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Rift widens as Akhilesh meets supporters; objects to father’s list

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The war games are likely to continue within the Yadav family, a day after Samajwadi Party (SP) supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav snubbed his son and UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, by publicly announcing 325 candidates of the 403 assembly seats on Wednesday. The list which omitted names of candidates suggested by the UP CM, suggested that the party was in danger of splitting before the crucial polls in the state.Hectic political activities began on Thursday right from the morning as party leaders have been gathering outside the residences of Akhilesh and Mulayam and huge crowds assembled outside Mulayam’s brother Shivpal Yadav’s residence. Sources close to the UP Chief Minister said that Akhilesh was likely to announce his own list of candidates for the state polls. They also said the candidates declared by him are likely to contest on different symbols as independent candidates.”Yes, Akhilesh Yadav is likely to announce his own list of candidates for UP polls,” said SP MLA Indal Singh. Singh’s remarks came after the CM’s meeting with those of whom who had been denied tickets.The UP CM who had just arrived from Bundelkhand, convened a meeting on Thursday of his supporters and legislators who had been denied tickets. He also met ministers who were denied tickets. Among them were Pawan Pandey, Ram Govind Chaudhary and Arvind Singh ‘Gop’. Sources close to him said that in the highly charged atmosphere, several of his loyalists had asked him to defy his father and uncle Shivpal Yadav, and go ahead with his own list of candidates.Later in the day, Akhilesh met his father Mulayam, and his uncle Shivpal was also present. But the talks did not seem to have yielded the desired results.The tension before the meeting was clear as an upset Akhilesh said,”The list does not include names of certain candidates who are sure to win. I will take it up with the SP chief and tell him that some of them have done really good work and they should be given tickets.” Since then the UP CM has remained incommunicado.Akhilesh’s supporter Uday Veer Singh said, “The Chief Minister has always fought for justice and he will continue to do so.” Singh however refused to comment on whether a new party would be formed.The list Mulayam unveiled on Wednesday, included 176 sitting MLAs. It not only left out several pro-Akhilesh ministers, but also did not carry the names of over 50 sitting MLAs. On the other hand, 10 ministers, including Shivpal, who had been sacked by the Chief Minister, over the past few months, got tickets. These former ministers were in open defiance of Akhilesh and it had paid off.In a late night tit-for-tat action, the Chief Minister had struck back, sacking two Shivpal loyalists — Surabhi Shukla, vice-chairperson of UP Awas Vikas Parishad and her husband Sandeep Shukla from the post of advisor of Rajkiya Nirman Nigam. Sandeep has been fielded from Sultanpur Sadar seat.Mulayam had also ignored Akhilesh’s objections to certain names, like Sigbatullah Ansari, brother of jailed gangster Mukhtar Ansari, and Atiq Ahmed who faces over 40 criminal cases including that for murder. The list also included tainted minister Gayatri Prajapati, whose sacking and re-induction as minister exposed the factional infighting in the ruling party.The SP supremo also made clear his differences with Akhilesh on the issue of a pre-poll alliance by ruling out any pact for a grand alliance. He even refused to project a chief ministerial candidate, dealing a serious blow to his son at a time when polls are to be announced very soon.A senior party leader said that by taking on political dons and criminals, Akhilesh was attempting to grow bigger than his party. The party leader also admitted that the chief minister’s image was getting bigger by the day but also added that the image was yet to grow as big as his father’s — who has the ability to turn political fortunes at the elections.

UP Elections 2017: Akhilesh likely to announce his own list of candidates, says SP MLA

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The feud in Uttar Pradesh’s first family appeared to be worsening, with an unhappy Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday meeting legislators who have not found place in the list of 325 declared candidates and then conveying his objections to his father and SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav who had announced the nominees yesterday. After the meeting, SP MLA Indal Singh said that UP CM is likely to come up with his own list of candidates for the upcoming UP elections. Hectic political activities began in the morning with party leaders gathering outside the residences of Akhilesh and Mulayam. A big crowd assembled outside Shivpal’s residence also. Akhilesh, clearly upset over being apparently kept out of the process to select candidates for the upcoming Assembly polls, met at his 5-Kalidas Marg residence here his supporters, including legislators and office bearers who do not figure in the list, party sources said. Later, he spoke to Mulayam to convey his displeasure over the list of candidates from which names of his close confidants are missing, the sources said.Mulayam, along with his brother and state party chief Shivpal Yadav, yesterday declared candidates for 325 of the 403 Assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh and ruled out projecting Akhilesh as the Chief Ministerial candidate.Akhilesh was away on Bundelkhand tour when the list was released at a hurriedly-convened press conference. The Chief Minister and Shivpal have been involved in a power struggle for several months now. The list, which includes 176 sitting MLAs, announced by Mulayam and Shivpal in the absence of Akhilesh, has left out several pro-Akhilesh ministers, including Ram Govind Chaudhary, Pawan Pandey and Arvind Singh Gope, and does not carry names of over 50 sitting MLAs.Besides, 10 ministers, including Shivpal, sacked by the chief minister over the past few months have got tickets. These former ministers were in open defiance of Akhilesh and it paid off. Within hours after release of the list, which clearly bore the stamp of Mulayam and Shivpal, Akhilesh had said he would take up the choice of candidates with the party chief.”The list does not include names of certain candidates who are sure to win. I will take it up with the SP chief and tell him that some of them have done really good work and they should be given tickets,” an upset Akhilesh had said last night. In a late night tit-for-tat action, the Chief Minister struck back sacking two Shivpal loyalists — Surabhi Shukla, vice-chairperson of UP Awas Vikas Parishad and her husband Sandeep Shukla from the post of advisor of Rajkiya Nirman Nigam. Sandeep has been fielded from Sultanpur Sadar seat.

SP’s feud out in the open again, Akhilesh conveys displeasure to Mulayam over candidates list

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>With Mulayam Singh Yadav’s public snub to his son in announcement of candidates’ list for UP polls leaving bitterness in the ruling camp, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday spoke to the SP supremo to convey his displeasure over the choice of names.The factional feud in the Samajwadi Party was again in the open, a day after Mulayam Singh Yadav declared candidates for 325 of the 403 Assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh and ruled out projecting Akhilesh as the Chief Ministerial candidate.A clearly upset Akhilesh met his supporters at his 5-Kalidas Marg residence here and later spoke to his father and party patriarch Mulayam Singh to convey his displeasure over the list of candidates from which names of his close confidants were missing, party sources said.Hectic political activities began right from the morning with party leaders gathering outside the residences of Akhilesh and Mulayam. A big crowd also assembled outside Shivpal’s residence.Party sources said the Chief Minister, before meeting Mulayam, met legislators and office bearers who do not figure in the list of nominees.The list, which includes 176 sitting MLAs, announced by Mulayam and Shivpal in the absence of Akhilesh, has left out several pro-Akhilesh ministers, including Ram Govind Chaudhary, Pawan Pandey and Arvind Singh Gope, and does not carry names of over 50 sitting MLAs.Besides, 10 ministers, including Shivpal, sacked by the chief minister over the past few months have got tickets. These former ministers were in open defiance of Akhilesh and it paid off.Within hours after release of the list, which clearly bore the stamp of Mulayam and Shivpal, Akhilesh who was away in Bundelkhand yesterday, had said he would take up the choice of candidates with the party chief.”The list does not include names of certain candidates who are sure to win. I will take it up with the SP chief and tell him that some of them have done really good work and they should be given tickets,” an upset Akhilesh had said last night.In a late night tit-for-tat action, the Chief Minister struck back sacking two Shivpal loyalists — Surabhi Shukla, vice-chairperson of UP Awas Vikas Parishad and her husband Sandeep Shukla from the post of advisor of Rajkiya Nirman Nigam. Sandeep has been fielded from Sultanpur Sadar seat.Soon after returning to the state capital from Bundelkhand yesterday, Akhilesh had decided to convene a meeting of party leaders to listen to their “grievances”.Mulayam clearly ignored Akhilesh’s objections to certain names, like Sigbatullah Ansari, brother of jailed gangster Mukhtar Ansari, and Atiq Ahmed who faces over 40 criminal cases including of murder.The list also included tainted minister Gayatri Prajapati, whose sacking and re-induction as minister exposed factional fight in the ruling party.The SP supremo also made very clear his differene with Akhilesh on the issue of pre-poll alliance by ruling out any pact for a gathbandhan or maha-gathbandhan and even refused to project a chief ministerial candidate, dealing a serious blow to his son at a time when polls are to be announced very soon.Out of the 325 names announced by Mulayam, 218 tally with the panel submitted by Akhilesh to the SP chief, but 107 names do not match with the list given by the chief minister, indicating their sharp differences.The list of candidates announced by Mulayam included those from 176 seats represented by SP in the outgoing Assembly, while 149 candidates were declared from constituencies where the party did not have an MLA.Candidates for the remaining 78 constituencies are to be announced later leaving a small window for some adjustments to avoid perhaps the final showdown between father-son duo before the elections, a party insider said.

Watch: Leopard from Yamuna biodiversity Park ‘trapped’

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Authorities on Saturday trapped the leopard that was spotted in Yamuna biodiversity Park in Delhi in November, setting in motion the process that will lead to it being released in the wild, most likely in Haryana’s Kalesar National Park. The wild cat was trapped and “partially tranquillised” before being caged in the early morning hours. It will now undergo a range of medical tests at the Delhi Zoo, chief wildlife warden of Delhi AK Shukla said. “It will be medically tested which is a prerequisite before such animals are released in the wild. We will check whether it is fit to be released because it may have injured himself or may have contracted some infection,” Shukla said.The male leopard’s presence in the Yamuna biodiversity park had cheered wildlife enthusiasts and was being seen as an achievement considering wild cats had completely disappeared from the region. But Delhi government decided to trap and relocate it saying it may pose threat to villagers in the vicinity. The news of its sighting had come soon after villagers in Haryana’s Sohna district had thrashed a leopard to death.Although authorities were initially considering releasing it in Uttarakhand’s Rajaji National Park, that plan has been shelved as there is “zero possibility” that it has come from there. “It is young and its family might be in Kalesar from where it has come trekking along the Yamuna. But we are in touch with authorities elsewhere also and will translocate it in the most appropriate location possibly in the next two days.”It was partially tranquillised to prevent injuries. Animals, when caged, try to break free and injure themselves in the process,” Shukla said.

Madhya Pradesh: Ten juveniles escape from remand home after beating guard

Fri, 9 Dec 2016-11:31pm , Jabalpur , PTI
<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Ten juveniles escaped from a remand home on Friday after allegedly attacking a lone security guard under Ranjhi police station area in Jabalpur.The incident occurred around 10 am when some boys were taking a bath while ten of them attacked the guard. “They snatched the keys from him and escaped after unlocking the gate of the shelter,” said Remand Home superintendent Punit Verma.A complaint has been lodged with the police who are trying to track them down. When contacted, Ranjhi police station inspector Sanjay Shukla said a hunt is underway.

Trump’s ignorant talks with Sharif may send wrong message to India: American magazine report

Washington: President-elect Donald Trump’s “ignorant” conversation with Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif may send India an unwelcome message, a leading American magazine has said.

US President-elect Donald Trump. AP

US President-elect Donald Trump. AP

The Forbes magazine said that Trump’s “flattering” conversation sends a message that he has no awareness of the issues between the US, Pakistan and India.

“His bluster is more likely to be taken as the initial signal of his Administration’s position. When he goes on and on about how wonderful Pakistan is, and how strong is his friendship, it matters. It matters that he uses words like: very good reputation, amazing work…fantastic country, fantastic place, fantastic people,” it said.

“One of the main messages it sends, is that he shows no awareness of the issues between the United States, Pakistan, and India,” it said.

Stating that Trump is not aware about the ground realities in South Asia, it said, his “ignorant” conversation with Sharif may send India an “unwelcome message”.

Meanwhile, a prominent Hindu American group urged Trump to carefully look at the records of Pakistan in particular its fight against terrorism and human rights.

“Diplomacy is necessary in dealing with Pakistan, but President-elect Trump and his Administration will need to proceed with caution and full awareness of the country’s double-dealing track record,” Suhag Shukla, executive director of Hindu American Foundation (HAF) said in a statement expressing concern over the readout issued by Pakistan after a telephonic conversation between Trump and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

“If the transcript of the conversation is indeed accurate, we’d urge President-elect Trump to look more carefully at Pakistan’s record within its own borders and with its neighbours before offering praise to a state that according to most observers is failing,” Shukla said.

First Published On : Dec 2, 2016 14:38 IST

Bhopal jailbreak: MP Home Minister Bhupendra Singh, DGP speak in different voices

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Amid growing opposition clamour for a judicial probe into the encounter killing of eight SIMI activists, Madhya Pradesh’s Home Minister Bhupendra Singh on Tuesday said there was no need for any investigation, while state’s police chief Rishi Kumar Shukla maintained the CID will go into the incident.Eight undertrial terror suspects of the outlawed SIMI had been shot dead by police in an alleged encounter within hours of their escape from high-security Bhopal central jail after killing a constable. Videos shot purportedly at the scene of the encounter appeared to question its authenticity, prompting demands by opposition parties for a judicial inquiry.”It is mandated by the law that the state’s CID will investigate the encounters for a free and fair probe,” Director General of Police Rishi Kumar Shukla told PTI, adding there was nothing new in it.”CID is going to do its duty according to the law and inform the (competent) court,” he said.Home Minister Singh, however, struck a different note. “There is no need for any investigation into the encounter,” he told reporters in Anuppur district earlier in the day.”Bhopal Police Range Inspector General Yogesh Choudhary has already briefed the media about details of the encounter yesterday,” he said.”He (IG) has briefed on how the encounter took place. So there is no need for any inquiry,” Singh said.The National Investigation Agency (NIA), he said, will only look into the jail break incident — the plan, from where the accused got help, from inside and outside, their links in the country and their network.”NIA will not inquire into the encounter,” he said.Meanwhile, sources close to DGP Shukla said he has already asked Superintendent of Police (CID) Anurag Sharma to head the probe into the encounter.

10-year-old contributes Rs 1000 for PM Modi’s Clean Ganga Mission

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In a heart-warming gesture, a 10-year-old boy from Chennai sent a sum of Rs 1000 to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Alongwith the money, he also wrote a letter to PM Modi. The boy in his letter asked PM to use the money for Centre’s Clean Ganga mission.G Shashank from Nadippakkm, Chennai, in his letter to PM, says that ‘Ganga is a religious river’, and we (citizens) should not use plastic bags or polythene bags. He also invited PM Modi to his house. In the letter, Shashank writes that he won Rs 1000 as first prize in devotional Sanskrit competition. Image Courtesy: Tarun Shukla TwitterThe Prime Minister’s Office wrote back to Shashank saying “The Prime Minister appreciates his thoughtful gesture.”Image Courtesy: Tarun Shukla Twitter

Jigisha murder case: Delhi HC seeks response of death row convicts

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Delhi High Court on Tuesday sought the reply of two death row convicts in the 2009 Jigisha Ghosh murder case, whose case file has been sent by the trial court in Delhi for confirmation of capital punishment.A bench of justices Gita Mittal and P S Teji also sought personal presence of convicts Ravi Kapoor and Amit Shukla, who were handed down death penalty by the trial court. The bench, which has fixed the matter for further hearing on November 24, also issued production warrants to the two.The sessions judge had sent the case record relating to the conviction and death sentence of Kapoor and Shukla to the high court. It is mandatory for a trial court to refer a death penalty case to a high court for confirmation of the sentence within 30 days of the pronouncement of the verdict. The trial court had on July 14 held the duo guilty for murder of 28-year-old IT executive Jigisha Ghosh and other counts.While sentencing the two to death on August 22, the trial court had said the girl was killed in a “cold-blooded, inhuman and cruel manner” and “brutally mauled to death”. It had said the magnitude and brutality exhibited by the convicts made the case ”rarest of rare”, warranting capital punishment for Kapoor and Shukla. The third offender Baljeet Malik was given reprieve from the gallows for his good conduct in jail.The three have challenged their conviction and order on sentence awarded by the trial court, on which the police were asked by the high court to file their response. Kapoor and Shukla in their appeal have said the trial court has “wrongly held that the case falls in the category of rarest of rare”.Malik, challenging his conviction and sentence of life term through his counsel Amit Kumar, has said the trial court judge has “failed to appreciate that there were contradictions and discrepancies in the depositions of prosecution witnesses (PWs) and, therefore conviction and the sentence awarded to him is liable to be set aside”.Shukla said the trial court has committed grave error by awarding death penalty to him, simply on the basis of biased jail/probation report about his client.The trial court had imposed varying fines on the convicts. While Kapoor was slapped a fine of Rs 1.2 lakh due to his inability to pay, Shukla and Malik were directed to pay Rs 2.8 lakh and Rs 5.8 lakh respectively as the pre-sentencing report had suggested they were financially strong.The trio are also facing trial for the murder of TV journalist Soumya Viswanathan, killed a year before Jigisha. It had also directed that out of the total fine of Rs 9.8 lakh, Rs 6 lakh be paid to the parents of the victim, and an adequate compensation amount be decided by the District Legal Service Authority (South).The trial court had held the three guilty under several sections of IPC, including 302 (murder), 364 (abducting for murder), 201 (destruction of evidence), 394 (voluntarily causing hurt in committing robbery), 468 (forgery for purpose of cheating) and 471 (using as genuine a forged document). It, however, held that the charge of criminal conspiracy (120-B of IPC) could not be proved against them.The police had filed the charge sheet in the case in June 2009, stating that Jigisha”s post-mortem report revealed that she was killed by smothering. The trial in the case began in April 2010. Recovery of the weapon allegedly used in Jigisha’s murder had led to cracking of the murder case of Soumya Vishwanathan, who was a journalist with a news channel.Soumya was shot dead on September 30, 2008 while she was returning home in her car from office in the wee hours. The police had claimed robbery as the motive behind the killings of both Jigisha and Soumya.

Seven workers injured in explosion at Chhattisgarh steel plant

Raipur: At least seven workers suffered burn injuries, two of them grievously, following an explosion at a steel plant here, police said on Saturday.

The explosion took place last night at Bajrang Ispat located in Tilda Police Station area here when the victims were working close to a blast furnace, Raipur Superintendent of Police Sanjeev Shukla told PTI.

Representational image. ReutersRepresentational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

As per preliminary information, when the night shift workers were busy with their task, suddenly a chamber of furnace exploded following which hot liquid fell on them causing burn injuries, he said.

Soon after getting information of the incident, Raipur Collector OP Choudhary and the SP rushed to the spot along with security personnel.

“Seven workers were injured in the incident and were immediately shifted to a private hospital here,” he said.

“Two of them were said to be in a serious condition as they have sustained over 80 percent burns,” Shukla added.

Police team and experts have been sent to the spot to ascertain the exact cause of the explosion, he said.

A case has been registered in this connection, the SP said adding that further probe was on.

Man held for raping minor girl in Chhattisgarh

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A 24-year-old old man was today arrested here on charges of repeatedly raping a minor girl, police said.The crime came to light when the 14-year-old victim gave birth to a baby at a Madarsa in Kanker district last week.”Accused Aabad Farooqui was on Tuesday apprehended by Kotwali police on the basis of a complaint from the victim,” Raipur SP Sanjeev Shukla told PTI.After delivering the child, she tried to abandon it and flee but was caught by the director of the Madarsa, who later informed the police.Kanker police had lodged a zero FIR and transferred the case to Raipur Kotwali police station, the SP said.As per the complaint, the girl was repeatedly raped by Farooqui between August 20 and 28, 2015 at a Madarsa here, while she was studying there, he said.After she went home for a religious festival, she refused to return to the Madarsa, following which her parents admitted her to Madarsa Gulshan-e-Zahara in Kanker, where she delivered the baby.Besides, the girl had also alleged that she was threatened of dire consequences by the accused if she revealed the matter, said Shukla.The accused was booked under section 376 (rape) and other sections of the IPC and relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, the SP said, adding that a probe was on.

Ink attack on Manish Sisodia: Accused sent to judicial custody, moves bail plea

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The man, who had allegedly thrown ink at Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia outside the Lieutenant Governor’s office on Monday, was sent to judicial custody for a day on Tuesday by a Delhi court. Metropolitan Magistrate Ambika Singh remanded 42-year-old Brijesh Shukla in judicial custody till Wednesday when he was produced before the court by police and his counsel moved a bail application.The court also fixed hearing of Shukla’s bail plea for tomorrow in which he has claimed that the allegations against him were “false and fabricated” and he had not created any hurdle for public servant in performing duty. The application filed through advocate Rajesh Kumar said his client’s custody was no more required as the investigation of police was almost complete and recovery has also been made.Shukla, a resident of Karawal Nagar in north east Delhi and President of Swaraj Janta Party, told the reporters outside the courtroom that he does not regret throwing ink at Sisodia. Shukla, who was arrested on Monday for allegedly throwing copious amount of ink at Sisodia, had then said he was angry with the Deputy CM for his Finland tour at a time when the city was grappling with a health crisis.Shukla has been booked under sections 186 (obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions), 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) and 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace) of the IPC. Police has also alleged that the accused had manhandled the constable on duty.The complaint against Shukla was filed by C Arvind, the secretary of the Deputy Chief Minister. Shukla been actively engaged in protests against the AAP government over various issues and has also filed a complaint in court against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and AIMIM President Asaduddin Owaisi.

Yoga helps us achieve focus and agility, say paraplegic jawans

Grit accompanied with modern therapies and yoga can help achieve wonders even if the odds are heavily against you.Giving this message loud and clear are the outstanding jawans from the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC), Mohali, whose lower bodies (waist down) have almost become dysfunctional because of bullet or shrapnel injuries.Fourteen of them were part of the International Yoga Day celebrations at Capitol complex, Chandigarh and performed some asanas to such perfection that it left several participants captivated.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Army’s ex-rifleman Mohammed Latif from 10 JAK LI (Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry) regiment says he feels more rejuvenated since he made yoga a part of his daily routine about two years ago. Latif was hit by an enemy bullet when he was out on an operation in the Poonch-Rajouri sector in 2001. The bullet damaged his spinal cord, leaving him paralysed waist down.“I did not lose heart, and my hopes were rekindled when I got enrolled in a rehab programme at PRC, Mohali. The introduction of yoga about two years ago has helped me gain more confidence,” says Latif who is a Paralympic basketball player and represented India at the Pacific Paralympic Games in 2005.Latif’s basketball partner ex-Gunner, Ajit Kumar Shukla was also hit by a terrorist’s bullet while on patrol in Rajouri sector in 2005. The bullet pierced his stomach and smashed his spinal cord, making his lower body redundant. “We were to board a train for Hyderabad for the national basketball championship, but postponed that to attend this programme first. It is a great feeling to be a part of the yoga celebration. Yoga has helped us become strong mentally and more agile physically and it reflects in our game too. Now we are more at ease,” says Shukla, who became a proud father of twins eight months ago.“PRC introduced yoga with the help of the Art of Living Foundation in 2014 and since then the results have been encouraging. Jawans at our centre practice yoga each day – there is a short duration 20-minute yoga session on six days and a longer duration yoga session for a little more than one hour, once a week. Yoga has helped jawans recuperate faster,” says Col (retired) Jaswant Singh Spehia, director of PRC, Mohali.Captain (retired) Braj Paul Singh and Dr Archana are the Master Trainers who impart yoga training to about 45 jawans at the PRC. Capt Singh who was trained at Art of Living says, “The jawans perform Pranayam every day. Besides, we introduce customised asanas for each jawan, depending on his case and type of disability. It has helped them become more focused,” says Singh.

Mathura clashes: DM rejects claims of proposal to give Jahawar Bagh land on lease

Mathura District Magistrate Nikhil Chandra Shukla on Saturday rejected claims that there was a proposal to give the land at Jahawar Bagh, where 29 people were killed in a clash between police and encroachers, on lease to sect chief Ram Vriksha Yadav and his followers, saying the proposal has no legal standing.”Though I am unaware of the complete facts related to the proposal for allotment of land on lease to Ram Vriksha and I would go have to go through the records for the same, however, it is a fact that government land can not be given to a private party unless the proposal is passed by the Cabinet,” he said.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Additional District Magistrate A K Awasthi said he has records to prove that the land belonged to the government. “The Khasra contains the name of Horticulture Department and the sale of produce, including fruits etc, was regularly deposited in the government’s account,” Awasthi said.He said duplicate land records would be prepared for the land.

5 more killed in Uttarakhand cloudbursts, toll mounts to 6

Five more persons were killed over the last 24 hours in Uttarakhand as heavy rains triggered by a series of cloudbursts hit Tehri and Uttarkashi districts. Uttarkashi’s Chinyalisaur area reported four fresh deaths. The toll in cloudburst now stands at six. Four persons, including three women, were swept in incidents of mudslide when a series of cloudbursts hit several villages in Chinyalisaur at 5 PM and 10 PM yesterday, SDM Vijay Nath Shukla, who is on a visit to affected areas, said today. The deceased women have been identified as Shartna Devi (45), Sunaina (19) and Godambari Devi (55) who hailed from Dargarh, Junga and Murogi localities, respectively. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Sunaina’s body has been recovered and a search is on for the rest, he said. Munshi Lal (40) was also swept away by a flood triggered by a cloudburst in Suri village, he said, adding 13 cattle were also buried alive under the debris in the area. The body of 14-year-old Bharti, a resident of Kireth village, who was swept away by waters following the cloudburst yesterday was recovered today from Kothiyaada village in Tehri district, Ghansali SDM Vinod Kumar said.A 15-year-old boy was yesterday killed as cloudbursts in Ghansali area damaged hundreds of houses in over half a dozen villages in Balganga Valley.

From Eden to Nabanna: Minister Laxmi Ratan Shukla ‘ready’ for 2nd innings

His cricket career had its share of regrets but Laxmi Ratan Shukla wants to forget all about it as he begins a new innings, albeit on the political pitch, by becoming one of the youngest ministers in Mamata Banerjee’s newly-sworn-in cabinet.Just three weeks after his 35th birthday, the former Bengal captain Shukla, who had played 3 ODIs for India in 1999, traded his white flannels for white kurta pyjama. Shukla, who had also played for Bengal this season, announced his retirement in not so happy circumstances, having relinquished his captaincy at the start of the season. He was, in fact, playing club cricket in CAB league when Banerjee told him that he has to fight the elections from Howrah, always a tricky area.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”From today, I want to forget the past. What led to my retirement and why could not play more than 3 matches for India, why I did not get a recall after 1999. I might have had some regrets on field but off it, in my second innings, I would like to start with a clean slate and make up by working for the development of people,” said Shukla.It was the hallowed turf of Eden Gardens that made Shukla a Bengal legend and as he settles down at ‘Nabanna’ (Government headquarters), Shukla is keen to do justice to the resounding mandate that people of North Howrah has given him.”It’s a different ‘pitch’ but as it has been the case with me, I am ready to slog it out. Earlier, for the cover drive, I had to ‘reach’ to the pitch of the delivery. Now I have to again ‘reach’ but it will be to the people of my constituency and the state. The people of Howrah (North) has blessed me as they had faith in Mamata Banerjee’s candidate,” Shukla told PTI while getting ready after the CM summoned a meeting of the new ministers.While the buzz is that he will be given the sports ministry, Shukla said he has not been told about the portfolio. “Didi’s (Banerjee) wish is my command. I am ready to do anything for the development of the people. You don’t get this kind of a mandate had there been no development in the state. My job is to be one of the soldiers, who will be the torch-bearer of that development,” said the former all-rounder, who scored 6217 first-class runs and took 172 wickets.At the centre, there has been instances of sportspersons getting ministerial berth during various regimes. It has not been the case in West Bengal, where professional sportspersons have been perceived as potential ministerial candidates because not many could win tough elections.Shukla’s rival was BJP’s actress-turned politician Roopa Ganguly but the former KKR and Delhi Daredevils all-rounder never had any doubts about his victory. “Self belief is something which I have always had in abundance. I had no doubts in my mind that my victory margin will be a big one,” said Shukla.

Odd-even 2.0: MPs want themselves to be ‘exempted’, Delhi govt says ‘not happening’

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s pet odd-even scheme came for a scathing attack in Parliament on Monday with members alleging it would “generate corruption” and was aimed at “insulting” MPs as they sought exemption from the scheme to attend Parliament.Raising the issue during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav contended that the scheme would not help CNG companies and companies manufacturing buses and cars and would hardly reduce pollution. He said Kejriwal had introduced the scheme to gain “cheap popularity”.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>However, Delhi transport minister Gopal Rai said that since only 4 days are left for the phase 2 to end, the MPs won’t be exempted from it. “Only 4 days are left for phase 2 of Odd-Even to end, so MPs won’t be exempted. MPs who stay far away and those who don’t have car pooling arrangement, we’re ready to make public transport arrangements for them,” Rai said. Citing an IIT-Kanpur study, he said the pollution from cars was a mere five per cent and the Delhi government had failed to address other issues which contribute to the remaining 95 per cent of pollution. While this was strongly contested by AAP member Bhagwant Mann, some BJP members were seen supporting Ranjan’s plea.In the Rajya Sabha, Naresh Agrawal from (SP) made a strong pitch for exempting MPs from the scheme as has been done for some other sections, a view that found reasonance among most of parties as well as Deputy Chairman of the House P J Kurien.Going hammer and tongs against Delhi government over the move, Agrawal alleged it has done so to “insult” the MPs and wondered why the Centre was “silent” on the issue.Ridiculing the AAP government of Delhi over the scheme which he said was an outcome of its penchant for new rules, Agrawal said days were not far when rules will be framed to prescribe “A and B will walk on the road on a particular day and C and D some other day. Only women will use the road one day and the next day only men.”Congress demands MPs to be exempted from the schemeCongress member Rajiv Shukla said MPs should be “exempted” from the scheme. Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad and Congress Deputy Leader Anand Sharma backed the views saying the scheme was coming in the way of discharing their duties.Kurien also supported the sentiments noting that the government’s duty was to help MPs discharge their duty in Parliament and asked why did the Parliamentary Affairs Minister not take up the matter with the Delhi government.”Or going by the suggestion of Shukla, MPs’ vehicles should be exempted from the scheme,” he said.Agrawal wondered what will happen if the elected government of Delhi starts interfering in Lutyens’ Delhi.”The Delhi government did not exempt the MPs deliberately in order to insult them even as many others were exempted. Ever since the odd-even scheme has been launched, we are facing problems.MPs get only one sticker of Parliament which they can put on their vehicles. There should be some alternative arrangement,” he said referring to the recent incident of a BJP MP violating the scheme in protest and paying a fine of Rs 3,500.Congress leader Anand Sharma said the scheme was coming in the way of MPs discharging their duties and not being able to attend the meetings of Parliamentary Committees due to it. Wondering how the scheme could be implemented when Parliament was in session, Sharma urged the Centre to take a call and insisted that “this issue needs to be addressed”.His party college Rajiv Shukla said “the only solution is that MP-labelled cars should be exempted.” JD(U)’s K C Tyagi, while supported the demand for exemption of MPs’ vehicles, said that criticising the scheme or Delhi government on this pretext was not correct as it had indeed brought down pollution and has been commended even by some foreign countries. Azad said many MPs have told him about inconvenience they were facing due to the scheme.Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said in a lighter vein that the Opposition should first allow working in Parliament, at which Kurien quipped “even if they have to disrupt, they will have to come here”.Taking the sentiments of members into account, Kurien said he thinks this matter needed to be taken up and asked Naqvi to take it up immediately. At an all-party convened here ahead of the session, some MPs had yesterday sought relief from the Speaker saying some members were facing inconvenience due to it.Raising the issue at the meeting, TRS leader A P Jithender Reddy said even Parliamentarians like him were facing problems in commuting in Delhi due to the scheme as they had only one car here and only one sticker was issued to them by the Lok Sabha exempting them. His request found some favour from the Speaker who later said she has asked the Lok Sabha secretariat to work out ways so that MPs do not suffer while commuting. The second phase of the scheme began on April 15 and will go on till April 30.

Anant Ambani weight loss: 3 lessons we can learn from his transformation

So Anant Ambani, the kid everyone picked on Twitter during previous IPL seasons for being fat reportedly lost a whopping 108 kg in 18 months and his weight loss story is breaking the internet. It would appear that his obesity was fuelled by the medication he was prescribed by chronic asthma, and whether you believe that or not, there’s no denying the amazing effort that’s required to lose that much weight.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Here are some important takeaways from his amazing journey:It takes an all-out effort to lose weightHaving lost 40 kg in 8 months, I know losing weight is tougher than it looks. The constant temptation to have just one bite, one snack, one tasty meal can be overwhelming. It’s like a version of hell, particularly for a person who loves to eat in general.Media reports suggest that his regime consisted of 21-km walks, yoga, functional training, weight training and high intensity cardio intervals which really puts into perspective how much effort is needed to lose weight. This was combined with a low-fat, sugar-free diet which is very hard to maintain and requires a lot of determination. All good things take time One aspect of weight loss regimes, which no one tells you is that it takes time to lose a lot of weight. 18 months to lose 108 kg is a perfectly healthy pace to lose weight. Crash diets often fail because weight loss is a gradual process. Also, it’s really unhealthy, negatively affects the immune system and leads to a situation where you gain back the lost weight once you stop dieting. The only way to lose weight is to follow a gradual process, which the Ambani scion has obviously done.Haters are going to hateMany commentators and regular people hate the Ambanis for reasons beyond logic. We hate them because we ain’t them and that hate has spilled over to attack Anant. When he used to turn for IPL matches earlier, Twitter was awash with jokes about his weight.Now when he has lost a mind-boggling 108 kg we mock him for being pictured with celebrities or turning up in the media. It’s not his fault if MS Dhoni, Rajiv Shukla or Salman Khan post pictures of him congratulating him. He grew up around these people, and they are proud of his journey. How does that make it right for people to mock him? It’s like your neighbourhood uncle praising you for getting your dream job. There are also theories going around about how he lost the weight, thanks to processes like bariatric surgery or liposuction. For the uninitiated, liposuction is a process which is used to get rid of stubborn fat from areas and cannot be used to get rid of 108 kg. And even if he got bariatric surgery, he’d still have to exercise to lose that much amount of weight. Being obese is an experience that only the inflicted can understand properly. You can have all the debates you want about positive body image, blah blah but at the end of the day we are a superficial society.When you are the fattest person in the room, your weight becomes your defining characteristic no matter how smart or funny you might be. And anyone who loses weight deserves our applause, not our ridicule. Being rich is not a crime (despite all the crimes that can make one rich, not that one is suggesting the Ambanis committed any crime, please don’t sue me, Jio rocks).

PM Modi tweets birthday greetings to Nitish Kumar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday greeted Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on his birthday, wishing him a long and happy life.”Birthday wishes to Bihar CM @NitishKumar ji. May he be blessed with a long and healthy life,” the Prime Minister tweeted.Congress leader Rajeev Shukla also wished the Chief Minister on Twitter.Earlier, Nitish had said that Prime Minister Modi had failed in the “examination” of the General Budget for 2016-17, which was disappointing.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”They have been talking about development of farmers, agriculture, but nothing concrete has been seen. When he was talking about the farmers, we hoped that what they had promised during the election in 2014 that the minimum support price will be decided by adding 50 percent with it. This is the third year and they have not yet fulfilled it,” Nitish told reporters.

UP Assembly elections 2017: Amit Shah to visit the state on February 24

BJP President Amit Shah will be on a two-day visit to Uttar Pradesh from February 24 during which he will address public meetings and inaugurate a new building at the party office.On the first day of his visit, Shah will address a public meeting in Bahraich, BJP spokesman Manish Shukla said. He will also address a meeting in Balrampur and lay foundation stone of party’s office ‘Atal Bhawan’, Shukla said.On February 25, he will inaugurate the new building at the party office.

CPI-M leader, Jagmohan Dalmiya’s daughter join Trinamool

Kolkata: West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress on Friday got a shot in the arm with former state minister and one-time frontline CPI-M leader Abdur Rezzak Mollah, ex-Indian cricketer Laxmi Ratan Shukla and deceased cricket administrator Jagmohan Dalmiya’s daughter Vaishali Dalmiya joining its fold.

Mamata Banerjee. File photo. PTIMamata Banerjee. File photo. PTI

Mamata Banerjee. File photo. PTI

The troika joined Trinamool in the presence of its supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at a party general council meeting here.

Mollah, a former land reforms minister, was expelled by the CPI-M in 2014 after he floated an outfit Social Justice Forum.

The veteran politician – who has won all assembly polls starting from 1972 – during his ministerial tenure in the Left Front regime openly protested against the land acquisition procedure followed in Singur in Hooghly district for the Nano car plant of Tata Motors.

In 2014, Mollah was attacked and injured in an attack, said to have been orchestrated by Trinamool leader Arabul Islam.

Welcoming Mollah to the party, Banerjee refered to him as a peasant leader. “He is for long been a leader in the left movement. He is a veteran peasant leader. We are happy that he has come to our party.”

Replying to queries from media persons, Mollah seemed distinctly uncomfortable at having sided with a leader (Banerjee) he had vehemently criticised over decades.

“Why should I tell you the reason for joining this party? If I divulge everything to you, what will I tell the people?”

Asked what he would tell the masses, Mollah snaped back: “I will tell the people myself what I feel. You don’t have to take responsibility.”

It is believed that Mollah wlll be the Trinamool candidate from Bhangar in South 24 Parganas district in the coming assembly elections.

Shukla, who played three One Day International matches for India in 1999, has also captained the Bengal Ranji Trophy team.

The grapevine has it that both Shukla and Dalmiya will fight the polls on Trinamool tickets.


Not 1, but 2, government tells two-wheeler dealers as it makes helmets must for pillion riders

Sell not one, but two helmets. The Maharashtra government’s diktat on helmet has this directive for two-wheeler dealers as well, even as it made helmets compulsory for pillion riders with immediate effect.Though the transport and traffic department’s stringency on the order is questionable, especially when there aren’t as many helmets available in the market as there are pillion riders, the order is clear. Wear it or be ready to pay penalty.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>As per the order, henceforth, it is mandatory for the two-wheeler dealers to sell two helmets to two-wheeler buyers and the Regional Transport Office has to ensure that there are two helmets when a bike is getting registered.”While issuing learner’s driving licence, an undertaking will be taken from the applicant for wearing helmets. Only then the licences will be issued,” says the note issued by the Transport Commissioner.The penalty for not wearing helmet is Rs 100.”Helmets are needed for the rider as well as pillion, but it needs to be implemented in a phased manner as the shops don’t have the required number of helmets. Plus, the helmets should be that of ISI approved standards. At the moment, ISI-approved helmets for children are not available in Indian markets,” observed Aly Premji of Alibhai Premji Tyrewala, a two-wheeler dealer.The cheapest ISI-approved helmet for adults is priced around Rs 585. The ones available at road side stalls are more cheaper, but are of poor quality and do not meet the safety standards.Within hours of the order to strictly implement the helmet rule, ignoring the safety aspect of the decision, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray lashed out at the government stating that the decision is being taken to benefit the helmet manufacturers.Whereas, two-wheeler owners are of the opinion it is not the first time that the government is announcing that helmets are must for pillion riders as well. “Once, I even bought it. But no serious efforts to ensure the same was there on part of the authorities,” said Anshuman Shukla, a south Mumbai resident.Another biker Mukhtar Khan opined, “We will have to carry two helmets even if I am stepping out alone from home. What if a friend asks for a lift?” Another issue for the bikers is that the two-wheelers aren’t designed to carry two helmets.

Maharashtra government allows Dream Girl keep her dream institute

Actress-turned-politician Hema Malini will be retaining the controversial 2,000 sqmt prime plot at Andheri, allocated by the state government at a token rate, for starting her dream project – a national dance academy.This was disclosed by revenue minister Eknath Khadse to dna, after chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, on Friday, announced his plans to scrap the rule that allows land allotments at concessional rates. The Government Resolution (GR) of 1984 allows land meant for cultural or educational purposes to be given on lease at 25% of 1976 rates.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Khadse told dna that they had already allotted the plot to Hema Malini for her dance academy. “There is no question of taking it back. The plot was allotted in 2010. Besides, this plot was reserved for cultural activities, and we cannot give it for other activities. The government had also invited suggestions and objections while reserving the land for such purposes,” said Khadse.Facing heat over alloting the prime piece of land for a song to Hema Malini, also a BJP MP, Fadnavis had said that the government is going to scrap the decades-old land allotments policy. He also said that no decision has been taken on cancelling the plot given to the actor.“If her plot is to be taken back, then all other plots, allocated on similar lines earlier, too will have to be taken back. The policy cannot be with a retrospective effect,” a senior government official pointed out on condition of anonymity. “Once the new land allotment policy comes into effect, we may have to take decisions on the basis of merit,” he added.Khadse said that lawmakers have taken the welfare state approach while framing the constitution. “We have to allot such plots at mere value to start educational institutions, hospitals and other social initiatives. We have to follow the inclusive growth policy. And, we are not here only to generate revenue by selling or allotting the government land at exorbitant rates,” Khadse said.RTI activist Anil Galgali, however, opined that the government should not allot such prime plot to such super-rich film personalities, capable of buying land in the open market. “Levying 25% of 1976 rates was too negligible. The government has to charge as per the current government rates. In the policy also, the allotment should be linked to the current ready-reckoner rate,” he said.Galgali said that Hema Malini also should be asked to pay as per the current market rate. The current land rate is Rs 65,000 per sqft, which means that the total cost of the plot comes around Rs 13 crore. “We are not against giving the plot, but it should fetch some good revenue to the state as well,” Galgali said.The 2,000 sqmt plot was given to Hema Malini for Rs 90,000.Galgali further pointed out that Hema that had not yet returned the earlier allotted Versova plot, measuring 1,741.89 sqmt. Khadse said most of the Versova plot comes under the coastal zone regulations. “Hema cannot do anything there. So she is going to return that plot and retain the Andheri plot,” a source pointed out.Some other beneficiaries of the 1976 land allotment policy include former Congress chief ministers Vilasrao Deshmukh and AR Antulay, Congress member Rajiv Shukla and BJP’s Gopinath Munde. Shukla is said to have got a 2,821 sqmt plot at Andheri for just under ?1 lakh. Most of the Gymkhana, including Matoshree run by Shiv Sena MLA Ravindra Waikar, was also handed over at a throw-away price.

Mahatma Gandhi thought India, in her impatience, created many anarchists, reveals new book

New Delhi: Nearly four decades before Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was put on trial for conspiracy, the two had shared stage for Dussehra celebrations in London where one praised pacifist Rama and the other the demon-slayer Durga.

On 24 October 1909, Gandhi was invited to preside over the celebrations by the local Indian community which he accepted on the condition that there would not be political content in the speeches. Veer Savarkar, who was then studying law in London, was also invited.

“In spite of their pledge, both Gandhi and Savarkar conveyed their political ideals concealed in religious speeches to the audience.

“While speaking about the festival, Gandhi praised the virtues of pacifist Lord Rama and Savarkar extolled Goddess Durga who eliminates evil – both referred to their political ideologies which were at variance when it came to methods, one peaceful and the other militant,” says Pramod Kapoor, author of Gandhi-An Illustrated Biography and publisher of Roli Books.

Addressing the audience, comprising both Hindus and Muslims, Savarkar, a staunch Hindu nationalist leader, said, “Hindus are the heart of Hindustan, adding that just as the beauty of the rainbow is enhanced by its varied hues, Hindustan will appear more beautiful if it assimilated all that was best in Muslim, Parsi, Jewish and other communities.”

“Gandhi agreed with his views,” says Kapoor.

39 years later on May 24, 1948, nine people, including Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse and Veer Savarkar would go on trial for killing the Mahatma, who would die with ‘He Ram’ on his lips. All except Savarkar were pronounced guilty.

A file photo of Mahatma Gandhi. AFPA file photo of Mahatma Gandhi. AFP

A file photo of Mahatma Gandhi. AFP

The 319-page book has snippets of the Mahatma’s life, his letters to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Nazi Dictator Adolf Hitler and several rare photographs.

It has an interesting story about a ceremony to mark grant of university status to Hindu College in Benaras, founded by Annie Besant, in 1916 where the Viceroy was to preside over the grand function.

Speaking at the event, Gandhi who had earned a name for himself in South Africa but was yet to assume any substantial leadership role in India, was critical of the Maharajas.

“He said there was no salvation for India unless they stripped themselves of the jewellery and held it in trust for the poor. Many princes walked out.

“Gandhi then commented on the heavy security in place for the Viceroy with policemen all around and posted on rooftops. ‘Why this distrust? Is it not better that even Lord Hardinge should die than live a living death’. He referred to the fact that India ‘in her impatience has produced an army of anarchists.

“‘I myself am an anarchist but of another type’. He then went on to make a positive reference to bomb-throwers, at which point Annie Besant told him to stop,” says Kapoor in the book.

The book has a chapter on Champaran revolution that put Gandhi firmly in a leadership role.

His Champaran revolution came about because of an unlettered indigo cultivator from the area Rajkumar Shukla, who had approached many Congress leaders to take up the cause of the farmers against British landlords and their militias.

Initially not even Gandhi paid any attention having never heard of Champaran. But Shukla persevered, following Gandhi everywhere he went, begging him to visit Champaran.

“Worn down by the man’s persistence, Gandhi arrived in Patna accompanied by Shukla in April 1917,” says Kapoor, narrating a interesting story when even the Mahatma was unwelcome at the house of Rajendra Prasad, who would go on to become independent India’s first President.

“As Prasad was away, Shukla convinced the servants that Gandhi should be permitted to stay in the house. The servants, however, were reluctant. Gandhi’s peasant-type dress had put them off and the servants refused to allow him use the toilet inside the house or draw water from the well which they themselves used,” says the book.

A livid Gandhi would write about Shukla in scathing terms. “The man who brought me here does not know anything. He has dumped me in some obscure place. The master of the house is away and the servants take us both to be beggars. They don’t even permit us the use of latrine, not to speak of inviting us for meals. I take care to provide for myself with the things I need so as to be able to maintain complete indifference,” Gandhi wrote.

Gandhi then shifted to the home of Maulana Mazharul Haq, a Muslim leader whom he had known in London. Prasad was to later join Gandhi in Champaran, marking the beginning of a long association.

There is another anecdote about how the Mahatma, sworn to non-violence, allowed a man charged with murder to join his Dandi march.

“The marchers also included, strangely enough, a man charged with murder. His name was Kharag Bahadur Singh, a commerce graduate and secretary of the Gurkha Samaj, an association of Gurkhas,” says Kapoor in the book.

Kharag Bahadur had stayed at the ashram earlier but on February 26, 1927, he had made headlines for stabbing a rich Marwari, Hiralal Agarwalla, in Calcutta.

The provocation was a young Nepali girl who had been sold into sex slavery. She was kept at Agarwalla’s house for five months where he and his friends raped her every night. She managed to escape and told the story of her torture to the Samaj. Kharag Bahadur met her in hospital and decided to avenge her. He went to Agarwalla’s house disguised as a trader and stabbed him with his Khukri.

In true Gandhian style, he pleaded for maximum sentence in the court. He was, however, freed after two years for good conduct.

“He wrote to Gandhi to allow him join the march. He wanted to atone for the sins committed by Gurkhas who opened fire at Jallianwala, killing hundreds of fellow Indians. Despite protests from some marchers about his past, Gandhi let him be part of the Dandi March,” Kapoor says.

The book also contains a 14-page ‘public letter’ written by Harilal Gandhi, the estranged eldest son of Gandhi, to his father.

The book also talks about Gandhi’s love for the game of cricket. Though very few would associate Gandhi with any sport, the book has a rare photograph of Gandhi with members of Greyville Cricket Club, Durban.

The author says historian Ramchandra Guha researched this aspect of Gandhi’s life and wrote an article for the Hindu in which he quotes a Gujarati journalist sharing that one of Gandhi’s schoolmates remembered him as a ‘dashing cricketer’ and an all-rounder, with an uncanny understanding of the game’s uncertainties. During a match played between Rajkot city and Rajkot cantonment, Gandhi had a strong intuition that a certain player would be out, and that is what exactly happened.


Tamil Nadu: Suicide note of 3 medical students accuses college of charging excess fees

Women activist Shamina Shafiq on Sunday dubbed the suicide committed by three female students of a medical college in Tamil Nadu as ‘shocking’ and demanded a thorough probe so that the truth behind the unfortunate incident comes to the fore.”It is shocking that three students of the same college have committed suicide. There must have been a very serious issue that these girls took such a step. It is very unfortunate,” Shafiq said.The former NCW member further said two angles must be looked into this unfortunate incident to get to the bottom of this case.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”A proper investigation should be carried out to find out the exact cause. Why they decided to end their lives in such a sad manner? With the increase in suicide cases in the colleges, it is necessary for the institutes to have proper psychological counselling to which the students can look upon in case they face any kind of mental trauma,” said Shamina.”There are various angles, which need to be looked upon. First, whether there was any psychological counselling? It is very necessary for the colleges to have such counselling as to where the students can go and look upon when they are facing any kind of mental trauma. Second, it is necessary to find whether there was any kind of sexual harassment with those students?” she added.Meanwhile, former Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson Barkha Shukla Singh shifted the blame on the BJP-led NDA Government, saying that the HRD Ministry has been under controversies ever since the saffron party has come to power.”Recently, a student from Hyderabad University committed suicide and now these three girls in Tamil Nadu. What is the ministry doing?” Shukla asked.”The (HRD) Ministry should refrain from politics and must focus on students as it is a question of their future. It is very unfortunate that the students are forced to end up their lives in such a manner,” she added.Three second-year students of Svs Medical College of Yoga and Naturopathy and Research Institute at Kallakurichi near Viluppuram in Tamil Nadu committed suicide on Saturday evening, accusing the administration of charging excess fees and ‘torture’ and blaming college chairman Vasuki Subramanian for their death. The three girls namely E Saranya and V Priyanka (both 18 years) and T Monisha (19 years) in a two-page suicide note said that the students had filed several complaints against Subramanian but to no avail. Citing ‘torture’ by the management, the girls hoped that their suicide would finally force the authorities to take action against the chairman.The girls accused the administration of charging ‘excess fees’ around Rs six lakh and never giving the bill. They also mentioned that the college lacked proper classes or teachers and there was ‘nothing to learn’. The students had been protesting for more than a month over lack of infrastructure, but it was only in the last two weeks that the protest turned vigorous. The police, which has begun investigating this matter, has so far arrested the Shokkar Verma, the son of the chairman, in connection with this case.The incident comes days after Rohith Vemula, a Dalit scholar of Hyderabad University, allegedly committed suicide after he and his four friends were suspended by the authorities from the hostel after a fight with the ABVP activists in the campus. The Hyderabad incident has sparked nationwide outrage with the Opposition demanding the resignations of Union Ministers Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatreya. (ANI)

Former executive editor of Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece joins BJP

Prem Shukla, former executive editor of Shiv Sena’s Hindi language mouthpiece ‘Dopahar ka Saamna’, on Wednesday formally joined the BJP, days after he quit the tabloid apparently over differences with Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray.Shukla was inducted as the BJP member at a function organised in Mumbai in the presence of state unit BJP secretary (organisation) Ravindra Bhusari, city unit BJP chief Ashish Shelar and heads of various wings of the BJP. Though Shukla has not been given any post yet, Shelar hinted that he may be assigned some responsibilities to be tackled at the national level.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>On the occasion, Shukla said that he would work for strengthening the BJP and do any task his party asks him to. Shukla had resigned as executive editor on December 31 last year, apparently after falling out with Thackeray amid speculation that he was on his way to BJP which is the ruling party in the state with Sena as its partner.Shukla, appointed as Editor of ‘Dopahar Ka Saamana’ in 2005 after his predecessor Sanjay Nirupam quit, never held any political post with Sena, but acted as the party’s face in articulating its views on various issues before print and electronic media.Before putting down his papers, Shukla had stopped participating in television debates, reportedly at the behest of Thackeray as the latter believed that Shukla was siding with the BJP.