Bhopal: US Ambassador to India Richard Verma on Wednesday said he travels extensively to learn about developments in states with an investment point of view and to have a better interaction with people.

“We travel as much as we can to learn about what’s happening in states from investment point of view, clean energy point of view, people-to-people exchange and things we can do to deepen our relationship, to meet government officials, and that makes a big difference in how you can carry out your work in New Delhi,” Verma told PTI after visiting the Taj-ul-Masajid in the old city area.

The US Ambassador arrived here on a day-long visit for the first time.

US Ambassador to India, Richard Verma. PIBUS Ambassador to India, Richard Verma. PIB

US Ambassador to India, Richard Verma. PIB

“You have a better appreciation of what’s happening in important state like this and talk to the people and hear their mind. That’s why we come here,” said Verma, who has been travelling all over the country.

“We have been travelling all over the country. In fact, I have been to 21 states, 55 cities and we travel as much as we can to learn about what’s happening in states,” he said when asked about the purpose of his visit before he headed to meet Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

He described the historic Taj-ul-Masajid as an “amazing place.”

“It’s an amazingly beautiful place. It was an honour to meet the leaders of the mosque, their place of learning, place of history and place of culture,” he said.

“It is a great place of history and we wanted to be here and pay respect and to know about this amazing structure,” he said.

The envoy wrote in the visitor’s book, “Thank you for showing me this amazing place of worship, inspiration and learning. It was a great honour to be here.”

Upon arrival at the grand mosque, Verma was welcomed by Darul Uloom Taj-ul-Masajid committee head and other members.

The committee’s communication head Mohammd Aamir Ansari and other members showed him various parts of the mosque.

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Visited 21 states to know about developments, says US ambassador Richard Verma