<!– /11440465/Dna_Article_Middle_300x250_BTF –>In the New West Zone Railway Time Table which comes in force from October 1, 2016, Western Railway has decided to run some new trains including Antyodya Trains, Uday Train and Hamsafar trains. Speed of some of the trains will be improved and the route of some trains will be extended. This timetable comprise of four zones- Western Railway, Central Railway, North Western Railway and West Central Railway.Salient Features of Western Railway- 124 WR trains will be speeded up ranging from 5 minutes to 170 minutes.- 26 WR trains will be renumbered after converting it into Superfast train.- 7 Pairs of DEMU services have been introduced between Indore – Mhow in the newly commissioned Broad Gauge section w.e.f. June 28, 2016. One pair of DEMU service running between Ratlam – Laxminagar has been extended upto Indore.- 14 MEMU trains on Dadar – Dahanu sections Trains converted into EMU Trains.- 26 WR trains (13 pairs) will be given experimental halts or their operational halt will be converted into commercial halts.New TrainsAntyodaya Trains- 22921/22 Bandra (T) – Gorakhpur Superfast Antyodaya- 15563/64 Udhna – Jaynagar AntyodayaUday Trains – 22923/24 Bandra(T) – Jamnagar Superfast UdayHamsafar Trains- 22913/14 Bandra (T) – Patna Superfast HUMSAFAR- 14715/16 Shri Ganganagar – Tiruchchirappalli HUMSAFAR via Vasai Road- 19424/23 Ahmedabad – Chennai HUMSAFARSankalp Trains- 59549/50 Vadodara-Ahmedabad Sankalp Fast PassengerOther New Trains- 19332/31 Indore-Kochuvelli Weekly Express- 19312/11 Indore-Pune Bi-Weekly Express- 22414/13 Nizamuddin- Madgaon Bi-Weekly Rajdhani Superfast Express- 11125/26 Indore – Gwalior – Jhansi Link Express- 79311/12 Ratlam – Laxminagar DEMU- 79313/14 Indore – Mhow DEMU- 79315/16 Indore – Mhow DEMU- 79317/18 Indore – Mhow DEMU- 79319/20 Indore – Mhow DEMU- 79321/22 Indore – Mhow DEMU- 79323/24 Indore – Mhow DEMU- 79325/26 Indore – Mhow DEMUAdditional Halts- 12951/52 Mumbai Central – New Delhi Rajdhani Express has been given additional halt at Nagda station.- 12283/84 Ernakulam – Nizamuddin Duronto Express has been given additional halt at Vasai Road.- 12297/98 Pune – Ahmedabad Duronto Express has been given additional halt at Vasai Road.- 12927/28 Mumbai Central – Vadodara Express has been given additional halt at Valsad.- 19568/67 Okha – Tirunellveli Express has been given additional halt at Hapa.- 19569/70 Porbandar – Muzaffarpur Express has been given additional halt at Hapa.- 22971/72 Jaipur – MDU Express has been given additional halts at Nagda & Ujjain.Change of Days- 14312 Bhuj – Bareilly Ala Hazrat Express will now run on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday instead of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday w.e.f. December 5, 2016.- 14322 Bhuj – Bareilly Express will now run on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday instead of Monday,Wednesday, Friday and Saturday w.e.f. December 4, 2016.Extension of Trains- 79311/12 Ratlam – Laxminagar DEMU extended up to Indore w.e.f. June 28, 2016- 17203/04 Bhavnagar – Kakinada Express extended up to Kakinada Port w.e.f. October 1, 2016.Diversion of Trains- 19061/62 Bandra (T)– Ramnagar Express is now running on diverted route via Kasgang, Bareilly Izzatnagar, Lalkuan and Kashipur stations.Change in Timings- Train no 19005 Mumbai Central – Okha Saurastra Mail will depart at more convenient time of 21.35 hrs instead of existing 20.25 hrs i.e. delayed by 1 hrs 10 minutes from Mumbai Central station. This train has been converted into Superfast Express & renumbered as 22945.- Train no 22903 Bandra Terminus – Bhuj Tri – weekly AC Express will arrive at 12.30 hrs at Bhuj instead of existing 13.15 hrs.- Train no 19131 Bandra Terminus – Bhuj Kutch Express will depart at 17.45 hrs instead of existing 17.10 hrs and will also arrive Bhuj at 08.50 hrs instead of 9.25 hrs. Also this train had been converted into Superfast and renumbered as 22955.- Train no 19017 Bandra Terminus – Jamnagar Saurastra Janta Express will arrive Jamnagar at 8.50 hrs instead of existing 9.30 hrs .- Train no 19203 Bandra Terminus – Bhavnagar Weekly Express will now depart at 15.25 hrs instead of 13.15 hrs i.e. delayed by 2 hrs 10 minutes for passenger’s convenience. The train has been speed up by 2 hrs 50 minutes and made into Superfast & renumbered as 22963.- Train no 19451 Bandra Terminus – Gandhidham Weekly Express will arrive Gandhidham at 15.30 hrs instead of 17.20 hrs i.e. speed up by 1 hrs 50 minutes. Also the train has been made Superfast & renumbered as 22951. – Train no 19059 Surat – Jamnagar Intercity Express will arrive Jamnagar at 23.40 hrs instead of 00.20 hrs. The train has been converted as Superfast & renumbered as 22959. – Train no 19053 Surat – Muzaffarpur Weekly Express will depart at 6.10 hrs instead of existing 5.30 hrs Ex Surat. This train has been speeded up by 40 minutes.- Train no 19453 Gandhidham – Puri Weekly Express will depart Ex Gandhidham at 21.55 hrs instead of 20.20 hrs. This train has been speed up by 1.35 hrs.- Train no 15046 Okha – Gorakhpur Weekly Express will depart at 21.00 hrs Ex Okha instead of existing 19.15 hrs. Late departure will help pilgrims attend late evening Aarti in Dwarkadheesh temple.- Train no 19132 Bhuj – Bandra Terminus Kutch Express will depart Ex Bhuj at 20.15 hrs instead of 19.50 hrs. The train will leave at 21.45 hrs Ex Gandhidham instead of 21.15 hrs. Also this train has been made Superfast & renumbered as 22956.- Train no 22904 Bhuj – Bandra Terminus Tri-Weekly AC Express will depart at 16.00hrs Ex Bhuj instead of existing 15.05 hrs. The timing will be more convenient for passengers boarding Ex Gandhidham at 17.20 hrs instead of existing 16.25 hrs. It will arrive Bandra Terminus at 5.15 hrs instead of 4.55 hrs.- Train no 19222 Veraval – Ahmedabad Express will depart at 21.35 hrs instead of existing 19.35 hrs Ex Veraval and will arrive Ahmedabad at 5.25 hrs instead of existing 4.25 hrs thereby benefitting pilgrims of Somnath Temple who will be able to attend late Aarti. Also this train has been made Superfast & renumbered as 22958.- Train no 19311 Pune – Indore Bi-Weekly Express will arrive at 11.45 hrs instead of existing 13.45 hrs i.e. 2 hrs early.- Train no 19418 Allahabad – Ahmedabad Weekly Express arrive at 00.05 hrs instead of existing 1.10 hrs. Early arrival at Ahmedabad will be more convenient for passengers.

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Western Railways: New timetable, additional halts, speeded-up trains