How much would you pay for a breath of fresh air? With Delhi topping the WHO list of cities with the foulest air, the residents of might be willing to spend Rs 12.50 per breath as a Canadian start-up – Vitality Air – based in Edmonton in the western province of Alberta, plans to sell canned natural air to India this May, reports Hindustan Times.

The cans of fresh air sold by Vitality Air.

The cans of fresh air sold by Vitality Air.

This novel idea was a result of the alarming rise in smog levels in Beijing and other big cities which Delhi was later compared to.

“It started as a novelty back in the summer of last year. There were forest fires in Calgary and with all the smoke, people started using our product,” Moses Lam, Vitality Air’s founder, told Hindustan Times.

The product, which comes in two flavours – Banff and Lake Louise – consists of compressed air, breathed in through a mask, and the air is made available in 3-litre and 8-litre cans, costing anywhere between Rs 1,450 and Rs 2,800, says the report.

If you are wondering how they capture the air, their website says that The Rocky Mountains of Canada is where they find the highest quality air in the world. Lam told the newspaper, “It’s a giant vacuum process. We suck up all the air in Banff (national park in Alberta), about 150,000 litres every time and it takes about 40 hours.”

Lam is confident that Indians would be willing to buy clean, crisp Canadian air given the rising pollution in India. He even expects India to be the largest market.

Vancouver-based Justin Dhaliwal, in charge of India operations, said that 100 bottles have arrived in Delhi and they’ll be test-marketing it soon. They will also be setting up kiosks in malls while raising social media visibility, he told the newspaper.


Will you spend Rs 12.50 for a breath of fresh air?