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Fake notes with Rs 10 lakh face value found dumped in drain

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Locals on Wednesday rushed to collect a number of “Rs 500″ notes found floating in a drain, but were left disappointed after realising that they all were fake.Local police inspector K L Murthy said the fake notes had a face value of Rs 10 lakh.As the word spread about the notes being spotted in the drain near Mithulapuri Colony and Vikalangula Colony, residents of the nearby areas gathered at the spot to collect them, police said.Many of them thought they had struck a fortune, but were shell-shocked to know that the notes with the face value of Rs 500 were in fact counterfeit.”Two persons came to the spot on a bike and dumped Rs 500 notes into the drain before fleeing,” said K Ravi Kumar, a resident at the area.”We thought the unidentified persons might have thrown money as they could not exchange them with new currencies.However, after recovering the notes from the drain we realised that they were fake,” he added.According to Murthy, “Locals had recovered all notes and fled before we reached there. We suspect that some gangs behind circulation of counterfeit currency notes might have dumped them in the drain as they couldn’t utilise them anymore in the wake of demonetization.”He said efforts are on to trace the two persons who are suspected to have dumped the fake notes in drain.

Kolkata: Fire breaks out at plastic godown; 6 fire tenders rushed to spot

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A major fire broke out at a plastic godown in South Kolkata’s Garden Reach area on Tuesday morning. As many as six fire tenders were rushed to the spot to douse the fire.While the fire has been brought under control, officials of the Fire and Emergency Services Department say that the fire has been arrested fully but could be present in some pockets.The fire broke out around 8 am in the morning. Locals spotted smoke billowing out of the windows of the godown and informed the fire station.The fire raged on for over two and a half hours before it was brought under control. No one was hurt in the incident.Meanwhile, the officials are carrying out the cooling off process to douse the pocket fires.Locals allege that the godown was loaded with inflammable materials as a result of which the fire rapidly spread to the other parts.

Decomposed carcass of leopard found near Malegaon worries locals

The decomposed carcass of a leopard found in the foothills of Galne fort near Malegaon has raised many questions, about the goings on in the forest and the security in the area.Range forest officer VD Kamble said some locals informed the forest office about the dead animal. “We reached there with our team and found the decayed carcass. Prima facie, it appears that the leopard must have been dead for the past 10-15 days. We have sent the carcass for post-mortem and some samples for verification to ascertain the cause of death,” he added.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The leopard was found in a bad condition with its nails missing. Activists suspect that it was killed. “Locals informed us that a dead cattle animal was also found near the carcass. It is suspected that someone spread poison over the half-eaten prey killed by the leopard and left it in the jungle. When the leopard returned to eat the rest, it got poisoned. This has to be checked though… forest officials have sent samples for verification,” said Nikhil Pawar, an activist in Malegaon.What has irked Pawar and another activist Deva Patil in Malegaon is the fact that forest officials were unaware of the death in their own jungle for so long. “The foothills area is a forest reserve and developed for tourism purpose with even a rest house nearby. Ideally, the area should be manned by forest guards. And if they were on duty, how did they miss the dead animal?” asked Pawar.Patil said that in the last three months this is the second such case, and that forest officials needed to be more vigilant.

Kairana ‘exodus’: 190 Muslims too migrated, to get a better lifestyle

Shamli district administration this week received a list of Muslim families that have apparently migrated from Kairana where BJP MP Hukum Singh had claimed a ‘Hindu exodus’ had been taking place due to threat of criminals belonging to a particular religion. The list handed over to the district magistrate contains names of 45 Muslim residents and has been compiled by locals who told dna that they have done so, “to bust myths of communal disharmony” in Kairana. Locals also told dna that now that they know about the “efforts being made to disrupt peace, they should be prepared the same.”<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>While confirming the latest development in Kairana, a senior official of Shamli district administration said, “Yes we have received a list of some persons who have apparently migrated from Kairana but probing the reasons behind the migration or confirming if the list is genuine is not part of our job. The list has been compiled by some private persons who wanted to let us know that migration has taken place regardless of religious identity of persons leaving their hometowns.”Individuals behind the compilation of the list said that they have further discovered that another 145 Muslim’s have left the area in the last few years and the second list will be forwarded to the district magistrate soon.The compilers of the new list claim to have brought forward other aspects of Kairana which has been forcing people to migrate such as better job opportunities, a lack of education and proper medical facilities in the area.Aaf Mohamad, who is part of a team of ‘civilian volunteers’ that prepared the list said,”Our aim is not to tell the administration that Muslim families have been forced to leave but to simply let the world know that migration of both communities has been taking place in Kairana for the last 10-15 years. There are number of reasons behind migration and crime is not the only one.”Other residents told dna that the Kairana episode had taught them a lesson that they need to stand against those spreading communal hatred ahead of elections instead of solving issues faced by people. Maulana Badar, a community leader who met with a delegation comprising of MP’s from various political parties, including JD(U), CPI(M), CPI, and NCP, said, “Lack of proper schools, sub-standard health facilities and shortage of doctors are among the issues that people here face, irrespective of their religion. We only have two doctors in the area.”Arif Chaudhary, who owns a shop in Kairana, was accompanying his friend, who had lost his phone to the local police station. Interestingly, his friend’s name also features in the BJP MP’s list even though he currently resides in Kairana.”BJP people visited the family of two businessmen that were killed in August 2014 to show the world that they sympathise with the victims. But they didn’t come here two years ago when the murder took place,” said Arif as he began to show pictures clicked during a shutdown in 2014 called by Kairana’s business community in wake of the murders of businessmen of the area.When asked to about the strike, a senior police official confirmed that a shutdown had taken place and added, “There was a shutdown but police was already hunting down the killers of the businessmen. People here were understandably upset but we were already in process of cracking down on criminal elements in Kairana”. “The truth is we had shutdown Kairana market following the deaths and demanded police take quick action. First we shutdown for eight days and then in the second phase the market was shut for a week. As the pressure built police and district magistrate came to meet us and assured us they will take action. Two years later entire Mukeem Kala gang is in prison,” Arif said, adding that there have been discussions on how to clear Kairana’s image and to really work on issues that have been forcing people to migrate.

Kashmiri Pandits divided over permament return to the Valley

The Kashmiri Pandits who migrated from the Valley in the 1990s after the outbreak of militancy, are divided over the proposal of establishing separate settlements for them in the Valley.While some members of the community oppose the setting up of separate colonies, others feel that it is the ideal proposition considering their security and safety. “We do not want separate colonies, we want to live with our Muslim brothers,” M K Bhat, a Kashmiri Pandit, who was earlier a resident of Pampore in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district but now lives in Jammu. He said he would love to return to his roots and live at his native place.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”No one wants to live separately. We (Pandits and Muslims) are brothers and we have to live like brothers. I only want a piece of land in Pampore so that I can live there,” he said. Bhat accused the government of raking up the issue of separate settlements for the Pandits around the time the Kheer Bhawani Mela is held. “They (government) want us (Hindus and Muslims) to fight.Whenever the Mela comes, they rake up the issue of separate colonies. I want to ask them, who among us has said that we want separate colonies,” he said. Another Pandit, Vijay Bhat, a native of Budgam in central Kashmir, said the Pandits want to return but do not want to live under the shadow of the gun. “I want your (Muslim community) security and not the security of the gun. I do not want the security of the Army, of the CRPF, I want your love and security,” he said.Vijay said the Muslim majority of the Valley was not their enemy. “Locals are not our enemies. Of course, there are some miscreants, but they are everywhere. We have lived as brothers for ages and we will live as brothers,” he said. However, Ramesh Nath, another Pandit, said establishing separate colonies was an ideal proposal.”That will be ideal from the safety point of view. We are interested in returning but where will we live? We have sold our properties and that cannot be retrieved now, so separate settlements is a good idea as it will also help us build confidence and trust,” Nath said. He said unless the situation gets better, it will be difficult for the Pandits to return to live at their native places.”You see the situation is not that good. Though the process of return has been initiated, it will take some more time. Unless the situation gets better, it will be very difficult,” he said.

West Bengal: Several people missing after boat capsize in Burdwan

A boat capsized in Bengal’s Burdwan district on Saturday night. Locals said that the boat, going to Shantipur from Kalna, had onboard passengers more than the permissible limit.Rescue operations are yet to begin, even though the incident took place last night. This prompted the family members of the missing, accompanied by locals, to go on a rampage near the Kalna ghat and a boat was also set on fire.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The angry mob has been protesting against the role of the administration for not beginning the rescue operations on time.Meanwhile, the ferry service from Kalna to Shantipur has been suspended.

West Bengal: Four dead and six injured after a crude bomb goes off in Malda

Four people were left dead and six others injured after a crude bomb went off at West Bengal’s Malda district on Sunday night.According to sources, the deceased and the injured were making crude bombs at a house in Malda district’s Baishnabnagar when accidentally one such bomb went off. Last night, when the high intensity bomb exploded, it created a sound and shook the entire area.Immediately, RAF and district police officials reached the spot and shifted all to Malda Medical College and Hospital. While four were declared brought dead, six others are serious and are undergoing treatment at the hospital.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Locals allege that the house was being used by the inhabitants as a factory to manufacture bombs. Meanwhile, police officials are posted at the blast site and they have recovered explosives and other bomb making materials. Police have sealed the house for further examination.

Jamshedpur: 4-year-old tribal girl allegedly raped

Locals spotted the girl crying near a bush this morning and informed the police, Mishra said, adding that he himself rushed to the spot along with the other policemen and took the girl to M G M Hospital, where doctors referred her to Tata Main Hospital for better treatment. A four-year-old tribal girl was allegedly raped by an unidentified person in Sidgora locality in Jamshedpur, police said on Saturday.The accused had picked up the girl from her thatched house when her parents were reportedly sleeping in an inebriated state after returning from Tusu mela last night, a police official said. The girl was taken to an isolated place where the culprit is suspected to have committed the crime, said Deputy Superintendent of Police, K N Mishra.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Locals spotted the girl crying near a bush this morning and informed the police, Mishra said, adding that he himself rushed to the spot along with the other policemen and took the girl to M G M Hospital, where doctors referred her to Tata Main Hospital for better treatment.The parents were unaware of the incident till residents informed them today, he said. Mishra said police has registered a case in this connection and has launched a manhunt to apprehend the culprit.

Cow-sual security: Locals could pay Rs 20, to let their cattle graze in Pathankot air force base

Locals living in adjoining areas of Pathankot air base, which was stormed by six terrorists recently, used to enter the premises after paying as low as Rs 20 to security guards to graze their cattle and even shop in the CSD canteen. Intelligence agencies have informed the Home Ministry that it was a common practice for many people to enter the sensitive air force base with their cattle for grazing after paying the guards deployed in a few isolated gates.There are several hundred population of Gujjar community who herd cattle and they found the grass inside the campus suitable for grazing.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Alarmed by the terrorist attack, the Punjab government has now initiated the process of head-count of the Gujjar population living near the air base to ensure security in the vicinity, the inputs said. There are several shops, including CSD canteen, inside the Pathankot air base and there have been reports that many locals go to shop there. While some of the locals even made identity cards while some other pay the security guards to enter the premises, the inputs suggest.In a pre-dawn attack, a group of heavily-armed Pakistani terrorists, believed to be belonging to JeM, attacked the Pathankot air base on January 2 killing seven security personnel. Six terrorists were also killed in the incident. The terrorists were said to have crossed the India- Pakistan border in Punjab and reached the strategically crucial air base and carried out the attack.