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Parrikar, Naik at loggerheads over Madkaikar’s entry in BJP

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The entry of former Congress legislator Pandurang Madkaikar into Goa BJP, has led to a war of words between two union ministers Manohar Parrikar and Sripad Naik, with the latter claiming that he was not consulted on the latest induction.”I was not consulted before taking decision to allow Madkaikar enter the party. I was just told at the last minute. I was not in favour of the decision,” Naik said.Naik is apparently upset as his son Siddhesh was hopeful for a ticket from Cumbharjua constituency which was represented by Madkaikar before joining the BJP.Madkaikar joined the party last week after which Parrikar had addressed the Vijay Sankalp rally in Cumbharjua constituency during which he amply made it clear that the three-time MLA (Madkaikar) would be contesting on the BJP ticket from that constituency.However, Parrikar claimed, talking to mediamen on Sunday that “as far as Sripad Naik is concerned he was totally taken into confidence before the decision (of Madkaikar’s entry) was taken.”Naik, who is union AYUSH minister, however, claimed that he was consulted just as a formality.He said he was informed after the decision was taken.”Such induction is against the principles of the party. I will take up the matter before party leaders in Delhi,” Naik said.Madkaikar, a former BJP minister had left the party to join the Congress. He left the Congress last week claiming that the party had no future in Goa.

Was there a deal between Congress and BJP? Kejriwal asks why Rahul didn’t speak earlier

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Attacking Congress over Rahul Gandhi’s recent charges of corruption against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal asked why the opposition party had not raked up the issue earlier.In a video shared on Twitter, the Delhi Chief Minister also asked if Congress and BJP had entered into a deal ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls due to which the UPA major did not highlight the issue earlier.”The (offices of) Birla were raided on October 15, 2013. At that time, Congress was in power at the Centre. The documents recovered during the raid had Modi’s name mentioned. At that time, Modi was not yet the PM,” he claimed. “Why Congress did not highlight the issue earlier’ Why did it not tell the country then’ It is a big question: was there was a deal between Congress and BJP’ This needs to be given a thought,” Kejriwal said.Addressing a rally in the Prime Minister’s home state Gujarat yesterday, Gandhi had alleged that in the Income Tax records there are notings of Sahara officials’ claims that they had paid Modi nine times between October, 2013 and February, 2014. Similarly, as per documents with the Income Tax department, the Birla group also paid Rs 12 crore to Modi when he was the Chief Minister, Gandhi had alleged. Rahul Gandhi on Thursday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making fun of him and taking a pot-shot at him, the Congress vice president quoted Mirza Ghalib ‘ ‘har ek baat pe kahte ho tum ki tu kya hai. Tumhi kaho ye andaz–eguftagu kya hai.’Gandhi, who was addressing a Jan Akrosh Rally in Bahraich, said ‘make fun of me as much as you want, but at least reply to my questions’. ‘I have to quote Ghalib to reply to that: har ek baat pe kahte ho tum ki tu kya hai. Tumhi kaho ye andaz–eguftagu kya hai,’ said Gandhi.‘Make fun of me as much as you want, but answer the questions of the youth of the country. Everyday our farmers are committing suicide; we went to the PM with these problems, but he did not say even a word,’ he said.Gandhi claimed that not a single rich person is standing in the queue, and only one percent of rich have black money. The illicit money is not with the people standing in queues, but stacked in real estate.Gandhi accused Prime Minister Modi of aiding the loan defaulters in escaping the country by bringing forth the name of Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya, who both absconded due to indulgence in corrupt practices.‘How many black money holders have been put in jail by Modi’ Not even one. He instead made (Lalit)Modi and (Vijay)Mallya run away,’ he added.Gandhi also tweeted asking Prime Minister Modi to explain what was in those nine packets which were mentioned in the Income Tax Department’s documents from 2012-2013.Referring to Gandhi, Prime Minister Modi had said since 2009 no one knew what was in this packet and now at least we knew what was in it.Gandhi returned the jibe on Twitter reiterating the corruption charges against Prime Minister Modi he had levelled during his speech at a rally in Gujarat yesterday.Accusing the government of not allowing him to speak in Parliament, Gandhi had earlier said that ‘an earthquake will come’ if he speaks.Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Modi took potshots at Gandhi’s assertion that payments through cards, online transfers etc. would face hurdles in the country due to low literacy levels.‘I hope he does not say that I had indulged in some sort of black magic to make illiterate those who knew how to read and write. He never thinks before he speaks and he may not have realised that he has admitted the failure of the long reign of his own party,’ the Prime Minister said. adding his detractors have been forced ‘to admit, even if unwittingly, their failures’.

Purpose of note ban was to extract from the poor and help the rich: Rahul Gandhi

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> In a direct attack on the Prime Minister, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Monday alleged that Narendra Modi visits the US and China “using” the aircraft of his wealthy “friends” and has “made fun” of 99 per cent honest people through demonetization.”Maximum wealth lies with 50 families… Modi goes to America and China with their family members, using their aircraft,” Rahul said at a ‘Janakrosh Rally’ here. This was his first rally in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh after the Winter Session of Parliament was washed out over demonetization. Last week, Rahul had threatened to “expose personal corruption of Modi” while claiming that he was not being allowed to speak in Parliament as it would lead to an “earthquake”.Insisting that “All cash is not black and all black money is not in cash”, the Congress leader said, “94 per cent black money is stashed away in foreign banks, real estate and investment in land deals and gold. But why is PM running after only the rest 6 per cent?” He said only one per cent people have 60 per cent of the country’s wealth and that “Modi has made fun of 99 per cent honest people through demonetization”. Rahul alleged that Modi had waived Rs 1,200 crore loan of Vijay Mallya and Rs 1.10 lakh crore taken by 50 wealthy families, but did not care about writing off farmers’ loans.The Congress leader, who had undertaken a ‘Deoria to Delhi’ padayatra to highlight the plight of farmers, said he had met the Prime Minister to seek waiver of farmers’ loans but the latter was non-committal.The purpose of note ban was “Garib ka khincho, Amir ko sincho (extract from the poor and help the rich)”, he said. Interestingly, at the rally, when some workers shouted slogans against Modi, Rahul asked them to desist from making personal attacks. “Our fight against Narendra Modi is political, please don’t raise ‘murdabad’ slogans against him…such language is used by fascists and RSS, not Congress,” he told them.

Demonetization a ‘Modi-made disaster’, PM sparing the 1% super-rich : Rahul Gandhi

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> Escalating his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi on Saturday trashed demonetization of high value currency notes as a “Modi-made disaster” and charged that he had attacked the economic system of the country to benefit the one per cent “super rich.” “For the first time in the history of India, Prime Minister has attacked the poor people of this country. Usually the Prime Minister works for the country. They work for the economy, but Narendra Modi has attacked our economic system,” Gandhi alleged at a Congress rally here in north Karnataka.”As it is said a man-made disaster, in the same way demonetization is Modi-made disaster,” the Congress Vice-President said as he targeted the Prime Minister squarely blaming him for the hardships post-demonetization.More than 100 people had died, he claimed, adding, “Fidel Castro (Cuban revolutionary) was remembered in the Parliament and we stood in silence for two minutes as a mark of respect to him, but BJP leaders did not have two minutes time for these hundred people.” “Who is responsible for their deaths? Narendra Modi is responsible….In the last two and half years Narendra Modi government has been attacking the poor,” he said.Accusing the Modi government of trying to divide India, he said on the one side, there were one per cent super rich who have private aircraft, flashy vehicles and big businesses and on the other, there were 99 per cent of people who are honest like farmers, labourers, small traders and middle class who toil every day for the sake of the country and their lives. “In the last two and half years, one per cent super rich in this country have amassed 70 per cent of India’s wealth and if you look deep into this one per cent, only 50 families have major portion of India’s wealth.” “You know their names; these are the people who travel with Narendra Modi to America, Japan, and Australia,” Gandhi said. “Congress wants to get rid of corruption from India and whatever step the BJP government takes whether it is big or small if it is against corruption we will give it full support,” he said.Asserting that demonetization was not against the rich but against the poor, middle class, farmers, labourers and small traders, Gandhi said “all black money is not cash, and all cash is not black money.” “Who has black money, it is with those 50 families, and it is with one per cent super rich in this country..,” he said. “…All the black money is not in cash, India’s thieves are clever, and as soon as they get money they invest it in land, real estate, gold or in foreign bank accounts like Swiss bank.” According to government figures, he said six per cent of black money is in cash, 94 per cent in real estate, big buildings and in foreign bank accounts.Claiming that the Swiss government had given a list of Swiss bank account holders’ names to Indian government, he said the Congress had been asking the government to table the names of “these thieves” in the Parliament for the last two and half years.”Why is it not being tabled? Why is Modi protecting them?” “Why are Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya sitting in London? Why are they not in India? Why didn’t you get them back? “Vijay Mallya is India’s thief. After demonetization why did you waive Rs 1200 crore loan of this man? Answer me why did you feed him a toffee of Rs 1200 crore?” Gandhi said Modi knows that most part of black money is in Swiss bank, real estate and in huge buildings, “but I don’t know for what reason instead of going after 94 per cent black money, he is after the six per cent. Instead of going after one per cent super rich he is behind 99 per cent.” “He is not after thieves, but behind poor farmers, labourers,” Gandhi said.

Journalists Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar’s Twitter accounts hacked by Legion

After senior journalist Barkha Dutt’s Twitter account was hacked on Saturday by a group calling itself Legion — the same group that hacked Vijay Mallya’s and Rahul Gandhi’s accounts — hours later, the same group hacked her colleague Ravish Kumar’s account.


ravish 2ravish 2

“We use Twitter as a means to reach the public. We don’t just hack Twitter accounts, go through the data and find out,” the group posted a tweet signing “Legion”.

“Coming up next – @LalitKModi leaks. Stay tuned,” they posted in a subsequent tweet.

The tweets have since been deleted and Ravish’s Twitter account has been restored, posted @Nayisadak, which is another Twitter handle operated by Ravish, on behalf of his website.

According to The Indian Express, the hackers had tweeted out Barkha Dutt’s email address and password, while posting “long live the legion”. The tweets were derogatory in nature and were deleted at once.

NDTV, on its website, posted a statement on its employees’ accounts being hacked. “Email, Twitter accounts of senior NDTV journalists have been hacked. Attempts are being made to use emails out of context. We are asking relevant authorities, including courts, to take strong action,” it said.

Legion had earlier hacked Vijay Mallya‘s Twitter account, posting a series of tweets claiming details of Mallya’s assets at several banks and passwords of accounts. The group had also hacked Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s account, claiming that he has the brains of a 5-year-old.

First Published On : Dec 11, 2016 10:06 IST

Clash in Dehradun after pro-Pakistani slogan allegedly raised by Kashmiri student

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –> Alleged pro-Pakistan slogan raised by a student from Jammu and Kashmir at an institute led to a clash between him and a local student prompting the police to launch a probe into the incident. Manan, a student of CIMS College here, who hails from Jammu and Kashmir, had a tiff with another student, Vijay, on Monday, SSP Dehradun Sweetie Aggarwal said today. On Tuesday, Vijay’s friends, who did not belong to the college and allegedly had allegiance to Bajrang Dal, created a ruckus at the campus over the issue inflicting minor injuries to Manan, police said. They also reportedly held a demonstration outside the college with Bajrang Dal flags, provoking stone pelting from inside the campus, the SSP said.However, she did not confirm whether raising of pro-Pakistan slogan had triggered the tiff. Three cases have been lodged at the Doiwala Police Station in connection with the incident and investigations are on, the police officer said, adding Manan’s mobile has also been seized. While a case has been lodged by Vijay against Manan, another has been lodged by the director of the college against those created ruckus at the campus. A third case has been lodged by those with reported allegiance to Bajrang Dal against Manan.Meanwhile, a report from Srinagar said Uttarakhand Police assured their Jammu and Kashmir counterparts that appropriate action will be taken in the incident of harassment of the student from the Valley studying in Dehradun.Special DGP Coordination (Law and order) of Jammu and Kashmir Police S P Vaid spoke with Director General of Police Uttarakhand, M A Ganapathy, about the incident, a police spokesperson said.He said Vaid also spoke to the SSP Dehradun, and sought immediate action. “Both of these officers have assured appropriate action in the matter,” the spokesperson said, adding Jammu and Kashmir Police is in constant touch with authorities in Dehradun.

Manohar Parrikar likely to celebrate birthday in Goa, address rally

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is likely to celebrate his birthday on December 13 at his birthplace in Goa where he is also expected to address a ‘Vijay Sankalp’ rally, a BJP functionary said on Wednesday.”Parrikar will be celebrating his birthday at Parra, the village where he was born and has an ancestral house. The village is next to Mapusa town, where he celebrates all festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and Christmas,” BJP legislator Michael Lobo, representing Calangute constituency said.The party workers and well-wishers will prepare a special cake for the Defence Minister. “The theme of the cake will be defence. It will be decorated with miniature airplanes, tanks, guns and others. We want to salute the son of soil, our own leader,” Lobo said.Parrikar will address a ‘Vijay Sankalp’ rally in Parra on his birthday. “We are expecting more than 6,000 people to attend the rally,” Lobo added.

BJP would work to increase ‘happiness index’ in Goa: Parrikar

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Saturday said if BJP is voted to power in Goa for another term, it would work to increase “happiness index” of the coastal state.”We (BJP) performed well in social sector and also built the infrastructure in the state. But there is one thing still left to be achieved. I had a dream of infrastructure development, social development but the ultimate target is to increase the happiness index of the state,” he said.The former Goa Chief Minister was addressing BJP’s ‘Vijay Sankalp’ rally at Bicholim. BJP is holding these rallies to shore up support ahead of the Assembly elections in the state due next year.”Money (alone) does not give you satisfaction. Happiness index is now being discussed worldwide. I had mentioned it in my (state) budget presented in 2001. Until people are satisfied and contented, we cannot claim we have done enough for the state,” he said.”To do this (increase happiness index), I require your support. Last time (during 2012 polls) 21 BJP legislators were elected and this time we want at least 25-26 BJP legislators,” Parrikar said.Despite a ban on mining industry (imposed by the Supreme Court, later revoked), nobody committed suicide in Goa because the BJP government extended support to the affected people, he said, talking about the post-2012 elections period.

Parliament attack: Terrorists’ grave diggers acquitted due to lack of evidence

New Delhi: Two persons, accused of trying to dig out from the grave bodies of terrorists of the 2001 Parliament attack for “exposing them to vultures”, have been acquitted by a Delhi court which said prosecution has failed to prove its case against them.

Representational image. PTIRepresentational image. PTI

Representational image. PTI

Metropolitan Magistrate Abhilash Malhotra gave benefit of doubt to Raghu and Vijay Sharma saying it was clear that prosecution witnesses have given contradictory statements in the court. “… It is clear that the prosecution witnesses have given contradictory statement in the court. The independent witness of the prosecution… is hostile on the point of identity of the accused. The testimony of police officials is inconsistent and contradictory.

“The prosecution has failed to prove its case against both the accused, accordingly benefit of doubt is given to both the accused,” the court said, adding the authenticity of some documents allegedly recovered from the two accused remained unestablished and questionable. The court freed Raghu and Vijay of the charge under sections 297 (trespassing on burial places) and 34 (common intention) of the IPC.

A case was registered by Delhi Police at IP Estate Police Station against 10 people but charges were framed against Raghu and Vijay only. Police received information that some unknown persons, associated with a political party, were planning to exhume the bodies of December 13, 2001 Parliament attack terrorists from the graveyard at ITO here.

Prosecution said when police reached the spot on 13 January, 2002, they caught Raghu and Vijay along with spade and stick as they were trying to dig out the corpses of the terrorists for exposing them to vultures. Both the accused had denied the allegations against them.

First Published On : Nov 27, 2016 11:08 IST

Maharashtra: Like Mallya, waive off my loan as well, safai worker writes to SBI

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Amid the controversy over public sector lender SBI reportedly writing off loans worth Rs 7,000 crore, including that of Vijay Mallya-promoted Kingfisher Airlines, a sanitation worker in Nashik has written to the SBI, seeking a ‘similar’ waiver of his Rs 1.5 lakh loan.Bhaurao Sonawane, a safai worker with the Trimbakeshwar municipal council in Maharashtra’s Nashik district, said he had written to the SBI, seeking waiver of his loan, “in the same manner in which the bank waived off Mallya’s loan”.”I have written a letter to the bank, congratulating it for the ‘good decision’ to waive off Mallya’s loan. I requested SBI to waive off my loan as well,” Sonawane told PTI.”I took this loan to meet expenses on my son’s illness,” he said, adding that the bank manager is yet to respond to the letter.Sonawane’s demand comes against the backdrop of Finance minister Arun Jaitley asking opposition members in the Rajya Sabha not to go by the literal meaning of write-off.”So there is a little bit of malapropism involved in this. Don’t go by literal meaning write-off. Write-off does not mean loan waiver. Loan still remains. You still continue to pursue,” Jaitley had said, during a debate in the House on the government’s demonetization action.Jaitley was replying to CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury who referred to a newspaper report which said SBI wrote off loans of wilful defaulters including Rs 1,200 crore of Kingfisher Airlines.

Counters for note swap at railway stations, hospitals likely

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>To help ease the difficulties caused to people in the backdrop of demonetization, the Maharashtra government has asked the Railways and all leading government hospitals to allocate some space for banks to start counters for change of currency. The Home department has already spoken to authorities concerned and has collaborated with the Bank of Maharashtra to assist it in the initiative.”Leading hospitals including KEM, JJ and Nair have already confirmed and are making arrangements to allow Bank of Maharashtra start additional counters inside the premises within a day or two. However, we are yet to hear from the Railways on the issue,” said Vijay Satbir Singh, additional chief secretary, Home department.Besides, the department, in public-private partnership, is starting a call centre and help-app shortly to deal with some of the critical cash crunch scenario. “The website Nagrik.net will carry the toll-free number and application to help anybody in distress and those who wish to volunteer,” Singh added.Sources claimed that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Monday had called a meeting of several departments to think of possible ways to ease the difficulties faced by general public.As one of the initiatives, the department has issued helpline numbers for citizens for redressal of grievances and problems they face at ATMs, hospitals, petrol pumps and banks. According to police, these are the places that are witnessing large crowds .With some incidents of refusal by banks, petrol pumps and hospitals to accept the old notes also being reported, the state police have also set up grievance cells in each district and city to avoid untoward situation.Addl counters:KEM HospitalJJ HospitalNair Hospital

DNA Evening Must Reads: RS debate on demonetization, Jaitley clarifies Mallya’s loan write off ‘only in books’ and more

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>1) Demonetization: Congress likens PM Modi to Hitler, Mussolini and Gaddafi; Naidu calls comparison ‘atrocious’With frustration over the cash crunch mounting, debate on the issue of demonetization began in Rajya Sabha, with Congress leader Anand Sharma demanding Modi’s apology for mocking people standing in queue to withdraw money and exchange old currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000. Read more…2) Arun Jaitley clarifies Vijay Mallya’s SBI loan write off ‘only in books’Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has clarified in the Rajya Sabha that Vijay Mallya’s State Bank of India loan has been written off ‘only in books’ and the government will still pursue the case. A DNA Exclusive story titled ‘SBI writes off loans of 63 wilful defaulters’ said that a part of Mallya’s loan along with 62 others’ was written off or added to the Advance Under Collection Account (AUCA), meant for toxic loans. Read more…3) Dhaka cafe attack: 3 terrorists involved were admirers of Zakir Naik, says govtThree terrorists, involved in the July 1 terror attack in Dhaka, were admirers of Zakir Naik, founder of Islamic Research Foundation, which was banned by the government, Rajya Sabha was informed today. “The three terrorists involved in the attack were reportedly admirers of Zakir Naik,” Minister of State for Home Hansraj Ahir said in a written reply. The Minister said as per the available information, although the mandate of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is educational and social, it is also involved in other activities. “Noticing certain violations of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, the IRF has been placed under the prior permission category”. Read more…4) PMLA court issues letter of request seeking Lalit Modi’s transfer from UKThe special Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) ​court on Wednesday issued a letter of request (LR) to the UK competent authority to execute a non bailable warrant issued against former IPL chairman Lalit Modi and bring him back to India. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Tuesday in its application had pleaded the court to issue the LR for the execution of non bailable warrant. The court presided over by judge PR Bhavke, said that it would pass the orders on the issue on Wednesday. Read more…5) Sushma Swaraj admitted to AIIMS, undergoing tests for kidney transplantExternal Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who is admitted at AIIMS, is undergoing treatment for kidney-related ailment and is likely to remain in the hospital for a few days. “I am in AIIMS because of kidney failure. Presently, I am on dialysis. I am undergoing tests for a kidney transplant,” she said on Twitter. Read more…

‘Maastigudi’ tragedy: Body of second Kannada film stuntman found

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>After three days of intense search, body of the second stunt actor who drowned during a Kannada film shoot was recovered on Thursday from the murky waters of Tippagondanahalli lake near here.The body of Anil, who jumped into the water from the helicopter during the climax action scene for Maastigudi film on Monday, was fished out in the early hours by the National Disaster Response Force-led search team, police said.After the post-mortem, the body was handed over to the family members and brought to his house where several Kannada actors, including Duniya Vijay and Puneet Rajkumar and large number of his fans paid their respects.Body of Uday, another stuntman who drowned with Anil, was pulled out of the murky waters of the lake yesterday, 20 feet from where they the two had taken the fatal leap from the helicopter. Uday’s last rites were performed on Thursday.Over 100 personnel from the state and Central teams, including Navy divers, and a drone were deployed for the massive search operation, with both bodies recovered amid chaotic scenes as hundreds of people gathered on the banks. Duniya Vijay had a narrow escape after he was rescued by a fisherman when he jumped with the two stunt actors from the helicopter into the lake in a horrific scene caught on camera.The film unit has been hit by allegations that it did not take even elementary safety measures, made worse by the rescue boat that remained immobile facing a technical glitch. With the film unit coming in the line of fire, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday directed Duniya Vijay, director Nagashekhar and stunt director Ravi Varma not to involve themselves in any film-related activity till “further orders”.

Delhi pollution: Paytm chief moves out temporarily; gives staff option to work from home

Delhi pollution: Paytm chief moves out temporarily; gives staff option to work from home

Updated: Nov 8, 2016 11:16 IST

#Delhi Pollution #Paytm #Vijay Shekhar Sharma


Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma has left New Delhi to escape the pollution that has paralysed the normal life in the capital city, according to a report in The Economic Times.

He left on Sunday with family for Mumbai and plans to stay put there until the air clears in Delhi, says the report.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma. PTIVijay Shekhar Sharma. PTI

Vijay Shekhar Sharma. PTI file photo

“I couldn’t have waited till Monday. Air is really bad in Delhi and I’m allergic to dust,” he has been quoted as saying in the report.

In an indication that the pollution may be impacting the businesses, Sharma has also reportedly cancelled a slew of meetings that was scheduled to take place in the Noida office. He has even asked his staff to work from home if required.

As pollution levels worsened in Delhi, the government had two days back announced a raft of “emergency” measures, including shutting schools until Wednesday, banning construction and demolition activities for five days and temporary closure of Badarpur Power Plant.

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal also appealed to people to stay indoors and if possible work from home considering the situation, adding that strict action will be taken against those found burning garbage.

According to the ET report, Sharma had earlier too considered shifting the base to Bengaluru due to pollution issues. However, he decided to continue in Delhi due to the  better global connectivity the city offers.

God has given Jayalalithaa good health and we are very happy: AIADMK

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Ruling AIADMK said on Sunday that its hospitalised General Secretary and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa was “well” even as BJP MP Tarun Vijay visited Apollo Hospitals, where the 68 year-old leader is admitted. “Amma (Jayalalithaa) is well. God has given her good health and we are very happy,” AIADMK spokesperson CR Saraswathy told reporters.Meanwhile, Vijay said Jayalalithaa was “recovering fast” and would resume work soon. “I have specially brought holy water of lake Manasarovar of Mount Kailash for the Chief Minister. Amma is recovering very fast. Very soon (she will be) out of hospital and start working,” he said. Vijay said that the “prayers of millions of people are working and she will be very well.”Jayalalithaa was admitted to the hospital on September 22 after she complained of fever and dehydration. Later, the hospital had said she was being treated for infection with respiratory support, among others. Specialists from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and from London, among others, have treated her during the period. On Friday, the hospital Chairman Pratap C Reddy had said that the Chief Minister had completely recovered and that it was upto her to decide when to go home.

Bhopal jailbreak: Constable killed by SIMI activists was preparing for daughter’s wedding

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Head Constable Ramashankar Yadav, killed by SIMI activists for escaping from jail in Bhopal, was a doting father who was excited over forthcoming marriage of his daughter but the tragedy has now pushed the family into profound grief.”Ramashankar was happy and excited over his 24-year-old daughter Sonia’s wedding scheduled for December 9,” his nephew Vijay Shanker Yadav said.Ramashankar, who had earlier suffered a heart attack, was busy making arrangement for the wedding, he said.”My uncle was busy making arrangements for his daughter’s marriage. But as fate had it, we got the news of his killing by SIMI men this morning,” Vijay said.Ramashankar’s two sons — Shambhunath (36) and Prabhunath (32) — are in Army, who are currently posted at Guwahati and Hissar, respectively. While Prabhunath has reached Bhopal, Shambhunath is scheduled to arrive late tonight, he said.”My uncle’s body is at morgue after postmortem. His mortal remains will be consigned to flames tomorrow,” he added. A pall of gloom has descended on Yadav family after the incident.”We will sit and talk whether to go ahead with the wedding or postpone it,” Vijay added.

Rita Bahuguna Joshi joins BJP; setback to Rahul’s plans to turn party’s fortunes in UP

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In a major setback to Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s plans to turn his party’s fortunes in the crucial state of Uttar Pradesh, Rita Bahuguna Joshi (67), former state unit president and a prominent Brahmin face, joined the rival BJP in the presence of its party chief Amit Shah here on Thursday.The Congress UP state chief Raj Babbar conceded that Rahul was hurt most by her betrayal, as he trusted her the most.Joshi’s differences with Rahul had become apparent immediately after the party nominated another Brahmin face Sheila Dikshit as its chief ministerial candidate.Joshi blamed Rahul’s ‘Khoon ki Dalali’ remark, referring to Prime Minister Modi highlighting the Army’s surgical strikes as the trigger for her to switch the sides. “I did not see any myopic agenda in the BJP,” she said in a brief statement after joining the party. But to repeated questions, Joshi, who had taken on the BJP strenuously all these years said: “I have not changed my ideology. I remain secular.”Joshi shift to the BJP was in the air since Monday after she was not seen in public and as such the Congress was prepared for the shock.A visibly upset party general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad called her a habitual defector as earlier she had also jumped on the Samajwadi Party’s bandwagon. He said she may have switched sides, as it was becoming difficult for her to win her assembly seat. She was supposed to contest from Lucknow Cantt constituency. Another veteran leader at Congress headquarters said she, in fact, has traits of being a traitor. Her late father, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna, though a towering leader slighted the Congress despite being made the chief minister and Union minister three times, he said.What had surprised many in Congress is that Joshi was one of the most favourite members of Rahul’s team. But since her brother Vijay Bahuguna, a former Uttarakhand chief minister, joined the BJP after attempting to topple the Congress government, she was being sidelined. Her close confidants allege that she was not kept informed about the party’s programmes despite being a part of the state campaign committee. The Congress sources admit her exit would harm the party’s outreach to the Brahmins who constitute around 10% of the state’s population. By nominating Dikshit as chief ministerial candidate, the party hoped to make a dent in upper caste vote bank. The state hasn’t had a Brahmin chief minister from the time ND Tiwari demitted office in December 1989.Bahuguna admitted that she felt isolated in the Congress, more so after strategist Prashant Kishor was roped in by Rahul to engineer the party strategies in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.Insiders in the party also said Prashant had warned that Rita may leak the party strategies to the BJP through her brother. Joshi acknowledged that Sonia Gandhi had the ability but Rahul has none and that is why the people have rejected his leadership. A former professor in the Allahabad University, she spent 24 years in the Congress. She was the Allahabad mayor for five years from 1995 and the PCC chief from 2007 to 2012.SidelinedWhat had surprised many in Congress is that Rita Bahuguna Joshi was one of the most favourite members of Rahul’s team. But since her brother Vijay Bahuguna, a former Uttarakhand chief minister, joined the BJP after attempting to topple the Congress government, she was being sidelined. Her close confidants allege that she was not kept informed about the party’s programmes despite being a part of the state campaign committee. The Congress sources admit her exit would harm the party’s outreach to the Brahmins who constitute around 10% of the state’s population

11 Rita Bahuguna Joshi tweets that capture her ‘love’ for BJP

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In a major switch, senior UP Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi switched sides and joined the BJP. It was believed that Bahuguna was unhappy with the Congress leadership over projection of Sheila Dikshit as the party’s chief ministerial face and feels increasingly marginalised since Raj Babbar was made the UP party chief. She believes she had better credentials to be projected as a Brahmin chief ministerial face than Dikshit. She also faces a tough electoral prospect as Congress candidate in the coming state elections. Bahuguna’s brother and former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna had joined the BJP a few months back. Her joining the BJP will be a shot in its arm as it will help the saffron party consolidate Brahmin votes, eyeing which the Congress had declared Diskhit as its chief ministerial pick.However, we live in a time and age where the internet never forgets. Here are some tweets by Rita Bahuguna Joshi that captures her ‘love’ for the BJP:

ADHM row: 12 MNS workers arrested for protesting, sent to judicial custody till Nov 4

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>A dozen workers of MNS were on Wednesday arrested for protesting against the upcoming release of filmmaker Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Muskhil as the party rejected his statement that he will not “engage with talent” from Pakistan in future. The workers from MNS’ film unit Maharashtra Navnirman Chitrapat Karmachari Sena were protesting and raising slogans outside Metro Cinema in South Mumbai.The Raj Thackeray-led party has asked the theatre management not to hold any show of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which features Pakistani actor Fawad Khan. The MNS had given a written appeal to the theatre management urging them not to show the movie as it features a Pakistani actor. The party workers also raised slogans outside the theatre, police officials said.”We arrested 12 MNS activists and booked them under relevant sections of Maharashtra Police Act and also CrPC,” Senior Inspector of Azad Maidan Police Station Vijay Kadam. They were produced before a local court which granted them cash bail of Rs 5,000 each in the case (carrying out procession without permission) under the Police Act. The MNS activists were also booked under the CrPC section 151 (3) (arrest to prevent the commission of cognisable offences) in which they did not get any relief and sent to judicial custody till November 4.Seeking to calm tempers over opposition to the release of his directorial venture, Johar on Wednesday had made a fervent appeal against stalling the release, saying he will not engage with talent from Pakistan in future. However, MNS said reality has dawned late on Johar.MNS cine wing head Amey Khopkar, after a meeting with senior party leaders and Raj Thackeray, said they were firm on opposing the release. “We will not allow the film to be screened in single screens and multiplexes. Reality has dawned late on the producer,” Khopkar said.The MNS and some other political parties have opposed release of films with actors from Pakistan after the Uri terror attack, putting a question mark on the fate of Johar’s movie, slated for release on October 28. The Cinema Owners Exhibitors Association of India, too, decided not to screen films with Pakistani actors in four states — Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Goa.A team from Johar’s Dharma Productions along with filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt and Vijay Singh of Fox Star Studios had met Mumbai’s top police officials on Wednesday and sought protection for the theatres to screen the film. Deputy Commissioner of Police Ashok Dudhe had said, “Mumbai police will provide adequate protection to cinema theatres.”

Senior Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi likely to join BJP: Reports

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Senior Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi is likely to join Bharatiya Janata Party, ahead of Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.According to reports, Joshi, who is currently the MLA from Lucknow Cantonment constituency has met BJP president Amit Shah and other senior leaders.However, BJP leader and Joshi’s brother Vijay Bahuguna has rejected speculations. He said, “These are just rumours, no truth in them.”Joshi was the president of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee from 2007 to 2012. She is daughter of Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, a former Chief Minister of the UPElections in Uttar Pradesh are to be held early next year and former Delhi CM Sheila Diksht has been projected as CM candidate by Congress.

MCD, PWD and Delhi government do not work: Vijay Goel

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Union Sports Minister Vijay Goel expressed his unhappiness on Friday over insanitation in the city and alleged that the civic bodies and Delhi government “do not work” to maintain cleanliness. “They do not work. MCD does not work, PWD and Delhi government do not work. It’s such a big system that if everyone does work cleanliness can be maintained,” Goel said at an award function to felicitate persons associated with cleanliness movements in the country.Highlighting the achievements of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Goel said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent across a “message” and now people have started thinking about cleanliness. “The Prime Minister has given a message. People have started thinking about things like littering. Even if you don’t pick up a piece of paper and lodge it in a dustbin you think it should be there,” he said.Emphasising the role of people in realising the dream of clean India, the Minister said that he himself dreamt of a project wherein a special 15-day campaign was launched by all the agencies including MCDs, NDMC, and DDA to make the city clean. Many representatives of NGOs working in the field of sanitation in different parts of the country were felicitated by the Minister during the programme organised by Delhi Study Group.

Vijay Mallya case: Bengaluru DRT to pass interim order on Indigo, GoAir garnishment matter

Bengaluru: The Debt Recovery Tribunal will pass an interim order on Wednesday on the plea of a consortium of banks seeking a direction to Indigo and GoAir airlines under garnishee proceedings to deposit with it the money to be paid to Airbus by them, in a Kingfisher Airlines case.

File photo of Vijay Mallya. AFPFile photo of Vijay Mallya. AFP

File photo of Vijay Mallya. AFP

“I am under pressure, and I wouldn’t want any further delays. I would pass an interim order, tomorrow, on interim applications filed by the bankers,” DRT Presiding Officer K Srinivasan said during the hearing of the interim applications by the banks led by Oriential Bank of Commerce.

He also directed Airbus to produce a letter containing details of its account held in whichever bank for freezing Rs 196 crore until the case is disposed of.

A garnishment is a means of collecting a monetary judgment against a defendant by ordering a third party (the garnishee) to pay the money, otherwise owed to the defendant, directly to the plaintiff.

Airbus had availed Rs 196 crore from the consortium of banks on behalf of Vijay Mallya-controlled Kingfisher Airlines in 2005. Though Airbus is in receipt of the money, it failed to deliver the planes to the now-grounded Kingfisher Airlines.

The Oriental Bank of Commerce, Corporation Bank and United Bank of India, had made pre-delivery payment of Rs 196 crore to Airbus on behalf of Kingfisher after both the parties had signed a purchase agreement.

Since Airbus failed to repay the pre-delivery payment, the bankers made GoAir and Indigo as parties in the case by filing interim applications, asking the tribunal to direct the budget carriers to deposit money to be paid to Airbus with it, under garnishee proceedings.

In a counter move, the budget air carriers filed objections to the interim applications filed by bankers.

Making submissions before the tribunal, Airbus counsel said the company was needlessly being dragged into the matter as it is neither a borrower nor a defaulter.

In fact, the company is a victim in this case for someone else’s mistakes, who owe public money availed from banks, the counsel said.

He also challenged the jurisdiction of DRT to adjudicate on the matter as Airbus had arrived at the agreement with Kingfisher as per English laws.

“The honorable DRT does not have the jurisdiction over the matter,” he argued.

However, Bankers’ Counsel Mohammad Ibrahim contended that the contract was signed in India between banks, Kingfisher and Airbus and the aircraft were to be delivered in India, and the money was paid by banks in India.

DRT Bengaluru had passed an order for attachment of the money lying with Airbus in February 2014.

Subsequently, the aircraft-maker moved DRAT Chennai contending that DRT Bengaluru does not have jurisdiction to pass order as the authority lies with London courts, as per the agreement between the lenders, Kingfisher and Airbus.

The now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines owes over Rs 9,000 crore to a consortium of 17 banks led by SBI.

Mallya, who left the country on 2 March and is now in UK, has been declared a proclaimed offender by a special PMLA court in Mumbai on a plea by Enforcement Directorate in connection with its money laundering probe against him in the alleged bank loan default case.

Amit Shah’s rally a flop show, bungalow remark smacks of casteist mentality: Mayawati

<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>BSP supremo Mayawati on Wednesday termed BJP chief Amit Shah’s rally as a “flop show” and slammed his remark that she owned several bungalows in Delhi, saying it smacks of his party’s “casteist mentality”.”It seems that BJP’s top leadership and Amit Shah are unable to digest the fact that a daughter of a Dalit can reside in a bungalow,” she said, hitting back at the BJP chief. “It only goes on to highlight BJP’s casteist mentality,” she said referring to Shah’s remark that “if she had distributed the money she spent on the bunglows…every Dalit household would have got an air conditioner”.She termed the rally, organised by her former partymen Swami Prasad Maurya, as a “flop show” and said it proved once again that “those who desert BSP are left alone”. Shah’s speech was far from the truth and was aimed at provoking people in view of the Assembly polls next year, she alleged.The BSP chief said that unlike BJP, which allowed Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya to flee, she took “stern action against all those facing corruption allegations”. Mayawati said Maurya toiled hard for months but failed to pull a crowd for the BJP’s rally and the party was now “regretting taking him in”.

How Dipa Karmakar inspires a nation

Dipa Karmakar, India’s first female Olympic gymnast, just missed bronze in the women’s vaulting event, but managed to inspire fans across country.

From China’s role in India’s NSG bid to Vijay Mallya: Highlights of Sushma Swaraj’s press interaction

On Sunday, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj held a press conference to commemorate two years of the government. During the discussion she answered a host of questions including India’s NSG bid, Vijay Mallya, ISIS, Donald Trump, Lalit Modi and Brexit.Here are the highlights from her speech:Indian wants peaceful settlement of South China Sea disputeThe ED has sent an extradition request for Vijay Mallya and the MEA team has suggested some changes in the request which has been sent to ED.While India’s engagement with the USA has increased, it wouldn’t be at the cost of the nation’s interests and India would protest against them if it was required.Incidents of violence against minorities in Bangladesh were unfortunate and the Bangladesh government is taking strong action against them.Difficult issues with Pakistan would be resolved and there was currently ‘ease and warmth’ in relations between the two countries.India hadn’t disregarded SAARC in its NSG bid.NIA hadn’t been denied permission to go to Pakistan and prove, and Pakistan has asked for more time to conduct a proper probe.Foreign Secretary-level talks between the neighbours hadn’t been cancelled.Govt is trying to ensure India is a member of NSG by the end of 2016.China is not protesting India’s NSG membership, it’s talking about criteria and that govt is confident China will back India.Not opposed to any country’s entrance into NSG on merit, including Pakistan.In 10 months, PM Modi covered UAE, Saudia Arabia, Iran and Qatar successfully for better ties.No Indian stranded anywhere in the world had been abandoned by the government and she didn’t know whether Father Tom had been killed by ISIS.The plan was to reach out to almost every country in the world with the help of state government and cabinet ministers and FDI couldn’t be brought in sitting at home. 140 countries had been contacted and the govt would reach out to 65 more.When India talks, the world listens today. It was up to Americans to decide whether they wanted to vote for Trump, and similarly it was Britains decision to decide on Brexit.

Bank of Baroda says ‘sorry’, will compensate farmer it mistook for Vijay Mallya guarantor

Through a series of investigative reports, Firstpost told you the story of how Bank of Baroda (BoB) reckoned three of its regular account holders as “guarantors” to a loan to Vijay Mallya’s now defaulted airline, Kingfisher. One of the “guarantors” was a farmer in Uttar Pradesh, the second a security guard and the third a vegetable vendor (both from Mumbai).

The efforts seem to have paid off, at least partially. After days of stony silence, BoB has said its senior officers have met the “aggrieved customer” and apologised for the inconvenience. The bank also said it would compensate the customer if need be.

Here’s the full text of their brief email response:

“The accounts under reference were erroneously lien marked by the Bank, owing to similarity of personal details and select credentials with the guarantors of Kingfisher Airlines. However, on realizing this, the Bank initiated prompt action to rectify the error.

“The Bank also wishes to clarify that the customers under reference were not the guarantors for the loans provided to Kingfisher Airlines.

“The Senior Officials of the Bank have called on the aggrieved customer and have regretted for the inconvenience caused on account of this unintentional error. The Bank will also compensate him for the monetary loss, if any.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, here is the gist.


Manmohan Singh Kapur (left) in an image from his Facebook account AND Manmohan Singh from Khajuria Naviram village (right). Naresh Sharma/Firstpost

BoB is one of the banks in the 17-lender consortium which gave loans worth Rs 7000 crore to the now defunct airline of Vijay Mallya when the bird was still in the skies (it was grounded in October, 2012). But in December last year, BoB froze the accounts of three of its regular retail customers — Manmohan Singh and two other persons named Subhash R Gupta in Mumbai, mistaking them as Mallya’s guarantors to BoB’s Rs 550 crore loan.
This, the bank said, happened due to the similarity in their names with two gentlemen (Manmohan Singh Kapur and Subhash R Gupte) who used to be on the board of Kingfisher till two years ago.
You can read the earlier stories here:

Part 1 – BoB mistook farmer, security guard for Kingfisher directors!

Part 2 – BoB freezes a/c with Rs 93 in quest for Rs 550 crore!

Part 3 – Bank of Baroda freezes a/c of vegetable vendor!

Part 4 – BoB doesn’t even know who guaranteed Vijay Mallya’s loan of Rs 550 crore!

Welcome though it is, the bank’s response does not address the issues fully.

Firstly, from the emailed statement it appears that BoB is referring only to one customer, the Pilibhit farmer Manmohan Singh, who suffered monetary loss after his account was frozen.
Firstpost visited Singh at his Pilibhit home to ascertain if this was indeed true. “The bank has informed us through their lawyer that the extra interest we had to pay on the loan because the account was frozen would be waived,” he said. “But at the same time we have been requested to take withdraw the defamation case which we filed against the bank.”

Ganesh R Gupta in the foreground. Younger brother Subhash, whose account with Rs 93 balance was put on the freeze-list by the BoB is partly visible.Ganesh R Gupta in the foreground. Younger brother Subhash, whose account with Rs 93 balance was put on the freeze-list by the BoB is partly visible.

Ganesh R Gupta in the foreground. Younger brother Subhash, whose account with Rs 93 balance was put on the freeze-list by the BoB is partly visible.

Singh served a legal notice to the bank’s Mumbai branch and the branch in Pilibhit, charging them with defamation and demanded a compensation of Rs 10 lakh within 30 days. Singh added: “While the bank has agreed to waive off the loan they should also give us monetary compensation for all the problems that we had to face because of their irresponsible behavior”
Rampal Gangwar, lawyer of Manmohan Singh told Firstpost: “While bank authorities have woken up after six months, all they want to do is to waive off the loan. But my client had to sell his crop (sugarcane) at a much lower price as his accounts were frozen and he needed money. He suffered much of financial loss and mental agony and he should be compensated for this.”

Bank of Baroda is silent on the other two customers who did not suffer any apparent monetary loss. It did not also specify whether it would reach out to these two customers — Subhash Ramdulare Gupta, vegetable vendor in Khar Mumbai and Subhash R Gupta, security guard, Vile Parle, Mumbai. When Firstpost called the two Guptas, they were unwilling to pursue the matter, insisting that the absence of monetary loss gave them little cause to take it up with the bank. However, the fact that these two customers did not suffer monetary loss does not mitigate the bank’s culpability in freezing their accounts without their knowledge. For this stealth attack on the rights and privileges of a customer the bank has needs to not just to apologise to them as well but make a demonstrable good will gesture to win their trust back.

Secondly, and more importantly, BoB has maintained that what happened in this particular case was an ‘office goof up’ or ‘technical error’ by some of their officials who handled the recovery process and action on the guarantors accounts. But the brunt of the Firstpost investigative series is not to magnify an office error by a bank, but to highlight the larger systemic problems it symptomises.

Two key questions come up here:

One, how foolproof are the systems and processes in place for a large, reputed bank like BoB , to handle the sanction and recovery process of a high value loan (Rs 550 crore in this case). We all know how the 17-bank consortium has pathetically failed to take early action on Mallya. The Rs 9,000 crore Kingfisher loan (with accrued interest amount) became NPA (non-performing asset) on 2012, not in last December. But, sadly, that was when banks woke up to the problem (mind you, after four years of the loan turning NPA) with the seriousness the issue warrants. And when they did, this is what happened if we take BoB as an example. How could the bank get the names of its guarantors to such a large loan wrong in the first place? Both Kapur and Gupte (the original directors on the Kingfisher board), confirmed to Firstpost over phone they were never guarantors to the Kingfisher loan and do not even have accounts with the bank. Then how did these names figure in BoB’s radar in the first place?

Farmer_380Farmer_380Two, this is the worse part. Even in identifying the wrong “guarantors”, the bank failed miserably. Before freezing the accounts of three of its regular customers, the bank didn’t bother to inform them or at least verify they are indeed the right people. The due diligence process failed at all levels, straight from the head office to the branch offices.

This raises a serious question of how safe are the bank accounts of millions of customers.

Remember, these three accounts had vey low balances (in one case Rs 93). One of the Guptas, the security guard, operated this account only to avail Prime Minister’s Suraksha Bima Yojana, the mass insurance scheme with Rs 12 premium. Just one look at their account history or their KYC details would have revealed that these customers are no way linked to Vijay Mallya or Kingfisher.

The good part is that, after we highlighted this issue, BoB at least agreed to apologise to the customer and even compensate for monetary losses. (We are trying to ascertain from the three persons if the bank officials indeed visited them expressed regrets.) But, the story doesn’t end here.

So, the larger question still remains. How was such a large loan given without even knowing the KYC details of the “guarantors”. Firstposts enquiries in this respect will continue to question the basic systemic issues in how banks lend public money to corporates.

Congress worker killed after two groups clash over cartoon of Sonia Gandhi ‘washing utensils’

A 33-year-old man ended up dead when a fight over an “objectional” caricature of Congress president Sonia Gandhi turned into a fullblown battle in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur. Reports said one group was led by Congress municipal councillor Jatin Raj and another by advocate Prashant Naik. Naik was injured in the clashes, as well.

Six others got injured, five of them seriously, in the clash between two camps in the early hours of Thursday over the photo which was allegedly circulated in a WhatsApp group, police told PTI.

Prashant Naik allegedly posted a photo in the WhatsApp group, which showed Sonia “washing utensils” with a satirical caption saying (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi has reduced Congress President to such a position, CSP Balsavar told PTI.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi. PTI

Congress president Sonia Gandhi. PTI

Area city superintendent of police Inderjeet Balsavar told the media that Umesh Verma alias Guddu, who sustained injuries in the clash, succumbed to his wounds at a hospital. he was undergoing treatment.

According to Jatin Raj’s group, knives were freely used by the rival group inside the Vijay Nagar Police station where they went to lodge a complaint — a charge denied by the policemen on site, who had to call their colleagues from other police stations to discipline the two groups after they turned violent.

Raj has created a group named ‘Vijay Nagar Friends’ on WhatsApp for people to stay connected in his locality.

The two groups gathered at Ahimsa Chowk little after 12 pm on Tuesday and a heated argument took place between them over the caricature of Sonia. In the meantime, acting on a tip-off the police reached the spot and asked them to come to police station to sort out their differences, the CSP said.

When the two groups reached police station, an alleged altercation took place between them and one Umesh Verma was stabbed, who was rushed to a hospital where he succumbed to his injuries, alleged Animesh, a member of the Congress corporator group.

He demanded police should make public the footage of CCTV camera at the police station to bring out the truth. CSP Balsavar said to bring situation under control, police resorted to cane charge but denied that violence took place inside the police station.

The violence took place when the groups were en route to the police station, the CSP said. Advocate Naik said people of both the groups have been booked and further investigations are on.

With inputs from PTI

BJP mocks at Mayawati for seeking CBI probe in Mathura clashes

BJP on Friday ridiculed BSP supremo Mayawati for demanding a CBI probe into the Mathura clashes and at the same time casting aspersions on the working of the investigation agency. “This is nothing but a dichotomy. On one hand she seeks CBI inquiry into Mathura violence and on the other she questions the working of the agency,” BJP spokesperson Vijay Bahadur Pathak said here.His comments came in the wake of the BSP supremo expressing apprehension that the Centre might misuse CBI and other investigation agencies to gag opposition leaders from highlighting “failures” of the Modi government.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Mayawati had yesterday cautioned that BJP will have to suffer political loss in the coming elections in Uttar Pradesh — as in the case of Kerala and West Bengal — if it tinkered with the functioning of CBI or misused it against her. “If she thinks the Centre is misusing CBI, then why demand a CBI probe into the Mathura violence,” Pathak asked, adding that her remarks were “highly ironical”.Trashing Mayawati’s charge that BJP and SP had a tacit understanding on the issue of probe into the Mathura violence, he asked as to what role BSP played as the main opposition party in the state.

Gujarat: Lord Swaminarayan’s idol dressed up in RSS uniform sparks row

Ahmedabad: A controversy has erupted after a Surat-based temple dressed up the idol of Lord Swaminarayan in RSS uniform, with Congress terming it as very unfortunate.

The issue came to light after a picture, in which Lord Swaminarayan can be seen donning the Sangh outfit — white shirt tucked into a baggy khaki shorts with black cap and black shoes on — went viral on social media platforms last evening. The idol is also seen holding the national flag in one hand.

File photo of RSS camp. PTI

File photo of a RSS camp. PTI

According to Swami Vishwaprakashji of the temple, which is situated in Laskana area of Surat, the dress was gifted by a local devotee a few days back.

“We have a common practice of presenting the God’s idol in various dresses. This RSS uniform was given to us by a devotee. We do not have any other agenda. We did not know that it will create a controversy,” Vishwaprakashji said.

Even as the temple authorities denied having any intention of endorsing the views of the right-wing organisation, Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela said temple authorities must refrain from such activities.

“What do you want to prove by dressing up the God in khaki shorts? I pity those who have done that. Today, you have dressed the Lord in RSS uniform, tomorrow you will dress the idol in BJP’s uniform. This is very unfortunate,” Vaghela said.

Gujarat BJP chief Vijay Rupani also said that it should not have been done. “I am really surprised. If at all it was done, I don’t approve of it,” he said.

Gujarat: Lord Swaminarayan idol dressed in RSS uniform sparks a row

A controversy erupted on Tuesday after authorities of a Surat-based Swaminarayan temple dressed up the idol of Lord Swaminarayan in the RSS uniform.The issue came to light after a picture, in which Lord Swaminarayan can be seen donning the Sangh outfit–white shirt tucked into a baggy khaki shorts with black cap and black shoes on–went viral on various social media platforms. The idol is also seen holding the national flag in one hand.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>According to Swami Vishwaprakashji of the temple, which is situated in Laskana area of Surat, the dress was gifted by a local devotee a few days back. “We have a common practice of presenting the God’s idol in various dresses. This RSS uniform was given to us by a devotee. We do not have any other agenda. We did not know that it will create a controversy,” Vishwaprakashji said.Even as the temple authorities denied having any intention of endorsing the views of the right-wing organisation, Congress condemned the move. Senior Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela said temple authorities must refrain from such activities. “What do you want to prove by dressing up the god in khaki shorts? I pity those who have done that. Today, you have dressed the Lord in RSS uniform, tomorrow you will dress the idol in BJP’s uniform. This is very unfortunate,” Vaghela said.When asked about the incident, Gujarat BJP president Vijay Rupani also said that it should not have been done. “I am really surprised! If at all it was done, I don’t approve of it,” said Rupani.

Conduct common eligibility test for admission to DU’s undergraduate courses: BJP

New Delhi: BJP MP Vijay Goel on Tuesday demanded that Delhi University conduct a common eligibility test for admission to undergraduate courses, besides the cut-off criteria, to ensure only meritorious students are given a chance.

Representational image. AFPRepresentational image. AFP

Representational image. AFP

Goel also demanded that students from the national capital be given some relaxation in cut-off and 85 per cent seats be reserved for them in 18 DU colleges run by Delhi Government.

“Different states have their own education boards, different courses and separate examination system. These boards cannot be equated with CBSE. In some boards, liberalmarking is adopted whereas in others strict marking is done.

“For that purpose the cut-off list in DU does not ensure justice to all students. Hence, there should be a common eligibility test to ensure only meritorious students get the chance,” Goel told a press conference.

The BJP MP, who had also met DU Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi yesterday over the issue, said, “It is the right time for the university to take strict action against students who resort to false practices such as corruption, cheating, represent false mark-sheets and other malpractices for gaining admissions.”

“It is very painful for the citizens of Delhi that their children are not able to get admission in colleges and courses of their own choice in their home state despite getting more than 60 per cent marks.

“We demand that at least 85 per cent seats in 18 government colleges are reserved for them. Also they should be given some relaxation in cut-off for admission to non-government DU colleges,” he said.

The process for admission to more than 60,000 seats in various undergraduate courses is underway. The last date for submitting application is 19 June and the varsity will announce the first cut-off on 27 June.

Wanted since 2012, suspected Chhota Rajan aide held

The city crime branch sleuths on Saturday arrested a man allegedly associated with the Chhota Rajan gang. The arrestee, Vijay alias Raju Mahadik, has several criminal cases registered against him, including extortion, threatening and robbery. Vijay had been on the run since 2012 and was wanted by the police in an attempt to commit robbery case.In August 2012, on receipt of some specific information, the crime branch officers nabbed three persons – Navnath Gurav, Rajesh Bhalerao and Mohsin Sheikh – in Andheri, while they were about to rob a businessman. Mahadik and his associate Bablu managed to flee from the spot at the time. The police had also seized a country-made pistol, a live cartridge, chopper, chilli powder and rope from their possession.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”Mahadik had been on the run since 2012 and efforts were on to trace him. He is a close aide of gangster Chhota Rajan and has been involved in extortion, threatening and robbery cases. He will be in the police custody till Thursday,” said a crime branch officer, requesting anonymity.

Kejriwal in Goa: Will not spare my own children if they are involved in illegalities, says Delhi CM

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party National Convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said he would not even spare his own children if they were found to be involved in illegalities.”Tomorrow even if my child is involved in illegality, I will not spare him (and) I will take stringent action against him,” Kejriwal said addressing a public meeting.Kicking off the The Aam Aadmi Party’s campaign for the Goa Assembly polls scheduled to be held in 2017. Kejriwal recalled how the AAP government (in Delhi) had dismissed its own Food minister from the Cabinet after he was caught demanding bribe.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Kejriwal attacks Congress In his 40-minute speech, Kejriwal touched on the issue of liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s debt to the banks. The Delhi Chief Minister alleged that Congress had given Rs 9,000 crore subsidy to Mallya.”We gave (electricity) subsidy of Rs 1,400 crore which benefited 36 lakh families (in Delhi). But the Congress kept on criticising AAP government for the subsidy. We gave subsidy to help the common men, while Congress gave Rs 9,000 crore subsidy and that too for one person, Vijay Mallya,” he alleged.Taking a dig at BJP, Kejriwal said, “when the party came to power (at the Centre) they allowed him (Mallya) to run away so that he is not caught.”The Delhi Chief Minister further said his government has slashed down the power tariffs in Delhi to the second lowest as against highest in the country a year and half ago during Congress rule.”Then government was not heeding to the demand of the people that private firms providing electricity to Delhi were running scams. But when we came to power, we did the audit of their accounts through CAG which revealed Rs 8,000 crore scam,” Kejriwal claimed.”We want to take action against these power firms and recover the money but the case is pending in the Supreme Court. Once we win the case, we promise that Delhi’s power tariff would be reduced further,” he added.Anna never forced anyone to say ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’: Kejriwal”I remember the Anna andolan. I used to be on the stage with Annaji at Ramleela Maidan (in Delhi). He used to give one call for’Bharat Mata Ki’ and the entire country used to respond with Jai’,” Kejriwal said during a public meeting here where AAP began its campaign for the Goa Assembly elections scheduled in 2017.”He never had to threaten people to say it (Bharat Mata ki Jai). People used to say it from the heart,” the Delhi Chief Minister said.”Annaji used to say it once and the entire nation used to join him wholeheartedly irrespective of any religion. This is true patriotism,” he added.”Now some people have taken a contract of patriotism. They threaten people to chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’,” he said.Kejriwal accuses BJP govt of ruining educational institutionsKejriwal also alleged that the BJP-led central government was trying to ruin various educational institutions across the country.”JNU is in bad shape. Hyderabad university (Hyderabad Central University) has become a war zone. The Centre is also hell bent in taking away minority status from Aligarh University and Jamia Milia varsity,” he alleged.Referring to the February 9 incident at JNU, Kejriwal accused BJP of “planting youths in the university campus to start riots”.”In JNU, five youths came, raised anti-national slogans and ran away. (Narendra) Modi-led government used it as an excuse and cracked down on JNU,” he alleged.”Why are you (the Centre) not arresting five youths who had raised slogans against the country. Modi government has Army, para-military force, Intelligence Bureau, RAW, CBI, ACB and Delhi Police but despite this they can’t arrest five youths. Their videos are there, their pictures are there,” he said.”They can be identified but till date they have not been arrested. Everyone suspects that they were planted by BJP to start riots in JNU,” Kejriwal alleged.

BJP MP Tarun Vijay attacked by mob for visiting temple with Dalits

Dehradun: Rajya Sabha member Tarun Vijay was today attacked by a mob and his car vandalized after he came out of a temple with Dalit leaders in Chakrata, 180 kilometres from Dehradun.

The mob attacked Vijay and the Dalit leader apparently for visiting the temple where entrance of persons belonging to backward castes is prohibited.

Tarun VijayTarun Vijay

A file photo of Tarun Vijay. AFP

“Vijay, along with a few Dalit leaders visited Silgur Devta temple. The mob pelted stones on them when they stepped out of the temple,” Sub Inspector, Chakrata police station, Lalit Kumar said.

The police team present there rescued the Uttarakhand MP and the Dalit leaders who sustained minor injuries, Kumar said, adding Vijay was taken to a hospital and his condition is stated to stable.

Condemning the attack, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat ordered Garhwal Commissioner to look into the incident.

“Such incidents will not be tolerated. Strict action will be taken against those found responsible for the attack,” Rawat said.

Following the Chief minister’s orders, a team of officers has left Dehradun for Chakrata.

Tarun Vijay attacked: Wife says he is alive as he hid from attackers; CM Rawat promises strict action

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat on Saturday met BJP Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay who is recuperating at a hospital in Dehradun after an attack on Friday noon. After meeting Tarun Vijay, Rawat promised to take strict action against the accused. Tarun Vijay was attacked by a mob and his car was vandalised after he came out of a temple with Dalit leaders in Chakrata on Friday.Talking to the reporters after meeting the injured MP, the Chief Minister assured that Vijay’s condition was stable and that the doctors were happy with the line of treatment given to him, adding, that he has conveyed to the medical team of complete assistance from the state government.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”We are pursuing this matter. Investigation has been ordered and as soon as the report comes, strict action will be taken,” Rawat added.He also said that public awareness also needs to be cultivated in the matter. “Yes, customs should be respected, but you can’t stop someone from worshipping. I want to call on all religious leaders in the state to open the doors of their temples to people from all faith and also to the Dalits. After all, everyone is human,” Rawat said.Meanwhile, Tarun Vijay’s wife said, “He is really injured, he told me he hid from the attackers that’s why he is alive. The villagers attacked him with sticks and stones and he is in the ICU right now.” The mob attacked Vijay and the Dalit leader reportedly for visiting the temple where entrance of persons belonging to backward castes is prohibited.The police team present there rescued the Uttarakhand MP and the Dalit leaders who sustained minor injuries. Following the Chief minister’s orders, a team of officers has left Dehradun for Chakrata.(With Inputs from ANI)

Uttarakhand: BJP MP Tarun Vijay injured after scuffle, hospitalized

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay on Friday has been seriously injured after scuffle outside Silgur Devta Temple in Uttarakhand. He suffered head injuries in the scuffle.His car has also been vandalized. Vijay is a BJP MP from Uttarakhad. Vijay was the editor of Panchajanya – RSS mouthpiece – from 1986 to February 2008. He also writes for the Daily Pioneer.Watch this space for more details are awaited.

BJP inducts 9 Congress rebels despite state unit’s unease

A week after Harish Rawat won the trust vote in Uttarakhand assembly, nine rebel Congress MLAs joined the BJP despite reservations of its state unit on Wednesday.The BJP leadership inducted the MLAs, including Vijay Bahuguna, after a long meeting with state leaders, including BC Khanduri, Bhagat Singh Koshiyari, Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank and state unit chief Ajay Bhatt. The state unit had expressed it’s concerns about the fallout of the Congress rebels coming into the party fold in the elections next year. according to sources.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The state leaders also conveyed that the political developments, the imposition of president’s rule and the trust vote had sent a negative message hurt the party’s image, sources said.There was speculation that a tenth Congress MLA may join the BJP later.The state leaders along with incharge Shyama Jaju held a meeting with party president Amit Shah.The final decision, however, was left to Shah.The state leaders felt Congress rebels joining the party could affect equations in constituencies, which the nine Congress rebels had represented and lead to more factionalism. The BJP leaders would also want tickets from the same seats.

Burdwan boat capsizes: 16 bodies fished out of Bhagirathi river

Burdwan/Shantipur (WB): Bodies of 16 persons, including a child, were recovered from river Bhagirathi where an overcrowded boat sank on Saturday night, reported Hindustan Times.

Burdwan district magistrate Saumitra Mohan told PTI that the bodies of seven men, four women and a girl child were recovered during search operations since last night.

The bodies were found within 1-1.5 km radius of the spot where the overcrowded boat had capsized, he said.

Photographs of the bodies have been sent to Kalna and Shantipur police stations to enable their relatives to identify them.

Representational image. ReutersRepresentational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

The accident had sparked violent protest in Nadia district on Sunday during which several boats were torched and police fired tear gas and lobbed rubber bullets to quell the mob.

The boat ferrying at least 55 people, much above its capacity, overturned in the river on Saturday night as the people were on their way back to Shantipur in Nadia district on the opposite bank from a fair at Kalna in Burdwan district.

Nadia District Magistrate Vijay Bharti had said on Sunday night that the body of a 35-year-old woman was recovered from the river bed near Shantipur.

The Burdwan District Magistrate said search operation was still on to “find out if ther are any more victims”.

On the alleged delay in rescue operations, Mohan had said the river current, depth of the river and the muddy water
had made the job of the divers “very difficult”.

The Burdwan DM had said “overloading” was one of the suspected causes which led to the incident.

Uneducated women give birth to more kids, says Kiran Bedi

Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi on Thursday said “uneducated women give birth to more kids” as they stay at home and are “not able to take their own decisions”.”Research shows that uneducated women are giving birth to more kids. Not that they are doing any crime, but they have more time than educated women, who go out to work. Uneducated women stay back at home and are not able to take their own decision,” she said at an event in Ahmedabad.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Addressing college students, Bedi said, “Weaker students come to engineering colleges due to reservation and are not ready for the course.””Shall we leave weaker students who have secured admission due to reservation and are not ready for the course like that only? They should be taught by deserving students, so that they do not stay undeserving,” she added.The former IPS officer attributed the problems arising in universities like JNU, HCU to “breakdown of communication between teachers and the administration”.”Why are there problem in universities? The problem at JNU and HCU can be seen from the management perspective as it is a breakdown of communication between teachers and administrator,” she said.”If there is no regular contact between teachers, Vice Chancellors, administration, then it causes problems. If there is a regular contact in a house, the problem does not go public and gets solved inside,” Bedi said.Exhorting students to to pay education loans on time, she said, “We have turned ungrateful. We ask parents that it is your job to give us shelter, food, and say that if (Vijay) Mallya (former liquor baron) did not pay his loan, then why should I? We should be grateful to the bank and repay loan on time,” she said.

Man commits suicide by hanging himself from tree near Parliament complex

A 39-year-old man allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree near Parliament complex this morning.The deceased has been identified as Ram Dayal Verma, a native of Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh.The police have recovered a suicide note from his pocket, police said.It was around 7.15 AM that Verma’s body was found hanging from a tree located between Rail Bhawan and the media parking centre near Vijay Chowk, close to Parliament.An inquest has been initiated into the matter. Efforts are on to contact his relatives, police added.

Rajya Sabha passes Bankruptcy code; can the new law help banks address the bad loan issue?

The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday cleared the long-awaited Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, that seeks to improve the ease of doing business in the country by enabling banks to wind up companies faster if resolution isn’t feasible. Lok Sabha passed the Bill on last Thursday.

The law enables banks to push for resolution/recovery of the money from a troubled company within a period of 180 days, with a grace period of another 90 days if majority (75 percent) of creditors agrees. If the recovery doesn’t happen even then, the company will be liquidated automatically.

Representational image. ReutersRepresentational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

Presently, recovering money from a defaulted corporate borrower is a nightmare for bankers since it takes years for the Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRTs) to finish the litigation. Promoters typically drag banks to various other courts to delay their payments. By the time, the whole process gets over, there will be nothing left for banks to recover. The underlying value of the assets would have eroded sharply by then. The new law promises a change to this scenario by overhauling the laws regulating insolvency amid a surge in bad loans.

Officials and experts say the passing of the legislation before 31 May can help India improve its rankings in the World Bank’s “ease of doing business index”. At present on the parameter of resolving insolvency, India is ranked 136 among 189 countries. Once it gets the Rajya Sabha nod, the new law will give the banks “more confidence” to lend for long-term projects such as roads, ports and power plants, officials said.

Can the new law make a difference?

But, as Firstpost highlighted in an earlier article the key point here is the effective implementation of the new law. Even the existing DRT (Debt Recovery Tribunal) mechanism was brought in to make possible faster resolution of banker-borrower disputes since the general judicial platforms lacked the infrastructure and expertise to deal with complex financial litigations between a lender and borrower. But, the DRT has clearly failed to do what it was supposed to do on account of its slow-paced approach.

The point here is that even though the new law is in place, its success depends on how conducive is our legal system to support the execution of the Law and how fast banks can exercise their rights. As the Vijay Mallya-Kingfisher case shows, banks have been fighting this case with the liquor baron in different courts (DRTs, High Courts and Supreme Courts), but even after 4 years of default, there has been no meaningful progress on recovery.

Indian banks are struggling with huge bad debts with a total Rs 4 lakh crore Gross NPAs and an equal amount of restructured loans. Majority of the stressed assets, which constitute 11 per cent of the total loans given by banks, are from loans given to large corporations. This highlights the need for quicker resolution of stressed cases in the banking sector.

India asks UK to extradite Vijay Mallya

India will seek to extradite indebted business tycoon Vijay Mallya after the UK rejected its request to deport him, the Indian finance minister says.

IAS officer Rekha Rani lands in trouble for marrying actress’ husband

On Tuesday, the SR Nagar police filed a case against actress Poojitha’s husband for marrying Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh managing director G. Rekha Rani, an IAS officer. The Deccan Chronicle reports that former journalist P. Vijay Gopal, who is currently the PA to Araku MP Kothapalli Geetha, cheated actress Poojitha whom he was married to.Police have filed a case against him including IPC Section 496 (marriage ceremony fraudulently gone through without lawful marriage) in the FIR. Poojitha has given police evidence of their marriage including a letter from the priest who allegedly performed their marriage in 1994. She has also submitted the ration card, Voter’s ID card, her delivery records, family photos, her son’s birth certificate and school admission records, adds the daily. She doesn’t have a marriage certificate. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Poojitha has told the daily that the wedding took place 15 years ago at the Birla Temple at the sanctorum of Sri Venkateswara Swamy. She has now alleged that Vijay Gopal has cheated her and other women and asked that the police take action. She states that they have a child too and that the couple is not divorced. IAS officer G Rekha Rani is well-known thanks to getting Sachin Tendulkar to adopt a village in Nellore, when she was joint collector there in 2014. She has denied the allegations and stated that Poojitha and Vijay Gopal were not married but only in a live-in relationship. Vijay Gopal also states the same.

Vijay Mallya’s resignation from Rajya Sabha turned down

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya, facing a case of loan default of over Rs 9,400 crore, is all set to be expelled from the Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari on Tuesday turning down his resignation on procedural grounds and Ethics Committee rejecting it.”Hamid Ansari, Chairman, Rajya Sabha does not accept the resignation of Vijay Mallya. Secretary General, Rajya Sabha writes to Sh. Mallya that his resignation letter does not conform to prescribed procedures & does not bear signature in original.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”As per Rule 213 of RS procedures, the resignation must be voluntary and genuine,” Ansari’s Officer on Special Duty to Gurdeep Singh Sappal said on Twitter quoting from the Secretary General’s letter.
ALSO READ Decision to expel Vijay Mallya from Rajya Sabha to be taken tomorrowFrom his abode in Britain, Mallya had sent a scanned copy of the resignation to Ansari letter in a bid to avoid expulsion saying he did not want his “name and reputation to be further dragged in mud”.”And since recent events suggest that I will not get a fair trial or justice, I am hereby resigning as a member of the Rajya Sabha with immediate effect,” Mallya had said a day before the Ethics panel was all set to recommend his expulsion.
ALSO READ Don’t want my name, reputation further dragged in mud: Vijay Mallya in his resignation letterSources in the Rajya Sabha Secretariat said that Mallya’s signature was scanned and did not satisfy the rules.The Ethics Committee of the Upper House headed by Karan Singh, which met on Tuesday, also pointed to the “wrong procedure” while rejecting the resignation, the sources said.
ALSO READ No signature in letter: Rajya Sabha chairman rejects Vijay Mallya’s resignationThe panel members also expressed dissatisfaction with his reply about his loan default.Panel members were of the view that Mallya’s action was “unbecoming” of a Rajya Sabha MP.The sources said the panel will submit its report before the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.A motion has to be introduced in the House and approved by it for termination of the membership of any MP.This is Mallya’s second term in Rajya Sabha and it would have otherwise come to an end on July 1.After the meeting, panel Chairman Singh, however, declined to divulge the details saying that being the head of the committee it will not be appropriate for him to announce a decision taken in its meeting.Mallya had yesterday faxed his resignation to Hamid Ansari a day before the Ethics Committee had to take a decision on recommending his expulsion, an issue which was unanimously decided in the panel’s last meeting on April 25.Pressed further, Karan Singh, however, said the decision that was taken in the meeting today was also unanimous.Asked whether the panel has any room left now to take up the matter when Mallya has already resigned, Singh said “of course there is room. He is still a member of the House until it (the resignation) is accepted.” In his resignation letter, Mallya had said that he received a letter by panel Chairman Karan Singh regarding “purported default” by Mallya in the “repayment of bank loans”, which have “not been reflected” in his declaration of Assets and Liabilities.Appending a copy of his reply to Karan Singh, Mallya, had, however, asserted,”the allegations against me are blatantly false and baseless”.”I am shocked that the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India has provided factually wrong information to a Parliament committee,” he had added.The committee had sought details of the liabilities on Mallya’s airline Kingfisher from 13 banks, which furnished their replies according to which the total liability on Mallya’s company is Rs 9431.65 crore. Of this, IDBI’s liability alone is Rs 1687.04 crores followed by Punjab National Bank’s Rs 1223 crore.The committee decided to crack the whip on the ground that Mallya never declared these liabilities in the last ten years, which a member is supposed to do annually.Enforcement Directorate had a fortnight back written to 17 banks and a clutch of probe agencies to prepare a water-tight case against Mallya who is being probed for money laundering charges in the IDBI alleged loan fraud case.In a step closer to initiating his deportation, the government had over a week ago revoked the passport of Mallya who is believed to be in the UK after leaving India on March 2.According to rules, a Member who intends to resign his seat in the Rajya Sabha has to intimate this in writing under his hand addressed to the Chairman, his intention to resign his seat in the Council. If a Member hands over the letter of resignation to the Chairman personally and informs him that the resignation is voluntary and genuine and the Chairman has no information or knowledge to the contrary, the Chairman may accept the resignation immediately.If the Chairman receives the letter of resignation either by post or through some other person, the Chairman may make such an inquiry as he thinks fit to satisfy himself that the resignation is voluntary and genuine.If the Chairman, after making a summary inquiry either himself or through the agency of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat or through such other agency as he may deem fit, is satisfied that the resignation is not voluntary or genuine, he shall not accept the resignation.A member may withdraw his letter of resignation at any time before it is accepted by the Chairman.

No signature in letter: Rajya Sabha chairman rejects Vijay Mallya’s resignation

Rajya Sabha chairman Mohamed Hamid Ansari on Tuesday rejected Vijay Mallya’s resignation on precedural grounds. Gujarat Lions vs Delhi Daredevils Live Cricket Score, 31st T20, Indian Premier League 2016, May 3, 2016The secretary general of Rajya Sabha said, “Mallya’s resignation letter is not according to the procedure, does not bear signature in original.”Liquor baron Vijay Mallya on Monday had written a resignation letter to Rajya Sabha chairman a day before Ethics Committee of the Upper House was set to recommend his expulsion.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In his resignation letter to Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari, he said he does not want his “name and reputation to be further dragged in the mud”.However, there are reports that Hamid Ansari will take a final decision on the matter on Wednesday.
ALSO READ Don’t want my name, reputation further dragged in mud: Vijay Mallya in his resignation letter”Yes, I have received the letter from Mallya. The press has got the letter. I have got a copy of the letter, I don’t know whether it was scanned or physical. He is still a member,” he added.”It is not appropriate to announce the decision of the committee before it is tabled in the House. Tomorrow it will be tabled in the House. The decision has been taken,” Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Rajya Sabha Karan Singh told the media.
ALSO READ Decision to expel Vijay Mallya from Rajya Sabha to be taken tomorrowMallya had said that the Indian Government would not be able to recover any money from him by taking his passport or arresting him.The committee had given him a week’s time to explain his conduct in the default on bank loans in excess of Rs. 9,000 crore extended to his Kingfisher Airlines Ltd.The government had revoked the passport of Mallya, who is believed to be in the UK after leaving India on March 2.The liquor baron is facing legal proceedings for alleged default of loans worth over nine thousand crore rupees from various banks.(With inputs from ANI)

Rajya Sabha ethics panel recommends Vijay Mallya’s expulsion

Just a day after embattled drinks mogul, Vijay Mallya, resigned his Rajya Sabha membership, an ethics committee of Parliament on Tuesday recommended his expulsion, sources said. The recommendation of the ethics committee will be made public on Wednesday. The chairman of the Rajya Sabha will take a final decision on the matter.

A file image of liquor baron Vijay Mallya. AFPA file image of liquor baron Vijay Mallya. AFP

A file image of liquor baron Vijay Mallya. AFP

The panel had made its initial recommendation to terminate Mallya’s membership last week. On Monday, in his resignation letter, Mallya’s had said that he was disappointed with his Rajya Sabha colleagues and repeated the argument that government’s action of revoking his passport was unreasonable, TV channels reported.

In April, the government had revoked Mallya’s passport on the request of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) after the agency found evidence of fund diversion by Mallya with respect to the Rs 900 crore IDBI Bank loan default case. Mallya is also facing non-bailable arrest warrants (NBW) against him on charges related to cheque bouncing.

Banks are chasing Mallya since he had furnished personal guarantees against the loan facilities extended to his now-defunct airline, Kingfisher, grounded in 2012. The loan became a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) in 2012. Two lenders—SBI and PNB—had tagged Mallya as wilful defaulter. Mallya has been arguing that banks have no right to seek his foreign asset details, but the Supreme Court, late last month, passed the details of his assets to the banks. Earlier, the liquor-baron had blamed the ‘haste’ of Indian government in revoking his passport, thus creating impediments in the ‘whole process and endeavor.

Though Mallya had offered to pay Rs 4,000 crore to banks, the lenders rejected the offer citing lack of clarity in the offer.
Mallya has been an MP twice–first in 2002 and in 2010. Going by the data (on his second term that started in mid-2010 and ending mid-2016) on the website of PRS Legislative shows that Mallya has an attendance of 30 percent. The number of debates he participated is nil.

Mr Mallya, why don’t you return to India if you are not a defaulter?

Vijay Mallya, not definitely the King of Good Times these days, isn’t a happy man with so many recent developments. One such is the ‘media trial’ against him since 2 March—the day when he left the country with seven bags, an unidentified woman, Rs 9,000 crore loan obligation, a wilful defaulter notice and charges on financial irregularities.

Vijay Mallya. AFPVijay Mallya. AFP

Vijay Mallya. AFP

The tycoon, currently at his ‘Ladywalk’ bungalow in the suburbs of UK, tweeted on Tuesday.

“In all humility and not in defiance as they report, I would like Indian media to check and verify facts before calling me a defaulter.”

In another tweet Mallya said, “Agree Kingfisher Air owes money to Banks. I am neither a borrower or a judgement debtor. Why am I a defaulter inspite of a settlement offer ? (sic)”

The arguments Mallya seems to make in both tweets make no sense. Here’s why:

Argument 1 : Check and verify facts before calling me a defaulter/ I am neither a borrower or a judgement debtor.

True, it was not Mallya, but the Kingfisher Airlines that originally borrowed close to Rs 7,000 crore from a clutch of 17-banks. But, as this Firstpost story highlights, Mallya is being chased by banks because he promised personal guarantees against the loan and, for fresh facilities Kingfisher received before the loan turned into a non-performing asset (NPA).

Typically, personal guarantees are not given on specific assets of the promoter but on all his personal assets. If it is against a specific asset, it becomes collateral. In that backdrop, Mallya indeed is a defaulter and is liable to pay back the dues to the 17-banks.

Secondly, banks wouldn’t have extended loans to Kingfisher but for the big name of its promoter—Vijay Mallya. Remember, the airline never made any profit in its eight-year-old life, nor had anything else that offered comfort to its lenders as a liquid collateral. It was only because the man who was seeking money is one of the country’s top industrialists that banks had faith in him. As one banker said “who would have dared to refuse loan to Mallya?”

This is not to argue that banks have done all the right things. Kingfisher is clearly a case of banks’ failure to see what is coming, act early on recovery and their overreliance on the name of the airline’s flamboyant owner. By stating he is not a defaulter, is Mallya trying to distance himself from the airline?

Also, why did three banks (though one of them had to reverse the decision following a court order) tag Kingfisher and Vijay Mallya as a wilful defaulter if it is not a case of default and alleged misuse of funds borrowed from banks? Mallya indeed is the borrower and the defaulter of Rs9000 crore loans to 17-banks.

Argument 2: Not in defiance as they report

Media has no business to accuse any individual for months on end, unless there is a clear case of guarding public interest. As this website has argued for long, the Mallya-Kingfisher case is important since the Rs 9,000 crore lent to Mallya is indirectly public money. Banks run on deposits mobilized from the public. In other words, they are the guardians of public money. If banks lose money on account of defaults, banks’ profitability takes a hit. In the case of state-run banks, the onus to recapitalize banks yet again falls on the taxpayer.

Secondly, the Kingfisher case will set a trend for other similar cases in courts. Kingfisher is only one such case. Hence, media interest in this case is logical.

Mallya has been defiant in this case throughout, evident from his statements in courts and in his interviews. The tycoon said banks’ have no business in seeking his foreign asset details on account of his NRI status. despite the personal guarantee submitted by him. He even warned that government actions, including revoking of his passport, would not get any money to the banks.

More importantly, Mallya was never willing to appear before the court despite the Supreme Court asking him to do so. Aren’t these acts of defiance? If Mallya is indeed not guilty of default and fund diversions, he should have returned to the country and seek justice.

Argument 3: Why am I a defaulter in spite of a settlement offer?

A borrower is tagged as a defaulter when he defaults on his loan and gets rid of that tag only when he repays the outstanding loan amount through a mutually agreed proposal between him and the lenders. In Mallya’s case, the Rs 4,000 crore offer submitted by Mallya was never acceptable for banks for their own reasons. How does one cease to become a defaulter by merely promising repayment? Moreover, Mallya doesn’t agree that he owes Rs 9,000 crore to banks (including the interest accrued on principal). He has always contested the figure as unfair, saying banks have charged compounded interest on the principal amount. What if all borrowers in India say the same and refuse to pay the interest component?

Mallya is an industrialist, who was once the poster boy of Indian aviation and someone who introduced luxury flying experience in the domestic aviation sector. At one point of time, he used to be, certainly, the pride of many Indians and all that represented luxury in life. Why did he let himself fall to where he is now?

If Mallya wants to clear his name, he should return to the country, pay his dues and fight the charges against him in a court of law.

The questions to Mallya are:

  1. If you are not a loan defaulter and not guilty of the charges raised against you, then why are the banks after you?
  2. Why do the courts, the government, and banks find fault in your conduct? Can all of them be wrong?
  3. Why aren’t you returning to your home land with the determination to fight your case in court?

Over to you Mr Mallya.

Black flags shown to Telangana CM KC Rao on Maharashtra border

Farmers, led by Congress leaders, today showed black flags to the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao in Sironcha tehsil of the district in protest against the Medigatta Kaleshwar irrigation project.Congress leader Vijay Wadettiwar, former MLA from Aheri Deepakdada Atram and district congress chief Dr Namdeo Usendi led the protest at Pochampalli village on the bank of river Godawari. Rao visited Kannepalli in Telangana on the opposite bank today. As he reached there, agitators waved black flags and shouted slogans against him.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Police didn’t allow anybody to cross the river. The farmers in Medigatta area are demanding cancellation of inter-state Medigatta Kaleshwar project saying it will submerge 22 villages.

Vijay Mallya resigns as Rajya Sabha MP

Liquor baron and Independent MP Vijay Mallya on Monday resigned as from his post in Rajya Sabha.Mallya said he has sent his resignation letter to the chairman of Rajya Sabha, Mohammad Hamid Ansari.The issue will be discussed in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday in the presence of the chairperson. It is expected that the Ansari will recommend to cancel his Rajya Sabha membership.However, the decision will be made by Ansari after the Ethics Committee’s recommendation.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The Ethics Committee last week had discussed and come to a conclusion that his Rajya Sabha membership should be cancelled. The committee had given him one week to respond so that he can say what he wants.”Ethics Committee meeting reached the conclusion that Vijay Mallya’s RS membership should be cancelled,” said Karan Singh, Chairman Ethics Committee of Rajya Sabha.Mallya’s RS membership as an MP lapses on June 30, 2016.

Adarsh should go: The message to the corrupt has to be strong, unequivocal

The headlines in morning papers are depressing indeed.

‘Bombay HC orders demolition of 31-storey Adarsh society building’  

‘Court orders trial of UPA minister Rao, ex-CM Koda, Jindal in coal block case’

‘Agusta probe hits high gear, CBI, ED summon IAF ex-chief’

‘If they arrest me, India won’t get any money, says Vijay Mallya

If you follow the news and are particularly interested in the shenanigans of the power elite in the country, it is possible you are aware of the circumstances and course of individual cases. Still, the spread and depth of corruption in the country as evident in the headlines is likely to leave you disconcerted.

Adarsh building. IBNLive image

Adarsh building. IBNLive image

In the case of the Adarsh building in posh South Mumbai’s Colaba, every rule that could be bent, twisted and broken was bent, twisted and broken. Initially proposed for defence personnel only, the cooperative society went on to house politicians and bureaucrats; the property was allowed to be built without Coastal Regulatory Zone clearance from the Union government; it went up to a height of 100 metres when CRZ rules allow only a third of that; the society received liberal additional FSI, which is nearly impossible for other societies in a city with such a severe space crunch; and it went against the security stipulations  of the defence establishment.

In the coal block allocation case, the court’s order points to an elaborate criminal conspiracy involving a Union minister, a former chief minister and an industrialist in the allocation of the Amarkonda coal block in Jharkhand in 2008. A facade of various companies was created to cover up the payoff of Rs two crore to the Union minister, it added.

The AgustaWestland chopper controversy involves a former chief of the Air Force, top bureaucrats,  powerful political people and, if the documents available so far are to be believed, some in the media too. Vijay Mallya could be justified in claiming that his was a case of business failure, this however, does not take the attention away from the way he leveraged his influence with politicians and banks to secure loans.

It’s no secret that corruption has been a huge industry in the country but come as they from several sectors at the same time, the magnitude of it appears striking. As is evident, corruption at the top involves all — politicians, bureaucrats, players in the business sector and defence personnel too, and it thrives because of an elaborate network of patronage, quid-pro-quo arrangements and codes of secrecy. All the scandals that have surfaced so far make it amply clear that the powerful operate with the confidence that they can manipulate the system any way they want and can get away with it.

The sad reality in India is that they can.

Don’t be misled by all that noise in the media over big-ticket corruption and high-profile exposés. Television anchors will not stop reminding you that they are doing a magnificent job of exposing scandals involving the high and the mighty, but in how many big cases have we seen a conclusion? What we have from the media is the perception of criminal conduct by the big players. But perception is not reality; it’s only noise without substance.

It is only a subjective judgment.

Perhaps the only way an ordinary Indian would be convinced that something positive is happening on the corruption front is when he sees the members of the notorious power elite get convicted and put in jail like other criminals. That’s something real; the way the demolition of Adarsh in Mumbai would be. If the demolition goes through, it would send a strong message across the network of the powerful and the corrupt. There would be unintended victims but in view of the bigger intent, the demotion should go ahead.

Finally, all the noise on television and in print mean nothing if no one ends up being punished for criminal action.

Bhagwant’s Mann Ki Baat: Watch AAP MP mock ‘Acche Din’ in Lok Sabha

May you live in interesting times. This expression certainly seems apt for both houses of the Parliament. While the Rajya Sabha is dealing with the phenomenon called Subramanian Swamy, with his every utterance bringing Congress members rushing to the well, the Lok Sabha saw a show of satire from AAP MP Bhagwant Mann who recited a poem about Narendra Modi’s government which looked to mock ‘Acche Din’.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Targeting the Modi government over various issues raked up by the media, like the intolerance debate, jewellers’ strike, alleged fear of minorities, black money, Vijay Mallya and Modi’s meeting with Nawaz Sharif, the poem is a hilarious take which makes for much better viewing than the ruckus that parliamentary debates usually end up in.Watch the Mann recite the whole poem:

PM travels abroad, but should spend a day each in drought-hit regions: Shiv Sena

New Delhi: Shiv Sena member Sanjay Raut on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to spend a day each in drought-hit Bundelkhand and Marathwada so that his government can take steps to solve the problems faced by the affected people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AP

He also asked how can one expect thirsty and hungry people to raise ‘Bharat Mata ki jai‘ slogans.

“Our respected Prime Minister travels within the country and abroad. But I request him to go to Bundelkhand and Marathwada for a day each. I am sure he will go and after seeing the conditions of people he will take steps to alleviate the problems,” Raut, whose party Shiv Sena is  NDA constituent, said in Rajya Sabha.

In a hard-hitting speech during a discussion on drought, he said people hit by drought, even though they have ‘Bharat Mata’ in their hearts, have empty stomachs and are thirsty.

“I don’t want to link it with religion, but to hunger. Those who are famished and have become paupers, how do you expect ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ (slogans) from them, we will have to think,” Raut said.

Referring to the slogan of “Congress-mukt Bharat” given by the Prime Minister, he said “first we have to create a drought free and poverty free India. When the country becomes drought free, it automatically will become Congress free.”

“We believe that Pakistan is our greatest enemy,” but hunger and poverty are even greater enemies, he said. “We have talks with Pakistan, they can be held. But the poor, who are leaving there homes, discussions should be held with them also,” the Shiv Sena member added.

Referring to a statement by a bank official that farmers cannot live by farming alone and there is a need for them to have other sources of income, he said when even MGNREGA was not being implemented properly, such people were talking of additional income sources for the poor.

“(Vijay) Mallya escaped after taking away Rs 850 crore of State Bank and you can do nothing, but a farmer who owes a few thousands, you take action against him,” Raut said, adding that people in Maharashtra were living in grave difficulty.

“We talk of ‘achche din‘ but the responsibility of providing water to people is also ours,” he said.
Raut said the problem of drought was not of one state but of several states and added that over 200 districts were affected and many people cannot even get rice or pulses to eat.

BJP’s Vijay Goel leads volunteers to survey on odd-even scheme

Senior BJP leader Vijay Goel, who recently paid fine for wilfully violating the rule of the odd-even plan, on Tuesday led a group of volunteers to assess public opinion on the road-rationing scheme implemented by the AAP government.”Scores of persons gave their views on whether the scheme has been a success or a failure. A report on the two-day survey will be presented on April 29,” the BJP MP said. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>Goel who himself sought feedback from the people at Rajiv Chowk Metro station claimed that about “30 per cent” people have bought a second car due to the fear of paying Rs 2,000 fine on violation of the odd-even rule.The additional cars will cause traffic jams and parking problems after the odd-even scheme ends on April 30, he said.

Supreme Court asks Mallya to disclose all assets including that of wife, children

The Supreme Court on Tuesday cracked the whip on embattled liquor-baron, Vijay Mallya asking him to disclose all assets, including foreign assets and that of his wife and children. The apex court, hearing a plea from Mallya, also directed the Bangalore Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) to expedite the case and set a 2-months deadline to pronounce the order in the case.

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya. AFPLiquor baron Vijay Mallya. AFP

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya. AFP

Earlier, Mallya had refused to disclose his foreign assets citing his NRI status. Mallya has pegged his domestic assets at Rs 2,014 crore, overseas assets at Rs 748 crore. The liquor-baron repeated his stance to the Supreme Court that the atmosphere is not conducive for him to return to India and he’ll be sent to Tihar jail “the moment I get back.’

A clutch of 17-banks are fighting to get back Rs 9,000 crore money lent to Mallya’s now defunct Kingfisher Airlines that stopped flying in 2012. Though banks classified Mallya as a defaulter that year itself, banks have so far not been able to make any meaningful recovery in this case. This is despite two lenders—State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank—have tagged Mallya as a wilful defaulter. Recently, the bank consortium moved to the SC seeking action against Mallya.

Mallya, who flew on 2 March to UK while investigations were still on the issue, has refused to return since then. Mallya said his personal liberty at stake and he must have the freedom to mobilise funds. Banks are more interested in putting him behind bars rather than getting their money back, the liquor-baron told the court. Mallya informed the court through his lawyers, adding returning to India is meaningless in the current context.

The attorney general, representing the government, said Mallya is playing hide and seek and he is a fugitive from justice. The money involved in this case is not of a ‘King’ but of banks, the AG said. If necessary, the government will move UK government to take action against Mallya, the AG said.

Dance bar row: Not against regulations, but oppose frivolous norms, says AHAR

Adarsh Shetty, president of AHAR (Association of Hotels and Restaurants), said that they are hopeful that the government will finally start issuing licences without frivolous conditions after the Supreme Court order.”My phone was flooded with thank you calls from bar dancers who have been jobless for the last 11 years. The government abruptly closed these bars without giving them any alternative livelihood. No one knows how much they are struggling to survive since these bars were shut,” he said.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>”We are not against regulations but frivolous norms can’t be converted into Acts. You can’t frame an Act where you leave itto the police to decide what’s obscene and what’s not. This will do nothing but exploit anyone who dares to open the bar,” Shetty added.As per Shetty, in the last few months, only four licences were issued. Those too were cancelled the very next day, he said.Meanwhile, a senior government official said he can’t immediately comment on the SC order. Additional secretary (home) Vijay Satbir Singh said: “We can’t comment on the order until we receive a written copy. However, thegovernment has framed a new Act which will work as a regulatory framework. “

King of troubled times? Mallya to lose MP tag, as RS panel recommends termination

Vijay Mallya, the embattled liquor-baron, is facing more troubles with Rajya Sabha Ethics Committee, on Monday, recommending termination of his Parliament membership. Mallya has been given a week to respond to the panel’s recommendation. Mallya’s MP status was supposed to expire in June, 2016. Mallya, facing charges of Rs 9,000 crore loan default to a clutch of 17-banks and financial irregularities, moved to UK on 2 March.

File photo of Vijay Mallya. AFPFile photo of Vijay Mallya. AFP

File photo of Vijay Mallya. AFP

Last week, the government had revoked Mallya’s passport on the request of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) after the agency found evidence of fund diversion by Mallya with respect to the Rs 900 crore IDBI Bank loan default case.

The industrialist is also facing non-bailable arrest warrants (NBW) against him on charges related to cheque bouncing. Banks are chasing Mallya since he had furnished personal guarantees to banks against the loan facilities extended to his now-defunct airline, Kingfisher, grounded in 2012. The loan became a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) in 2012.

In an affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court last week, Mallya had said that banks have no right to seek his foreign asset details. The liquor-baron also blamed the ‘haste’ of Indian government in revoking his passport, thus creating impediments in the ‘whole process and endeavor. Earlier, Mallya had offered to pay Rs 4,000 crore to banks but banks rejected the offer. In their reply to SC on Monday, banks said Mallya has failed to comply with the SC directions. Mallya will move his plea in SC tomorrow.

Mallya’s record in Parliament

Mallya has been an MP twice–first in 2002 and in 2010. Going by the data (on his second term that started in mid-2010 and ending mid-2016) on the website of PRS Legislative shows that Mallya has an attendance of 30 percent. The number of debates he participated is nil.

Mallya has asked 216 questions against the national average of 312 and state average of 234. Of the questions Mallya asked, 29 were starred and 187 unstarred. A starred question is one which gets an oral answer in the House and the member can have supplementary questions. Only 20 such questions are allowed in a day. Unstarred questions get a written reply that is tabled in the House. Only 235 such questions can be asked in a day.

Number of private member bills moved by Mallya is again nil. But the national and state averages are also a minimal 1.2 and 1.1. This is not surprising given such bills are rarely passed and made into laws. A further break-up of the data shows that Mallya’s lowest attendance was in Winter Session of 2013 – just 10 percent. The highest was in Monsoon Session of 2010 – 77 percent. It has to be noted that this was soon after his induction into the Upper House.

According to MPLADS website, Mallya had received Rs 14.22 crore funds (with interest) under member of Parliament local area development scheme (MPLADS), of which he has utilised Rs 10 crore.

Uttarakhand HC to resume hearing on rebel Congress MLAs’ petition tomorrow

The Uttarakhand Assembly Speaker had on March 27 disqualified the nine, including former chief minister Vijay Bahuguna, who spearheaded the rebellion against Chief Minister Harish Rawat. The Uttarakhand High Court will on Monday resume the hearing on nine rebel Congress MLAs’ petition challenging their disqualification by the state Assembly Speaker.The nine legislators will present their contention before the single bench of Justice U C Dhyani, which had on Saturday recorded the arguments of counsel Kapil Sibal appearing for Speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal.The Speaker had on March 27 disqualified the nine, including former chief minister Vijay Bahuguna, who spearheaded the rebellion against Chief Minister Harish Rawat, under the anti-defection law. This had led to a political instability in the state and imposition of President’s rule.

UP court orders police to file cheating case against Vijay Mallya

A court in Bulandshahr has ordered the city police to register a case of alleged cheating under Section 420 of IPC against Kingfisher Airlines owner Vijay Mallya.The order by Chief Judicial Magistrate Nupur on Friday came on a complainant by an Air Asia pilot Akash Sharma. Sharma, a resident of Bulandshahr, told the court that he had served Kingfisher Airlines as a pilot from 2010 to 2012 and the airline owed him Rs.9 lakh.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The amount accrued on account of TDS was deducted from Akash’s salary but not deposited with the Income Tax Department by the accused, Sharma alleged adding this amounted to cheating. Agreeing with the complainant, the CJM ordered the police to register a case of cheating.

Odd even 2.0: 710 motorists challaned for violating rule

A total of 710 motorists were challaned for violation of odd-even rule on Monday, the first full working day of the fortnight long road rationing scheme, a number which was significantly less than the violators caught on past two days.Delhi Traffic Police challaned 256 violators while Transport department and district administration teams issued challans to 454 violators for driving odd-numbered vehicles on the even date.<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>One prominent violator BJP MP Vijay Goel was also fined Rs 2000 for violating the rule near Raisina Road. Goel violated the rule protesting against Kejriwal government’s “huge” expenditure on advertisements of the scheme.The largest number of violators were caught by Traffic police in east(34), south east(34), New Delhi (33) and west (30) districts. The number of violators was low in central, north east, outer, south west and north districts, ranging from 14-19.The first day of odd-even implementation on April 15 saw a total of 1311 violations, while next day 1002 violators were challaned.Unlike the scheme’s pilot phase, in which the focus was more on awareness and voluntary compliance, the government has cracked the whip on violators this time, with over 3000 challans issued in the first three days as against 710 during the same period in the previous phase between January 1-15.The odd-even rules, whose violation attract a penalty of Rs 2,000 under provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, are applicable between 8 AM and 8 PM, except on Sundays.In the second phase from April 15-30, the government added into its exemption list people driving with school children in uniform.However, the government has not been able to arrive at a solution to the problem of cars returning after dropping school children or heading towards the schools in the afternoon hours to pick them up, and suggested car pooling.

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