It looks like Advantage Congress in Uttarakhand. After the Supreme Court (SC)-monitored crucial floor test in Uttarakhand Assembly, the exultation expressed by Congress members and despair on BJP faces said it all.Though the result of the floor test will be known once the SC declares it on Wednesday, party sources within Congress and BJP admitted that the result could be 33-28 or 32-28 in favour of Congress. <!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>The result could come as a major embarrassment for the Modi government that had invoked President’s Rule in the hill state on March 27, just hours before the trust vote the next day.On his return from a quick visit to Uttarakhand, leader of opposition, Ghulam Nabi Azad, was greeted with much enthusiasm by Congress members in the Rajya Sabha while members on the other side had a worn-out look.A confident Congress refused to take up the appropriation Bill for Uttarakhand in Rajya Sabha.“Why to take it up now? The SC may restore the Congress government after declaring the result. Then it is up to the assembly to clear it,” Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said. It had become clear on Monday evening itself that the BJP was waging a losing battle despite its present strength on paper.The BJP’s hopes to manage support of six other MLAs dashed as all independent MLAs and the lone UKD MLA were present at a resort at Dhanaulti near Mussoorie along with the Congress MLAs. They were brought to Dehradun on Tuesday morning to prevent any poaching by the BJP.All eyes were on the floor test as President’s Rule was lifted for two hours and the gates of Vidhan Bhawan opened at 10 am amidst tight security. Even speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal had to walk up to the main building.Harish Rawat stood at the main entrance of the building that houses the Assembly and welcomed each Congress and the independent MLA with folded hands.As the drama unfolded, rebel BJP MLA Bhimlal Arya walked in along with Congress MLAs while newly turned rebel Congress MLA Rekha Arya came with BJP members and flashed a victory sign.After the hooter, the Speaker asked those supporting the resolution seeking majority for Harish Rawat to sit on one side and those who opposed the motion on the other side.In the fully video-graphed event, each member was asked to register his/her vote by raising hands one by one. In less than half an hour, the voting process was over.Though officially no result was declared, members of the House openly shared the results with the House.The Congress cruised the floor test by securing the support of 33 MLAs, including 25 Congress MLAs, 1 nominated MLA, 2 BSP MLAs, 1 UKD MLA, 4 independent MLAs and 1 rebel BJP MLA, Bhimlal Arya.The BJP secured 28 votes, including 27 BJP MLAs and 1 rebel Congress MLA Rekha Arya. As the members emerged out of the House, jolly faces of Congress MLAs and the gloom on BJP members revealed what had transpired.The results were sealed in an envelope by the Assembly officials led by Principal Secretary (Legislation and Parliamentary Affairs) Jaidev Singh to be handed over to the apex court on Wednesday.

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Uttarakhand: Harish Rawat may have the last laugh