<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The monsoons were about to begin. The agricultural land was tilled. The monsoon showers offered no mercy to the clayey black soil. Amidst the forest, Feroz was busy writing her story in a diary that her grandpa had gifted her. The first page of the diary carried the words “don’t let anyone take it, you own it already.” “You must find yourself a job, Feroz,” said Hamid as he came close and sat next to her. Feroz could notice his blue shirt and the yellow jeans. The combination was quite inharmonious, according to her. “I just found it,” said Feroz. “Strange,” said Hamid as he narrowed his eyes and looked at her. “What is it?”“I should continue writing in it,” said Feroz giving him a wide smile. “My diary doesn’t bother you?”“Honestly, no,” said Hamid. “I have come here to inform you something. Next week Abba is taking us to Delhi.”“DELHI! That sounds amazing. When will you come then?”“After two months or… maybe not.” He sighed as he spoke the words. Hamid’s words sent shivers down her spine. She closed her notebook and started towards home. The silence was expected yet intolerable for Hamid. He couldn’t find ways to have a conversation with Feroz which was always easy earlier. “It has been 15 years, Feroz. Do you still have hope?” asked Rabab. “Sometimes, you need to live with hope only,” said Feroz.A knock on the door disturbed their conversation. “Excuse me; does someone named Feroz live here?”“I am Feroz, what do you want?” asked Feroz as she took notice of his golden-brown hair neatly oiled and combed. The beard was trimmed and the yellow shirt with blue pants suited his complexion. His eyes sparkled through his round spectacles. “Oh, well and good. My name is Dr H Fatima, I am from Cambridge University and I have come here to talk to you regarding your research. Well, it is the first time that the university has sent a professor, you should feel lucky, and we must appreciate your skills as the whole of our department is impressed by your research. We are inviting you to continue your research with us.” As he finished, he looked at Feroz with an expectation of excitement. “Hamid?” said Feroz coyly and went closer to him.“How did you come to know, Feroz?” said Hamid and went to hug her. The 15 years of patience ended there. “Oh, Hamid, look at you!” said Feroz trying to stop her tears. “You are a successful person now and have even improved your fashion sense!”“Fashion sense? You have been always good at insulting me. Now come to my place. Your research has bore fruit for you.” said Hamid.“Yeah sure, it has,” said Feroz and quickly went to her room to pack her things up.Have a story to tell? Write to [email protected]


The Research