E-Watan Hindustan Zindabad or Bharat Mata ki Jai is one and the same thing. But those issuing fatwa on it are fundamentalists promoting violence.”Kumar also denied MRM is an offshoot of RSS, saying it’s an “independent organisation of nationalist Muslims”.

Shiv Sena takes a dig at BJP over its alliance with PDP in Jammu & Kashmir

Taking a dig at BJP for its alliance with the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, Shiv Sena on Saturday said the ruling party has joined hands with “those responsible for the ouster of Hindu Pandits from the Valley”.”It is surprising that those (BJP) who were playing the politics of showing concern towards Hindu Pandits (in J&K) are today in power in the state by joining hands with those who played an important role in the ouster of pandits from the Valley,” Sena said in an editorial in party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”Yet, Hindus have no place in Jammu and Kashmir today and no attempts are being made to change the situation. It has become a crime to be a Hindu in the country and the Hindus, who are in power are the biggest enemies of the community,” it said.Pointing towards Home minister Rajnath Singh’s remarks that revenge would be taken for the terrorist attack at the Indian Airforce base in Pathankot, the Sena said that “the day will never come and likewise, nobody will raise a voice to protect Hindus”.It further said terrorist organisations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are indulging in violence in the name of Islam and threatening Hindus residing in India, yet, there is no one in the country who has the audacity to stand up against these terror elements.”The issue of Ram temple in Ayodhya has quietly been kept on the back burner and there are self-proclaimed Hindutva leaders who make on and off pro-Hindutva statements. But, when it comes to fighting terrorist outfits like ISIS, they cower down,” the BJP ally said.

ISIS threatens attack on India; vows to wipe out Hindus

Islamic State (ISIS) has made new threat to send its fighters from Pakistan and Bangladesh to carry out ‘guerrilla attacks’ in India.In a recent interview carried by Dabiq magazine, the ‘amir’ of ISIS fighters in Bangladesh, Shaykh Abu Ibrahim al-Hanif has vowed to wipe out Hindus and implement ‘sharia’ law in India and Bangladesh. al-Hanif also revealed the terror group is currently training fighters in Bangladesh and Pakistan to launch attacks on India and is seeking the help of the local mujahideen in the country, according to a leading English daily. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The intention behind the attacks, al-Hanif says is to rid India of disbelievers as Muslims are facing trouble because of Hindus. In Dabiq, he has warned Hindus will be their main target in India.
ALSO READ Brussels attackers had experience from battle in Syria, Paris raid: ISIS in DabiqTo establish a caliphate, al-Hanif promises to topple Shiekh Hasina government in Bangladesh. “Bengal is located on the eastern side of India, whereas Wilayat Khurasan is located on its western side. Thus, having a strong jihad base in Bengal will facilitate performing guerrilla attacks inside India simultaneously from both sides and facilitate creating a condition of tawahhush (fear and chaos) in India along with the help of the existing local mujahidin there…,” he is quoted as saying in the magazine.“This would allow IS fighters to enter with a conventional army and completely liberate the region from the mushrikin (disbelievers), after first getting rid of the ‘Pakistani’ and ‘Afghani’ regimes”, he added.

Rajasthan: 60-year-old woman attacked, cloth with ISIS written on it left behind

A 60-year-old woman was attacked by unidentified assailants while she was asleep in her house in Nagaur district in Rajasthan and a piece of black cloth with ISIS written on it left behind apparently to mislead the investigators, police said on Sunday.”Nathi Devi was sleeping with her minor grandson in Bhim area when she was attacked yesterday. Her husband found her in an injured state following which she was rushed to the district hospital,” they said.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Police also found a piece of black cloth with ISIS written on it with white paint in the backside of the house.”It appears that the accused left it with an intention to mislead the investigation,” police said, adding the matter is being probed.

ISIS Kumbh Mela terror plot: Delhi police informs court about transfer of case to NIA

A Delhi court was on Thursday informed that a case relating to six suspected terror operatives, alleged to have links with dreaded outfit ISIS, has been transferred from Delhi Police’s Special Cell to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). The police told Additional Sessions Judge Reetesh Singh that the matter has been transferred to NIA for further investigation, as it was already probing another case in which several suspected operatives of ISIS have been arrested. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Five of the six arrested accused — Mohsin Ibrahim Sayyed, Akhlaq ur-Rehman, Mohd Osama, Mohd Azim Shah and Mehroz — were produced before the court after expiry of their judicial custody. After the court was told that the case has been transferred to the NIA, the judge said these accused be produced before the concerned court. Thereafter, the accused were produced before the special NIA court which extended their judicial custody till April 12. Another accused, Mudabbir Mushtaq Shaikh, was not produced before the court today from judicial custody and the judge has issued a production warrant for the next date of hearing. The police’s Special Cell had earlier arrested four persons with suspected ISIS links from Manglour in Uttarakhand and claimed to have unearthed a terror plot to target the Ardh Kumbh Mela at Haridwar, especially the trains headed there, along with some strategic locations in the national capital. According to the police, Sayyed, who is believed to be self-radicalised, was acting as a financier and had given Rs 50,000 to Akhlaq, Osama, Shah and Mehroz. The accused were found to have links with a former Indian Mujahideen (IM) terrorist who later went to fight for ISIS, the police had claimed. “The arrested persons were allegedly in contact with a former IM operative, who later went for training in Syria and is presently believed to be a key member of Ansar-ut Tawhid fi Bilad al-Hind (AuT) which has pledged allegiance to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS),” the police had said.

Top 5 stories from across India: From Maharashtra’s water crisis to #JusticeforNupur

1. Religious head of Syria felicitates mufti from Mumbai for issuing fatwa against ISISThe religious head of Syria recently felicitated a mufti from Malvani, Malad, who took up the cause of fighting terrorism by issuing a fatwa against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in September 2015. According to Mufti Manzar Hasan Khan Ashrafi Misbahi, ISIS has been misinterpreting the Quran and stood against the very definition of Islam. Mufti was felicitated in the last week of March 2016. Read more <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>2. Thane start-up addresses Maharashtra’s water crisis, offers car wash in just 3 litresAs the state is staring at a crippling water crisis, new innovative ways are coming up to manage this resource. When it comes to car wash, usually a lot of water is wasted. To address this problem, a start-up in Thane promises to clean your car using just three litres. Five youth have come forward to do their bit with ‘Clean Wash Care,’ and so far they have been doing a good job of water management. Read more3. Non-local students protest at NIT Srinagar to raise their demands with MHRDThe students, in their letter to the MHRD, have demanded that J&K police, which lathi-charged students, be removed from the campus and central forces be deployed for the security of the students. Read more4. Situation tense in Chandni Chowk after authorities demolish a piao at Gurudwara Sis GanjThe North MCD, in its anti-encroachment drive, demolished the piao at Gurudwara Sis Ganj. The sevaks from the Gurudwaras started an agitation and quickly constructed it again in retaliation. Read more 5. Over a thousand people demand ‘Justice for Nupur’ on social mediaAn elderly couple, who fled with their nine-year-old granddaughter, has raised the ire of friends and family of 32-year-old Nupur who allegedly committed suicide in Noida’s Sector-14 on March 26. The campaign to seek #JusticeforNupur has intensified on social media and UP CM Akhilesh Yadav’s office has assured that he will look into the case. Read more

BJP govt did nothing to rescue ‘Christian’ Father Tom Uzhunnali from ISIS: Congress

After reports emerged of Kerala priest Tom Uzhunnalil being crucified on Good Friday, the Congress on Tuesday alleged that the Modi-led BJP government did nothing to save him.Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said, “So ISIS allegedly crucified Father Thomas Uzhunnalil & BJP government did nothing.” Tewari also questioned if the effort to save him was less as he was a Christian, saying “Mr PM, he was also a fellow Indian.”<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Uzhunnalil had gone missing in Yemen after Islamic State terrorists allegedly attacked a care home run by Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. The gunmen had stormed the refuge for the elderly earlier this month and killed a Yemeni guard before tying up and shooting 15 other employees.According to a report in Washington Times, Thomas Uzhunnalil was crucified by ISIS on Good Friday.
ALSO READ Indian priest Tom Unzhunnalil crucified by ISIS on Good Friday: ReportHis execution was reportedly done in the same method that Romans were believed to have used on Jesus on Good Friday. The report claims that his execution was confirmed at the Easter Vigil Mass by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna.However, quoting government sources, PTI reported that there was ‘no verifiable information’ about the fate of the priest.Earlier, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had said that India was making all efforts to secure the release of the priest.

Chandy’s office says intense effort on to rescue abducted Catholic priest in Yemen

Thiruvananthapuram: Intense diplomatic efforts at various levels are on to ensure the safe return of Catholic priest Tom Uzhunnalil, currently in Islamic State custody in Yemen, an official source said on Friday.

Kerala CM Oommen Chandy. PTIKerala CM Oommen Chandy. PTI

Kerala CM Oommen Chandy. PTI

Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s office is closely monitoring the situation and is in touch with the ministry of external affairs and people concerned in Yemen and other countries.

“We are unable to reveal all details, but there is intense activity taking place at various levels and in various countries to ensure that the Keralite priest is rescued,” said an official posted in Chandy’s office, who is coordinating between various agencies.

“We are all hopeful that things will be resolved,” said the official.

Earlier this month, armed militants barged into an old people’s home set up by Mother Teresa near Yemen in 1992 and shot dead many, including four nuns of the Missionaries of Charity, including one from India.

These militants later whisked away the Kerala priest and there has been no word from him ever since.


Suspected ISIS sympathiser arrested from West Bengal

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested an alleged ‘sympathiser’ of banned ISIS terror group from West Bengal.The agency identified the youth as one Ashiq Ahammed alias Raja, a resident of Hooghly district of the state.Ahammed, who was arrested yesterday, will be produced before a special court in Delhi today for further custody.The agency had registered a case in this regard in December last year on charges that the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been “engaged in radicalisation of Indian youths and motivating them to join the terrorist organisation. As a result of which some Indian nationals have already joined it or are in the process of joining it for committing terrorist acts in the conflict zone of Iraq, Syria and Libya.” NIA has earlier arrested 14 youths in the case after a nationwide crackdown.

‘You’ve given respectability to ISIS’: Jaitley tells Ghulam Nabi Azad in Rajya Sabha

Ruling BJP and Congress today sparred in Rajya Sabha over remarks of Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad allegedly comparing Hindutva outfit RSS with terrorist organisation ISIS.While the ruling party and its ministers wanted Azad to withdraw his controversial remarks and apologise, the Congress leader denied drawing any parallel between the two and said he was submitting a CD of his speech to the government and is willing to face privilege motion if anything wrong was found. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>After Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi slipped in a reference to the alleged remarks by Azad while giving government’s response to concern by members over remarks by RSS leaders’ on continuation of reservation, Azad read out the verbatim speech he made at an event organised by Jamait Ulama-i-Hind last week.He said he had in the speech stated there was no fight between Hindus and Muslims in India but a fight on ideology.Ruing why Muslims were joining a terrorist organisation like ISIS that is destroying Islamic traditions, Azad said he had stated that “we oppose to organisations like ISIS like we oppose RSS.”Also, “if someone in Islam does wrong, they are no less than RSS,” he said. “Where is the comparison,” he asked. “If I had said ISIS and RSS are same” there would have been a comparison.He said he had stated that Hindu, Muslim and Sikh fundamentalists have to be fought as they are against the country. “We have to fight them all together.” Leader of the House and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said he personally respected Azad but “he should think if he has knowingly or unknowingly slipped … you have given respectability to ISIS.” Earlier, when SP and BSP members raised the issue of RSS leaders yesterday talking of reservation being based on economic criteria, Naqvi said Azad’s comparison of RSS with ISIS was “great old party’s grand new secular formula.” “Atankio ko phool ka guldasta aur rashtrawadion par hamla (bouquets to terrorists and attack on nationalists),” he said and demanded an apology from the Congress party for the comparison.As Azad got up to respond, he was interrupted by treasury benches including ministers. “Please behave like educated persons,” he said to them asking them not to bring inside the House the “intolerance they show to criticism outside”. “Everyone who is not RSS or BJP is a terrorist to them,” he said displaying a CD that he said contained his speech. He said he has submitted the CD to the Leader of the House and was laying it on the table so that it can be shown to the BJP members and ministers. “Please bring privilege motion seeking my removal” if after watching the whole CD, anything objectionable is found in it, he said. Azad, reading his earlier speech, said he had spoken of Hindus, judges and journalists who were fighting for secularism. All forms of fundamentalism must be resisted, he said. “In the fight for secularism, you will find people from all sects and religions but not in fundamentalism,” he said. After the clarification, the House took up other business.

BJP to raise Ghulam Nabi Azad’s RSS-ISIS remarks in Parliament

BJP is set to raise in Parliament on Monday the controversial remarks made by Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad comparing Hindutva outfit, RSS, with terrorist organisation, ISIS.Party sources said some members will raise the issue and seek Azad’s apology as they insisted that any comparison of RSS with a violent organisation like ISIS was “unacceptable” to them.That Azad chose an event organised by a Muslim body to attack RSS will be handy for the saffron party, they said, adding that it reflected the “votebank politics” of Congress.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Azad had yesterday kicked a row by seeking to draw a parallel between RSS and ISIS.”So, we oppose organisations like ISIS, the way we oppose RSS. If those among us in Islam too do wrong things, they are no way less than RSS,” he had said at an event organised by Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind.Hitting back, an RSS spokesperson in Nagaur had said such a comparison showed “intellectual bankruptcy” of Congress and its “unwillingness to deal with fundamentalist and cruel forces like ISIS”. RSS will consider legal action against Azad, he had said.BJP too jumped to the defence of its ideological mentor, calling it a nationalist organisation and demanding an apology from Azad.The party had said it was “unfortunate” that Azad had made such comments and asked Congress chief Sonia Gandhi to disassociate from his remarks and take action against him if he does not withdraw them.

Ghulam Nabi Azad kicks up row, compares RSS to ISIS

Besides Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s global event on the banks of river Yamuna, national capital hosted two other events also on Saturday–a mega conference called by the Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind (JUH), one of the foremost Islamic organisations in India and the international conference of Imams organised by Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadees Hind (JAHH).While the JUH patronises Deobandi school of thought, the JAHH is flag bearer of Salafi belief, eulogised by Talibaan in Afghanistan and ISIS in West Asia. But at both these conference leaders and scholars distanced themselves from both of them and even described the ISIS a tyrannical and a barbaric force, whose acts only parallel with medieval Mongol warriors Gengiz and Halaku Khan.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>At the JUH conference, attended by a battery of political leaders, senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad created a row, by drawing a parallel between ISIS and RSS. He said Muslims oppose both the organisations. “We see among Muslims too, who have become reason of destruction of Muslim countries today… there are some forces behind it… but we need to understand why Muslims are taking part in it, why they are getting trapped. So, we oppose organisations like ISIS, the way we oppose RSS. If those among us, in Islam, too do wrong things, they are no way less than RSS,” the Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha said.During Congress regimes, the JUH has received official patronage, as its leaders had associated themselves with the party during freedom struggle against Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s Muslim League. Off late, now the Modi government has found a new group All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) to counter the traditional Muslim organisations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is inaugurating first World Sufi Forum here on March 17, at Vigyan Bhavan, organised by AIUMB, to give boost to their activities.Congress president Sonia Gandhi in her written message to JUH conference attended by over 50,000 people, criticised the government action against students. She said powers that be are spreading hatred across the country. Especially, secularism is being targeted. It is a matter of concern.”In current circumstances, Jamiat has again taken an important step. I pray for this step taken by Jamiat for country’s unity and integrity and hope its efforts will bring good results,” she said. Significantly, JUH is important component of Maulana Badruddin Ajmal led United Democratic Front (UDF) in Assam, which is going to polls next month. Besides Azad, the conference was attended by Mani Shankar Aiyar, JUH president Syed Arshad Madani, Acharia Pramod Krishnan, Muslim cand Christian, Buddhist and Sikh leaders from various parts of the country.At another conference in Ramlila Ground, JAHH speakers told Imams who lead prayers in mosques to created awareness against terrorism and foil designs of ISIS, who are luring youth. Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mahadi Salafi, general secretary of JAHH emphasised that an Imam happens to be the guarantor of order and discipline and peace and security.Will discuss legal action on the matter: RSSNagaur: The RSS on Saturday took strong exception to Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad seeking to draw a parallel between it and ISIS, saying his remark shows the party’s intellectual bankruptcy and unwillingness to deal with fundamentalist forces like Islamic State. “Azad comparing ISIS with RSS exhibits the intellectual bankruptcy of Congress and its unwillingness to deal with fundamentalist and cruel forces like ISIS,” RSS leader J Nand Kumar told reporters here. He said Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha, the highest decision making body of RSS, will discuss legal action on the matter. “We are altogether here… will discuss and consider legal action,” he said.

Seven Indian companies supplying components to ISIS: Report

Seven Indian companies are among those from 20 countries named in a list whose components were used by the ISIS to make explosives, a EU-mandated study on Thursday said, suggesting that more work needs to be done to track the flow of chemicals and other items to the terror group.The study by Conflict Armament Research (CAR) showed that 51 companies from 20 countries such as Turkey, India, Brazil, and the US produced, sold or received the over 700 components used by ISIS to build improvised explosive devices (IEDs).<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Turkey topped the list of countries with a total of 13 firms involved in the supply chain. It was followed by India with seven companies, CAR said in a statement. The study was completed in 20 months. Seven Indian companies manufactured most of the detonators, detonating cord and safety fuses. Under Indian law, transfer of this material requires a licence. Those were all legally exported under government-issued licenses from India to entities in Lebanon and Turkey, the CAR said.According to the report, the terror group mostly uses Nokia 105 mobile phone for remote detonation. Companies from Brazil, Romania, Russia, the Netherlands, China, Switzerland, Austria and Czech Republic were also involved, it said.The study said that governments and firms need to do more to track the flow of cables, chemicals and other equipment. CAR’s executive director James Bevan said, “these findings support growing international awareness that ISIS in Iraq and Syria are very much self-sustaining acquiring weapons and strategic goods, such as IED components, locally and with ease.The report said that CAR gained access to the components through partners including the US-backed Kurdish YPG in Syria, the Iraqi Federal Police, the Kurdistan Region Security Council and forces of the Kurdistan Regional Government. These components were seized during battles in the Iraqi towns of al Rabia, Kirkuk, Mosul, and Tikrit and the Syrian town of Kobani.

ISIS, al-Qaeda using religion as per convenience: Mukhtar Abbas ?Naqvi

Terror groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda have no relation with any religion and merely define it as per their convenience, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said on Sunday.Naqvi stressed that the role of society is more important role than that of the government to meet challenges posed by terrorism. “We should understand that terrorism and terror outfits like ISIS and al-Qaeda are enemies of humanity and prosperity of the world. Terrorist outfits have no relation with any religion and they have been defining religion according to their convenience. “Religious organisations and leaders can use their influence to make people, especially the youth, aware of evil designs of terrorist groups. We have to fight unitedly against these evil forces with a commitment to protect peace of the world and destroy their ill and nefarious designs,” the MoS for Parliamentary Affairs and Minority Affairs said.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>He was speaking here at the International Sufi Conference on the occasion of 796th annual ceremony (Urs Mubarak) of Sarkar Shah-E-Miran Hazrat Peer Miran Saiyed Ali Vali where a resolution was passed condemning “evil forces” that have been killing human values “misusing” religion as cover. Naqvi termed terrorism and radicalism as the biggest challenge for world peace and prosperity.”If religious organisations and leaders unite against terrorism and radicalism, these terror elements will not succeed in their motives. Those evil forces, who want to disturb peace and prosperity of the nation, can be isolated and defeated only by the strength of brotherhood and social unity and harmony,” he said as per a statement released today. Naqvi said that culture and traditions of Sufi saints is need of the hour for harmony and peace.Our culture, traditions and Constitution are a loud and clear message to walk on path of peace, harmony and prosperity and we have to protect this heritage, the Minister said. We should not weaken these values under influence of any political gimmick, the statement said quoting him. Lauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Naqvi said Modi has become a “strong messenger of peace, harmony and prosperity” across the world, he added.

Four suspected ISIS operatives sent to NIA custody till February 17

Four suspected ISIS operatives, arrested from different parts of the country for allegedly recruiting and financing people to join the terror outfit, were today sent to NIA’s custody till February 17 by a Delhi court.The four arrested accused — Mohammed Nafees Khan, Najmul Huda, Mudabbir Mushtaq Shaikh and Muhammed Abdul Ahad — were produced before the court where the NIA sought extension of their custody for seven more days alleging they were involved in the conspiracy along with their ISIS handlers.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>According to the sources, during in-camera proceedings, National Investigation Agency (NIA) said that incriminating materials and US dollars, Saudi Riyals and Indian currency were recovered from the residential premises of Nafees.Sources said that regarding Mudabbir, the NIA alleged that Rs 1,95,000 was recovered from his possession and during the interrogation, he disclosed that he had received Rs five lakh from a foreign-based source.”He (Mudabbir) has utilised the remaining amount to enhance ISIS activities in India. In this regard, verification is required to be conducted in his presence,” NIA said in its remand application filed before District Judge Amar Nath.”NIA has recovered voluminous incriminating electronic records from the mobile/laptops of the accused persons. It is essential to cross-check the version of accused in respect of incriminating electronic records recovered.”They have disclosed many facts about their involvement in the instant case about recruiting and financing persons.The verification of the facts is under process,” it said.Regarding electronic articles allegedly seized from the accused and their family members, the NIA said that they have been sent for forensic examination and they were analysing the mirror image of digital contents received by them.Advocate M S Khan, who appeared for some of the accused, opposed the NIA’s plea saying his clients have already been interrogated at length by the agency.The court, after hearing the submissions, remanded these four accused to five days NIA’s custody.Besides them, seven other arrested accused were produced before the court after expiry of their NIA’s custody and the agency requested the court to sent them to judicial custody as the probe in the case was going on. The court remanded them to judicial custody.

Sushma Swaraj meets Prince of Abu Dhabi; discusses IS threat, radicalism

Ways to combat Islamic State threat and containing radicalism besides situation in war-ravaged Syria figured prominently when External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj called on Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan on Wednesday. Swaraj also briefed Al Nahyan about the terror attack on the Pathankot airbase, official sources said.The Crown Prince arrived in New Delhi on Wednesday evening on a three-day visit during which both countries will discuss ways to enhance cooperation in a range of areas including energy, economy and security.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In the meeting between Swaraj and Al Nahyan, the two leaders discussed the challenge posed by the ISIS, which has under its control vast swathes in Iraq and Syria, and emphasised on the need to work closely to defeat terrorism.The issue of a Saudi Arabia-led alliance against IS also came up for discussion, sources said. In this regard, Swaraj also complimented UAE for supporting the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT) to effectively deal with the menace globally.India has been pressing for adoption of the CCIT by the United Nations. The two leaders also deliberated on the need to contain radicalism, the sources said.Al Nahyan is accompanied by a power-packed delegation for his three-day trip till February 12 which includes several top ministers and over 100 business leaders and CEOs of top companies. He will hold detailed talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday.

Shahi Imam meets PM Modi; urges transparency in detention of ‘ISIS sympathisers’

Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmed Bukhari met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday and discussed various issues with him. After the meeting, speaking to ANI, Bukhari said that PM Modi has promised to look at wrong arrests made at the name of ISIS. “The way youths are arrested in the name of ISIS was the topic of discussion with PM Modi. We are against terrorism, Islam and Muslims are against terrorism. No religion in the world will honour terrorism. But if a young person is arrested for going on Facebook and writing something, if that person faces jail, then this is not the solution. If a person has a committed a crime, then no Muslim leader will raise a voice against it,” said Syed Ahmed Bukhari. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Syed Ahmed Bukhari further stated that PM Modi has promised to personally look into any case where wrong arrests have been made. Shahi Imam also said that another topic of discussion was the minority character of Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia University. However, the discussion on the same will take place once again after the Budget session is over.

No large ISIS footprint in J&K but ‘Intelligence Operation’ needed to prevent ideology spread: Army Commander

Terror outfit ISIS does not have “very large footprint” in Jammu and Kashmir but care needs to be taken to ensure it does not make inroads, Northern Army Commander Lt Gen D S Hooda said on Saturday and advocated an “Intelligence Operation” to prevent spreading of its ideology.Islamic State has been talking about South Asia and India region but “right now we don’t see a very large footprint of Islamic State in Jammu and Kashmir. But I think we have to be careful,” the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GoC-in-C) told reporters here while responding to a question.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”We need to study the the situation properly (with regard to ISIS). We need to make sure that Islamic State does not make inroads. So it is more of an ‘intelligence operation’ that we need to look at and make sure this ideology of Islamic State is not allowed to spread in India,” he added.He was replying to a question about footprints of ISIS in J&K and its spread in India.When referred to a threat issued by ISIS that it would launch its operations in J&K, Lt Gen Hooda said “We need to study the situation properly. We need to make sure that they do not make inroads.”The Army Commander played down the threat issued by Lashkar-e-Taiba Chief Hafiz Mohammed Sayeed about more attacks on the Indian soil by terming them as “nothing new”.”See we know that there is a threat from Lashkar. They have been talking about it every time. So frankly I don’t find anything new unless there is some kind of control on his activities by the Pakistan State and the Pakistan government.Otherwise we see it as part of his normal routine and he keeps on talking about it,” Lt Gen Hooda said.With regard to infiltration, he said a “better fence” is coming up along the Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan which will be equipped with better sensors and other equipments.”It is something (cross border infiltration) that we deal with, year in and year out, and it is nothing new for us. As the snow melts, our measures are in place. You are aware we are trying to build a better fence now so that with good sensors and equipments and have a much more credible counter infiltration posture,” he said.”We have in the recent past moved additional troops along the LoC and I think we are confident of how our posture is,” the top commander said.

ISIS sympathiser sent to 10 days NIA custody

Suspected ISIS sympathiser Abdus Sami Qasmi, arrested for allegedly motivating youths to join the dreaded terror outfit, was on Saturday remanded in 10 days NIA custody by a Delhi court.Qasmi was produced before District Judge Amar Nath during in-camera proceedings and according to sources, the NIA sought his custodial interrogation for unearthing the entire conspiracy. A resident of Selampur here, Qasmi was arrested yesterday by NIA during a joint operation with the Uttar Pradesh ATS.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The sources said that NIA told the court that Qasmi was allegedly delivering provocative and inflammatory speeches and was motivating the youths to commit terror strikes across the country.The NIA had earlier arrested various alleged ISIS sympathisers in connection with the case.The probe agency has claimed that the accused were involved in recruiting and financing persons willing to join the so called “Caliphate” of ISIS. It had also said that they were found to be in communication with some active members through chatting applications ‘Signal’, ‘Trillion’ and ‘Skype’ in order to motivate them to join ISIS in furtherance of activities of its ideologies, thereby luring youths to join this proscribed terrorist organisation.The agency had said that laptops, external hard disks, mobile phones and SIM cards which were recovered from the possession of these accused have been sent for forensic examination and the results are awaited.

Islamic State suspect from Mumbai arrested in Delhi

One more person suspected to be working for the Islamic State (IS) has been arrested from Delhi by the capital’s special cell police on Friday. Mohsinh Ibrahim Sayyed, who hails from Mumbai was arrested from Delhi’s Kashmere Gate ISBT area. He was found to be in possession of Rs 85,000.”His age is around 26 years and he is a resident of Malad West in Mumbai. He was part of Roorkee module and was planning to go to Syria. Hw was arrested last night based on a tip-off from a central intelligence agency. Sayyed is a muezzin at Malad in Mumbai,” Special Commisioner of Police (Special CP) Arvind Deep. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”He had come to Delhi to meet an associate,” said Deep.Sayeed, who is believed to be self-radicalised, was acting as a financier and had given Rs 50,000 to the four persons who were arrested from Haridwar last month. All of them were found to have links with a former Indian Mujahideen militant who later went to fight for ISIS. “He (Sayyed) was in touch particularly with Akhlaq, one of the four persons arrested last month,” Deep said.Meanwhile, police are checking his background record and a special cell team is trying to track down his contacts in the national capital. Delhi Police had last month arrested four persons with suspected ISIS links from Manglour in Uttarakhand and claimed to have unearthed a terror plot to target the Ardh Kumbh Mela at Haridwar, especially the trains headed there, along with some strategic locations in the national capital. The suspects were identified as Akhlaq ur-Rehman, Mohammed Osama, Mohammed Azim Shah and Mehroz.”The arrested persons were allegedly in contact with a former Indian Mujahideen operative, who later went for training in Syria and is presently believed to be a key member of Ansar-ut Tawhid fi Bilad al-Hind (AuT), which has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS),” police said. With agency inputs.