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PM Modi speaks to Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson living in old age home

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday spoke to Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Kanubhai Gandhi, who is living in an old age home in New Delhi with his wife, and directed Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma to meet him.Accordingly, Sharma met Kanubhai and spent about 45 minutes with him at Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram at Gautampuri in South Delhi . After the conversation, PM directed the authorities to ensure that the couple has a comfortable stay.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Later Kanubhai said that he is an old follower of Modi and he (Modi) remebered all the help I had extended to him. At that time Sonia Gandhi was against both of us, he said, adding that “Modi understood everything in Gujarati”. Sharma later said Modi offered “all support” to the couple.Yesterday, Delhi’s SC/ST Welfare and Women and Child Welfare Minister Sandeep Kumar had visited them.After over four decades of stay in the United States, Kanubhai (87) and his 85-year-old wife Shiva Lakshmi Gandhi had returned to India in 2014 and spent about a year-and-a-half in various Ashrams in Gujarat before checking into Delhi ashram on May 8.Kanubhai is the eldest son of Mahatma Gandhi’s third son Ramdas. Kanubhai left India at the age of 17 and studied at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later worked at NASA’s Langley Research Centre. His wife holds a doctorate in biochemistry.

Bapu wanted me to take pain, spread happiness: Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson

“Bapu always wanted me to serve people. He wanted me to take pain of all the people and spread happiness,” says Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Kanubhai Gandhi. Having returned from the US in 2014, Kanubhai, the eldest son of Mahatma Gandhi’s third son Ramdas, has since been living in ashrams and old-age homes. He, and his wife, Shiva Lakshmi, are currently at the Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram in Gautampuri in South Delhi.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”I always remember Bapu and his teachings. I know that I am living at the blessing of these people and I know he (Bapu) would not be too pleased by this fact. Bapu always wanted me to serve people, he wanted me to take all the pain of people and spread happiness. But I am not able to do this? I want to serve Bapu,” Kanubhai said. The 87-year-old with his tired eyes staring out from behind gold-rimmed glasses recalled his childhood memories and the time he spent with Bapu. “There are a lot of memories. I used to sit in Bapu’s lap and pull his hair, but he would still smile at me and wrap me in his arms. In the last letter he wrote to me, he wanted me to serve the people. He said he wanted to live for 125 years and serve the nation and its people. But as he was not able to do so, he wanted me to do the same,” he says.He also says it is but obvious that the people would use Bapu’s name for politics because of his great and pure personality. Kanubhai left India at the age of 17 and studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after which he worked at NASA’s Langley Research Centre. His wife, a doctorate in biochemistry, too held a job in the US.Ever since the news about the presence of Gandhi’s grandson at the ashram spread, the press and curious visitors have flocked the otherwise largely ignored institution.