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Kolkata hit-and-run: Accused Sambia Sohrab confesses to driving killer car

Sambia Sohrab, the main accused in Red Road hit and run case and son of state Trinamool Congress member Mohammed Sohrab, on Friday confessed that he was behind the wheels of the car which mowed down an IAF officer during a Republic Day parade rehearsal here, police said.According to a top Kolkata Police officer, Sambia broke down during a prolonged interrogation being held since this morning and confessed that he was driving the white color brand new Audi on the fateful morning of January 13 which killed IAF officer Abhimanyu Gaud.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”Sambia has been giving us false statements to misdirect.Since day one of interrogation he has been giving us contradictory versions regarding the mishap. Sometimes, he said he was not driving the car but it was Sonu, his friend and another accused, behind the wheels. But today some strategic interrogation helped us getting Sambia’s confession,” the KP official told PTI late tonight.KP sleuths have also arrested Sonu and Johnnie, both friends of Sambia.During investigation it was found that on the night before the mishap, Sambia, his elder brother Ambia, Sonu and Johnnie along with others attended a party at Doighat in the Port area of the city.”Sambia has also admitted that he was drunk while driving the Audi on January 13 morning,” the IPS said.Sambia, the officer said, has also admitted that he was alone in the car while Sonu and Johnnie were in another vehicle.Incidentally, the two have been claiming that they were not travelling in the Audi, which Sambia was driving, .Kolkata Police have seized a Skoda, which the two accused claimed that they were driving.Talking about Ambia and father and TMC member Mohammed Sohrab’s whereabouts, another top source in Kolkata Police said as per their information, the duo were trying to cross over to Bangladesh.”We have accordingly alerted forces at the Bangladesh border,” the sources said.A city court yesterday had issued a arrest warrant against Mohammed Sohrab.The three arrested have been booked under IPC sections 120(B) (criminal conspiracy), 302 (murder), 307 (attempt to murder), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence), 212 (harbouring offender) and 427 (mischief causing damage).

Kolkata hit-and-run case: Warrant against accused Sambia Sohrab’s father

A Kolkata court on Thursday issued arrest warrant of Mohammed Sohrab, father of Sambia Sohrab, prime accused in the January 13 hit-and-run case in which an IAF officer was mowed down by a speeding car during Republic Day parade rehearsal.Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Bankshal Court, Sanjay Ranjan Pal, issued the warrant against Mohammed Sohrab, said to be a Trinamool Congress member, on Kolkata Police prayer. Kolkata Police Joint Commissioner (Crime) Debasish Boral said the senior Sohrab could be a “key” person in cracking the case and hence the plea for the warrant was made.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”We believe that Mohammed Sohrab knows much of what happened after the January 13 mishap. Going by the developments in the case, it seems he had helped Sambia and others to flee. Getting him will help us in the investigation in the case,” Boral said.Mohammed Sohrab, said to be a TMC member and a former RJD MLA, and Ambia, his elder son, have been absconding since January 13 and police have launched a search for the duo in and outside the state. Sambia and his two friends Shahnawaz Khan alias Sonu and Johnny were arrested.Incidentally, TMC has distanced itself from Mohammed Sohrab saying that the party has no connection with the person driving the Audi or his father.”The culprits must certainly be booked as per law of the land. We have nothing to do with them and have never had anything to do with them,” TMC national spokesperson Derek O’Brien had said in a statement.On whether any of the arrested persons have confessed their crime, Boral said the three have been constantly giving contradictory statements.According to another senior officer of the Anti Rowdy Section, the trio had been taken to the spot on the Red Road for a reconstruction of the mishap. Now the police are mulling to take them there separately to know how they escaped from the scene. The police sleuths are also having a tough time in ascertaining how many persons were there in the white Audi that killed IAF officer Abhimanyu Gaud.All the three have been booked under IPC sections 120(B) (criminal conspiracy), 302 (murder), 307 (Attempt to murder), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence), 212 (harbouring offender) and 427 (mischief causing damage) and have been remanded to police custody till January 3.

Kolkata hit-and-run: Accused giving contradictory statements, say police

Sambia Sohrab, Johnny and Sonu, the three accused in the January 15 hit-and-run case, have been giving contradictory versions due to which police have not been able to reach a conclusion on the incident where an Air Force officer was mowed down by a speeding Audi during a Republic Day parade rehearsal.”We tried to reconstruct what actually happened that day and how many persons were involved in the mishap. Separate interrogations of the three as well as questioning them after making them sit together were conducted by our detectives,” a senior officer of Kolkata Police anti-rowdy section (ARS) said.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>However, no conclusion could be reached since they gave contradictory versions, he said.”Sambia has been lying to us since day one… We are cross checking them with Johnny and Sonu’s statements,” the officer said.Early on Wednesday, the sleuths took the three accused to the Red Road area where the accident happened on January 13 and tried to reconstruct the incident, he said.”Johnny and Sonu said they were not in the Audi, while Sambia kept repeating that the two were travelling with him in that car. We found that they (Sambia, Sonu and Johnny) had fled together after the incident. They were together all through. They left the car and walked across the Maidan area and then hired a cab to Jorasanko in the city. Later, they went to a coffee joint at Park Street and then escaped from the state,” the officer said.To help the probe the sleuths would need to speak to Sambia’s father former RJD MLA Mohammed Sohrab and his elder brother Ambia – both of whom are absconding, he said.”The question is why are they fleeing? We need to know their role in the matter. That will help our investigation,” he added.While Johnny was arrested from Ekbalpore in the city’s port area yesterday, Kolkata Police sleuths apprehended Sonu from his maternal uncle’s residence in New Delhi on Monday. The prime accused Sambia was arrested from Park Circus last Saturday.All the three have been booked under IPC sections 120(B) (criminal conspiracy), 302 (murder), 307 (Attempt to murder), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence), 212 (harbouring offender) and 427 (mischief causing damage) and have been remanded to police custody till January 30.

Kolkata hit-and-run: Accused Sambia Sohrab slapped with murder charge; remanded to 14 days police custody

Prime accused in the hit and run case where an Air Force officer, Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud was run over, Sambia Sohrab was remanded to 14 days police custody till January 30 by a special court here in Kolkata.Sohrab’s counsel, N Islam argued that he was not driving the car and had not confessed to the crime. However, the public prosecutor, Abhijeet Mukherjee said that Sohrab confessed to the crime in his statement. The court has slapped charges of murder and criminal conspiracy. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Sohrab was arrested from Beckbagan on Saturday night and interrogated throughout the night, before being produced in the court. Two more co-accused in connection to the crime, are still at large.
ALSO READ West Bengal govt, Kolkata Police tried to ‘save’ hit-and-run accused: BJPOn Wednesday morning, around 6 am, a drill was on in the run-up to the Republic Day when a vehicle entered the cordoned off area. When Gaud tried to stop the vehicle near the south gate of the Fort William, the Eastern Command headquarters, it hit him. Gaud was immediately taken to the Military hospital in Alipore, where he was declared dead.The car is reportedly owned by TMC leader Mohammad Sohrab’s son Ambia Sohrab.

Kolkata hit-n-run: TMC leader’s son booked under murder charges

Sambia Sohrab, the prime accused in the hit-and-run death of an Indian Air Force corporal during Republic Day rehearsals on Red Road, was on Sunday booked under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which deals with punishment of murder. Apart from Section 302, Sohrab has been also booked under sections 120(b), 307, 212 and 427 of the IPC. Sohrab was arrested last night by the Kolkata Police.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>He is Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Mohammad Sohrab’s son and last Wednesday, he allegedly ran over IAF corporal Abhimanyu Gaud amidst the Republic Day parade rehearsal in Kolkata. He was arrested around 11.10 pm while he was heading towards his in-laws’ house. Following questioning, he is likely to be produced before the court here on Sunday as he faces charges of murder and criminal conspiracy.Last Wednesday, during a drill in the run-up to the Republic Day, an Audi charged into the cordoned-off area and when the corporal tried to stop the vehicle near the south gate of the Fort William, he was fatally run over by the speeding car. Gaud was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead.

Kolkata hit-and run case: TMC leader’s son Sambia uncooperative, had tried to escape, says police

Sambia Sohrab, the prime accused in the hit-and-run case in which a young Air Force officer was killed while rehearsing for the Republic Day parade, was interrogated at length by the Kolkata Police last night.Sambia, son of a former RJD MLA, was arrested late last night from Park Circus seven-point crossing while he was heading towards his in-laws’ house. According to a Kolkata Police official, Sambia was grilled at Joint Commissioner (Crime) Deabasish Boral’s chamber at the Force’s headquarter till 5 AM on Sunday.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>As per the official, Sambia denied that he was behind the wheels of the brand new Audi which mowed down IAF Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud during the rehearsal of Republic Day parade here on January 13.
ALSO READ Kolkata hit-and-run case: TMC leader’s son Sambia was drunk, claims his friend”He (Sambia) did not cooperate with us at all.Whenever he was asked about his role he denied being there at the mishap site. But we have clear indications of his presence at the Red Road area at that very hour,” the official said.Sambia’s mobile phone tower showed that he was there on January 13 morning, he said. In fact, it was through his mobile phone tower location that helped Kolkata Police sleuths to spot him last night, he said. Sambia was also asked about the number of persons present with him during the incident, to which he had no “clear” answer, the official said. “We have information that the earlier night Sambia along with his friends had a booze party at the Dadhi Ghat in the Port area. He was drunk and was at the driving wheels and is responsible for the mishap,” he said. Sambia was trying to escape to neighbouring states and was constantly changing his hiding places since the accident. Earlier, an employee of one of the hotels owned by Sohrab in Jorashanko area of the city was called by the police for questioning in connection with Wednesday’s mishap. He was later on arrested. Police had also detained another person for questioning after the incident but allowed him to go.The 21-year-old Corporal was knocked down and killed after being hit by the Audi car during the Republic Day rehearsal parade on the Red Road. The brand new white Audi broke three guard rails and barged into the parade rehearsal before fatally hitting the IAF officer.

Hit and run case: Kolkata Police constitute SIT to probe incident that killed Air Force officer

Kolkata Police have constituted a 22-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe into the hit and run case, which claimed Airman Corporal Abhimanyu Gaud’s life.The SIT will be headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Detective Department II, Nagendra Tripathi.On Thursday, Kolkata Police issued look out notices for the three – Mohammad Sohrab, who is a TMC leader, and his two sons – Ambia and Sambia.The police, while carrying out raids at their several houses, offices and hotel, seized the passport of Sambia.While the police maintain that there was more than one person inside the car when the accident took place, the Indian Air Force spokesperson went on record to say that there was just one person inside the car.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Over 48 hours have passed since the incident took place but the police have not been able to make any arrests so far. The alleged accused Ambia Sohrab, his brother Sambia and father Mohammad Sohrab continue to be at large.While Ambia’s residence is just two steps away from the Jorasanko Police Station, police failed to nab him. Meanwhile, the police are carrying out raids across the city to nab the accused.

Kolkata: Look out notice against trio in Air Force officer’s death

Kolkata Police on Thursday issued a look out notice against Ambia Sohrab, Sambia Sohrab and their father former RJD MLA Mohammed Sohrab, who are absconding after a speeding car reportedly owned by them killed an Air Force officer during a Republic Day parade rehearsal here.The look out notice was issued after the trio were found “absconding” from their residence at Jorasanko area in the city, a senior police officer said. “Because they are absconding since yesterday’s mishap and we could not find them till today afternoon, this look out notice has been issued,” the officer said. Kolkata Police sleuths have meanwhile seized Ambia’s passport during a raid of one the Sohrab residence, the officer said.The police have so far have raided five houses belonging to the Sohrabs and one of their hotels on Kyd Street in search of the trio.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Sources in Kolkata Police told PTI that reports from the South Police Division as well as from the Traffic department on the incident were submitted to Kolkata Police Commissioner Surajit Kar Purkayastha during the day. “Yesterday the CP had asked for a detailed report. DC South and DC Traffic prepared report on the Red Road mishap and submitted it this afternoon,” the source said. A 22-member team was set up by the CP today to speed up investigation into the mishap in which 21-year-old corporal Abhimanyu Gaud was hit and killed by a brand new Audi yesterday after breaking three guard rails and barging into the parade rehearsal.The car dragged Gaud more than 20 metre after hitting him and he died due to blood loss.Meanwhile, the forensic report of the car suggested that it was travelling at a high speed of around 90 km -110 km per hour when it barged through the guard rails and hit the Air Force official. During investigation it was found that the Audi was yet to get the registration number and was delivered to the Sohrabs with a Trade Certificate (TC) number.”As per showroom records, the car has been registered against a company which belongs to Mohammed Sohrab. The records also show that the car purchased for Rs 90 lakh belonged to Sohrab’s son Ambia Sohrab,” a Kolkata police officer had said yesterday. The Regional Transport office sent a showcause notice to the dealer during the day asking why the vehicle was delivered to the customer with the TC number.”The TC number is strictly meant for use by motor dealers. The dealer can use it while transporting the vehicle from the manufacturing unit to the store or garage. But the dealer has delivered the vehicle with it to the customer which is illegal,” an officer at the regional transport office said. “We have send the dealer a showcause notice which they have to reply within seven days,” he added.Air Force officials have told police that only one person was in the speeding car which knocked down and killed the young officer. “Our eyewitnesses saw that there was only one person in the car. We have told this to the police and are sharing all clues we have with us to help them find the culprit quickly,” an Air Force official told PTI.Defence officials said they are also scanning cameras located on the gates of Fort William, headquarters of the Eastern Army Command, to find more clues. The Air Force is also conducting its own departmental inquiry into the incident.A team of Army and Air Force personnel conducted a solemn parade at the Command Hospital here in the early hours today to bid farewell to the officer. Wreaths were placed on the coffin by police, Army and Air Force officers before it was put on an Army vehicle and taken to the airport for the flight to Mumbai and further on by road to Surat from where Gaud hailed.Gaud’s elder brother, father, uncle and his teacher since childhood days came from Gujarat to take the body. The officer’s brother Bajrangi Gaud said his soul will find peace only if the culprit is punished.

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