<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The human capacity for stupidity is infinite and nowhere is it more apparent than social media. More often than not, people display that stupidity isn’t just an aberration but the norm. Whether it’s a CM thinking his work is being appreciated by France just because an international agency based in the country carried a report, or a sports minister who thinks his pictures are more important than those of athletes participating at the Olympics, politicians have always been at the forefront to prove their lack of brain cells.Not to be left behind, our nation’s grand old party also jumped on the bandwagon, when they felt that the best way to honour a former Prime Minister would be to celebrate a statement in which he appears to condone the anti-Sikh riots.On Rajiv Gandhi’s 72nd birth anniversary, Congress’ West Bengal unit tweeted: “When a big tree falls, the ground shakes.” Rajiv Gandhi had made the controversial comment after anti-Sikh riots broke out following the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. While the tweet was deleted within minutes, a host of social media users noted the tweet and slammed the Congress. The tweet shows the dangers of handing over a social media account to someone who doesn’t know even basic history and reminds us of a phrase that tried to justify the death of 3000 Sikhs across Delhi in Punjab in what can only be described as a religious pogrom.One senior Congress leader who didn’t want to be named told Indian Express: “This is a case simply of inadequate research. It just goes to show that increasingly those who’re associated with the party aren’t aware of its history. It’s regrettable and it just goes to show that politics today has become like social media – momentary, cut-copy-and-paste style statements without real understanding. It’s nobody’s fault, just a symptom of today’s culture”.However, veteran Congress leader Manas Bhuiyan appeared to disagree and claimed that party president Adhir Choudhury should be held responsible for this goof-up. Whatever the cause, Congress is hardly doing itself in favours by reminding people of one of the worst eras under its rule. Here’s how Twitter reacted to the incident: AAP slams Congress Ahead of Punjab Assembly polls, the AAP today attempted to put Congress in the dock over a tweet quoting Rajiv Gandhi’s controversial statement on 1984 anti-Sikh riots, accusing the party of “rubbing salt” on the wounds of the victims. The West Bengal unit of Congress has, however, claimed that its Twitter handle was hacked by someone who posted the tweet to malign the party and Rajiv Gandhi and it will file a police complaint. Lashing out at the Congress, AAP leader Kumar Vishwas alleged that the party is “shamelessly” propagating the statement of Rajiv Gandhi that ‘when a big tree falls, the ground shakes’ and it would be the “last nail in its coffin”. “After the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the then Congress government’s silence was unrepentant. The statement of Rajiv Gandhi itself was very shameless.”But the Congress leaders are shamelessly propagating it. This is mean and hateful. Instead of healing the wounds (of the victims), they are rubbing salt. This is emotionless and inhuman. For an arrogant Congress, this statement will be the last nail in the coffin,” Vishwas said.


Think before you tweet: Congress slammed for posting Rajiv Gandhi’s quote justifying 1984 anti-Sikh riots