There is now a second complainant alleging RK Pachauri (ex Director General), current Executive Vice Chairman of The Energy and Resources Institute, for sexual harassment.

Pachauri was brought back to the organisation, despite protests from the complainants and activists, he was in the wrong. TERI University students and alumni wrote a letter to the acting Vice Chancellor on Wednesday, condemning the appointment of Pachauri as executive vice chairman of the organisation. The students also refused to take their degrees at the March convocation, reports Hindustan Times.

RK Pachauri. Getty ImagesRK Pachauri. Getty Images

RK Pachauri. Getty Images

According to NDTV, close to 200 students are expected to receive their final degrees at the convocation (to be held on 7 March) of the university. According to the television channel’s website, the students wrote in the email that Pachauri’s re-appointment was “anti-thetical” to their beliefs and they did not wish to accept degrees from Dr Pachauri.

The Indian Express quotes the students’ letter, “We reiterate the trajectory that the university is taking is dangerous and grossly inconsiderate, and as alumni, we sincerely hope that Teri University’s board of management seriously re-evaluates Pachauri’s continuing role as chancellor…”

New reports have emerged that Pachauri, currently the Chancellor of the University has decided on Thursday morning to go on leave. Rajiv Seth, the university’s acting vice chancellor told The Indian Express that Pachauri will be replaced by Leena Srivastav during the convocation ceremony. This decision will be communicated to the students after the Board of Management meeting on Friday.

In February last year, the first complainant had registered an FIR in Delhi, alleging that the director-general of TERI had committed offences under Sections 354, 354A, 354D, 506 of IPC, which deal with outraging the modesty of a woman, sexual harassment, stalking, and criminal intimidation, respectively. The complaint stated that Pachauri had started making inappropriate advances towards the researcher soon after she joined the organisation in 2013.

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