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Donald Trump may bring fresh ideas to combat terrorism: Ram Madhav

Washington: US President-elect Donald Trump seems to have a friendly perspective towards India, a senior BJP leader has said and expressed hope that he would bring “fresh ideas” to combat terrorism and establish the rule of law.

Ram Madhav. CNN-News 18

Ram Madhav. CNN-News 18

Summarising the current state of Indo-US relationship, Ram Madhav, the general-secretary of the ruling party, said the ties reached a new peak under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Barack Obama.

The relationship is likely to march ahead under the Trump administration, he said.

“Going by his pre-election statements towards India, the president-elect seems to have a friendly perspective towards India. He does not seems to be a run-of-the-mill politician, hence we expect him to bring fresh ideas to counter-terrorism, and establish the rule of law,” he said.

Madhav is the first senior leader of the ruling party to have addressed on India-US relationship after the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

He said India has earned a tremendous trust from its neighbours in the significantly important Indo-Asia Pacific region.

At an event organised by the Federation of India and Indian Diaspora Studies, Madhav said India assumes the responsibilities — along with its neighbours — to establish peace and “law and order” in the region.

But, he said, India expects the US to continue its pivotal role in the region instead of slowing trade and military engagement in the region.

“The regional powers will have to take a leading role with America playing a supportive role. That is perhaps the way forward,” he said at the event on Friday in the suburbs of Washington DC.

First Published On : Nov 22, 2016 12:42 IST

Gilgit-Baltistan leader meets Ram Madhav in US, discusses legislative space

Washington: A leader of Gilgit-Baltistan has met BJP general-secretary Ram Madhav in the US, seeking his help in creating legislative space for the people of this part of Jammu and Kashmir, as the two senior leaders discussed the violation of religious freedom and rights in the region.

Ram Madhav. CNN-News 18

Ram Madhav. CNN-News 18

During the meeting, Madhav and Senge Sering, director of Gilgit-Baltistan National Congress, discussed issues related to the “chronic Kashmir dilemma” with focus on the on-going political development in the region.

“People of Gilgit-Baltistan continue to suffer due to absence of constitutional rights and Pakistan lacks the legal capacity to grant the locals citizenship. India therefore must create space for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan in its legislative institutions and help internationalise the matter,” Sering said after meeting Madhav.

Sering spoke on the need to revive dialogue with Pakistan to discuss confidence-building measures related to cross Line-of-Control movement.

Currently, there are over 15,000 people living in Ladakh and Gilgit-Baltistan who belong to separated families and await a decision by both the countries to open Skardo Kargil and Gangche-Nubra roads to facilitate meetings and reunions, he said.

The two leaders shared views on opening Indian educational and health institutions for the people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Thousands of Pakistani citizens travel to India to benefit from its health and educational facilities. However, this option is not available to the residents of PoK-GB, a media release on the meeting said.

They also discussed the on-going violations of religious freedom and rights in Gilgit-Baltistan as the Pakistan government recently charged hundreds of people for terrorism for peacefully commemorating Imam Hussain Day in educational institutions.

Talking about jailed political activists, many of whom face a life sentence, Sering explained how abrogation of State Subject Rule has enabled Pakistan to illegally change the socio-economic demography affecting the local culture.

BJP’s proposal to elect parliamentarians from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan also came up during the discussion.

Sering said India claims the people of Gilgit-Baltistan as its citizens and it is, therefore, incumbent upon the Indian government to treat the people of Gilgit-Baltistan at par with those living in Ladakh or Jammu and Kashmir.

At the moment, 24 seats are vacant in the Kashmir Assembly which are reserved for the people of PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan.

First Published On : Nov 22, 2016 07:54 IST